Week 16 NFL Standings

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We take a look at the NFL Standings after this week’s games.

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AFC East

New England Patriots1230.800-5-08-3396198+198
Buffalo Bills1050.6672.03-27-4308246+62
New York Jets690.4006.01-43-8263353-90
Miami Dolphins4110.2678.01-43-8279470-191

You had ONE JOB Buffalo! We were all in your corner and you let us all down…and suddenly I realize what life as a Bills fan has been like for the last, oh, millennia.

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens1320.867-4-19-2503272+231
Pittsburgh Steelers870.5335.03-26-5279275+4
Cleveland Browns690.4007.03-26-5312360-48
Cincinnati Bengals1140.06712.00-51-10246397-151

The Ravens will be resting Lamar Jackson next week, so it will be three weeks until he plays again meanwhile the Steelers somehow went from a lost season to playing for a playoff berth in week 17.

AFC South

Houston Texans1050.667-4-18-3364350+14
Tennessee Titans870.5332.02-36-5367317+50
Indianapolis Colts780.4673.03-25-6341335+6
Jacksonville Jaguars5100.3335.01-45-6262377-115

It seems like ages ago that the Chiefs lost to these teams. Where there was once concern with the impact of those losses on seeding we are now just waiting to see who will be the 6th seed.

AFC West

Kansas City Chiefs1140.733-5-08-3420287+133
Oakland Raiders780.4674.03-25-6298403-105
Denver Broncos690.4005.02-35-6266301-35
Los Angeles Chargers5100.3336.00-53-8316314+2

The Raiders are still alive for the 6 Seed, which would bring them to Kansas City for the Wildcard Round of the playoffs and I am HERE FOR IT!


NFC East

Philadelphia Eagles870.533-4-16-5351337+14
Dallas Cowboys780.4671.04-16-5387305+82
New York Giants4110.2674.02-33-8324417-93
Washington Redskins3120.2005.00-52-9250388-138

The Eagles have squawked ahead of the Cowboys and with a win next week this division might actually be represented in the playoffs by a team with a winning record.

NFC North

Green Bay Packers1230.800-5-09-2353293+60
Minnesota Vikings1050.6672.02-37-4388282+106
Chicago Bears780.4675.03-26-5259279-20
Detroit Lions3111.2338.50-52-8-1321400-79

Green Bay smoked the Vikings on Monday Night Football, ensuring three out of four teams in this division lost in embarrassing fashion.

NFC South

New Orleans Saints1230.800-4-18-3416331+85
Tampa Bay Buccaneers780.4675.02-35-6436421+15
Atlanta Falcons690.4006.03-25-6353377-24
Carolina Panthers5100.3337.01-42-9330428-98

The Saints continue to win as the rest of the division remains completely unpredictable.

NFC West

San Francisco 49ers1230.800-4-19-2453289+164
Seattle Seahawks1140.7331.03-28-3384372+12
Los Angeles Rams870.5334.02-36-5363340+23
Arizona Cardinals591.3676.51-43-7-1337411-74

The 49ers stand alone atop the NFC West after the Seahawks have seemingly just plain shit their pants.

What stands out to you in the standings, Arrowhead Guys?

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12/24/2019 9:37 am

Dear Santa,
Please Bring Us the RaiDuhs in the Playoffs … ; )

Reply to  KCChef
12/24/2019 11:21 am

Nah. I want Dolphins win and a crying Phyllis Rivers.

Reply to  KCChef
12/24/2019 12:21 pm

Bring em all on. Make it the hardest push through the playoffs. Beat the best teams and shut down any talk of the Ravens being the media darlings. Prove that we were and should have been the super bowl favorites all year

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