Arrowhead Guys For Chiefs fans, by Chiefs fans Wed, 05 Aug 2020 13:55:17 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Arrowhead Guys 32 32 Seafood Buffet: Scrod Wed, 05 Aug 2020 18:00:00 +0000 And what is “scrod”, some may ask? Well, while it’s often treated as an acronym such as “seamen’s catch, received on deck”, it dates back to well before acronyms were in common useage. According to Merriam-Webster it derives from a Cornish dialect of English, and it’s first known use in writing spelled it “scrawd” and was a food preparation process. These days it’s generally used to describe any fresh, young oceanic whitefish, and strictly speaking for marketing it’s a misleading term unless the species is specified alongside it.

And as you can clearly see, today’s selections are indeed fresh. What the future holds, nobody knows, neither where it comes nor where it goes, but at least with camp underway we’re getting more of the fresh stuff. All we can do from here is hope they manage to have a season and carry on. And as the final note, I’m still hoping someone around here not only cooks fish and such on a grill, from time to time is kind enough to snap a pic for me to use as the banner for this searies. 😉

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Fan Drool: The Cheetah Wed, 05 Aug 2020 13:54:59 +0000 In the first installment of Fan Drool, we take a deeper look into the man that is Tyreek Hill.

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Without a doubt, Tyreek Hill has become one of the most electrifying members of the National Football League.

Even if Hill never played another down, he was unquestionably a steal in the 2016 NFL Draft. Still available in round five, the Chiefs grabbed Hill at pick 165. A total of 16 wideouts were selected before the Cheetah, including New Orleans star Michael Thomas, Texans’ Will Fuller, and the Chiefs own Demarcus Robinson.

Names such as Leonte Caroo, Laquon Treadwell, and Ricardo Louis are among the receivers taken before Hill as well. Safe to say at this juncture, the Saints are the only team that may have got their receiver pick correct.

Tyreek slipped down the draft due to an incident while playing at Oklahoma State, forcing him to play his final collegiate career at Alabama State. Hill was considered a high-risk pick due to the domestic issues with then-girlfriend, Crystal Espinal.

Regardless, Andy Reid wanted him. Hill would provide a multifaceted player that the Chiefs desperately needed.

The Cheetah was born.

So what is it about Tyreek that has fans drooling? It’s more than just his speed on the field, but let us start there. Back to the college days.

Fans of the Big 12 remember when Bob Stoops decided to not only punt to Hill once toward the end of the game, but twice. Hill called a fair catch at the 15-yard line after a running into the punter call went against the Oklahoma State Cowboys. It was just a 5-yard penalty, setting up another punt, or the Sooners could have let the Cowboys have the ball with 85 yards to go, with little time left on the clock, down by 7 points.

Nope. Stoops decided to try to pin the Pokes even deeper, and punted one more time.

Hill caught the punt at the 8-yard line, made a man miss, and was gone. The score tied the game and the Pokes went on to win in OT.

His speed and vision on the field gave Chiefs fans a nice little nest egg in the return game, flashing memories of Dante Hall. It didn’t take long for returner to become a nasty word for the Cheetah, as he worked at becoming an every day starter for the Chiefs at the wideout position.

This past season, that speed was on display yet again. The fastest man in football stole Damien Williams’ thunder with a highlight reel game of tag.

Against the Vikings, at the Chiefs own 9-yard line, Williams broke through for a 91-yard touchdown run. As great a run as it was, it wasn’t his speed that caught the eye of football fans. It was the guy that caught him before he made the endzone.

As Williams crosses the 20-yard line, Hill is basically standing still. By the time Williams gets within 10 yards of the goal line, Hill is there with his arm wrapped around him in celebration.

Williams is not slow. This play shows just how fast Tyreek is. Clocked at 23 miles per hour, Hill even had to maneuver around some defenders to catch the running back. It wasn’t the only time Hill caught up to Williams either.

Hill’s speed gave him the nickname. However, Williams is the prey here, and the cheetah always catches his prey.

Beyond the world-class speed is a set of hands and a vertical jump that doesn’t match Hill’s stature. Quickly becoming involved in top 5 receiver talk across the league. Undoubtedly the most dangerous weapon in the NFL. May not be the best yet, but he doesn’t have far to go, especially if he stays healthy.

Tyreek has also made himself available to the public. A rare yet appreciated trait among professional athletes.

During the offseasons, he has invited cameras into his various workout routines. Showing off his superhuman physique, as well as his sense of humor and the relationship with his teammates.

Tyreek’s own Youtube channel is packed full of work out sessions, pranks, live gaming feeds, and a personal look into his home life.

A kid at heart, Tyreek not only has a swagger on the field, but a personality that keeps you smiling.

The travesties of past mistakes and bad company follow those in the limelight much more closely than do yours or mine. Before the start of last season’s Super Bowl run, those ghosts came back to haunt him.

Following the story close, those who wanted to see it could, something didn’t add up. Accusations of child abuse were brought upon Hill when his son suffered a broken arm. Behind the direction of ex-girl Espinal and the shoddy coverage of a local television station, Hill was on the outside looking in once again.

To those who knew Hill, or even those that followed him closely, the accusations didn’t make much sense from the beginning. His little boy absolutely adores him. However, with Hill’s past still casting a shadow the narrative was once again against him.

Far too quietly, the accusations were dismissed, lies and deceit were illuminated, and Hill was able to move on. These false allegations brought many people closer to the cheetah. It would be fair to say his fandom has never been stronger.

The Chiefs Kingdom is a family. From the Hunt family, to the staff, players, grounds crew, and the fans. The sea of red is one.

Tyreek Hill brings an element to the game that very few can bring. In the blink of an eye, the game can change with Hill on the field. Now you see him, now you don’t.

From jumping in the stands and just sitting there like he’s having a summer picnic after a score to playing cameraman, eyes automatically find where Hill is at all times.

With #15 throwing the ball, and a supporting cast of characters around him, the future is bright for the fastest man in football, and fans will continue to drool over the amazing things he produces. On and off the field.

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Morning Huddle: Training Camp Wed, 05 Aug 2020 10:00:00 +0000 Chiefs news for 5 August 2020

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Chiefs training camp’s five biggest battles of 2020: Veterans competing to protect Patrick Mahomes | CBSSports

If your QB is Mahomes, you can get by without a starting offensive lineman or two. But the decision by first-team RG Laurent Duvernay-Tardif to opt out of the 2020 season instantly made this the most important battle. Kelechi Osemele has a Pro Bowl resume and was a smart low-risk, high-reward addition to step in on Opening Day, but he’s also 33 and played just 14 games the last two years. Realistically, Andy Reid will be open to benching or rotating Osemele if one of Lucas Niang, Mike Remmers or Martinas Rankin can prove competent on the interior. This one matters mostly because it’s all about keeping Mahomes upright.

Best photos from Chiefs training camp over the years | ChiefWire

Fans across the league won’t get the opportunity to have a sneak peek at their favorite team ahead of the start of the season. It’s disappointing, especially coming off of the teams’ first Super Bowl title in 50 years. The NFL is doing what is necessary to keep players, coaches, and fans safe during the current global health crisis while also still having football.

Chiefs new OG Kelechi Osemele shares first impressions of Patrick Mahomes | ChiefsWire

“It has been crazy, man,” Osemele said. “It has been crazy seeing him at practice, just like casually throwing the ball 70 yards, just like flicking it. That’s been crazy to see and his speed as well, on option plays and stuff like that. Also his intelligence, all the different cadences that he rattles through and checking audibles. For a guy that young to have command like that, his confidence is pretty impressive for how young he is. That’s been pretty cool to see firsthand, up close.”

Chiefs’ fortunate offseason helps with COVID-19 opt outs | YahooSports

”We’re lucky we have a pretty good nucleus of running backs,” Reid said. ”It would be great to have Damien, but on the other hand, if you have to pick a position you have some talent, that’s a position we can work with. We’re in pretty good position.”

Clyde Edwards-Helaire Skyrockets Up Michael Fabiano’s Fantasy Football Rankings |

The minute Damien Williams opted-out of the 2020 season, Clyde Edwards-Helaire’s fantasy football value took off like a rocket ship. The Chiefs rookie running back is now expected to be the workhorse rusher in one of the best offenses in the league. His Average Draft Position took off from a mid-third round pick to now coming off the board at the tail end of the first round. Should he be going even higher? Sports Illustrated’s fantasy football analyst Michael Fabiano says YES and ranked the Chiefs rookie first round pick as his No. 6 overall player in his Top 200 player rankings. Arrowhead Report’s editor Joshua Brisco joined Fabiano to discuss “CEH’s” fantasy football value and his stat projections for the upcoming season.

Mecole Hardman listed as breakout candidate this season | 247Sports

“My projection for Hardman’s 2020 campaign: 50 catches, 800 receiving yards and eight touchdowns,” Burleson said. “These numbers may not completely jump off the page, but they’re quite high, considering the vast amount of talent on the Chiefs’ offense. Hardman should be used more in his second season, especially as a gadget player on reverses and screens.”

Gardner Minshew didn’t test positive, virus “took one look at me and ran the other way” | PFT

“Did not contract the virus. It took one look at me and ran the other way,” Minshew said.

Minshew had been living with safety Andrew Wingard and wide receiver Michael Walker. Wingard was also activated on Tuesday and Minshew said that Walker was the only one of the trio to test positive for COVID-19. The quarterback added that the trio are “gonna ride it solo this year” and said he thinks it was a good thing to happen now because it underscores the importance of following guidelines to avoid the spread of the virus.

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Morning Bowl of (T)Weeties:

Arrowhead Guys Twitter:

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Local Chiefs Reporters:

"Yeah, we won the Super Bowl last year, but that was last year. That doesn’t do anything for us this year. We have things we want to accomplish this year." @TheRealFrankC_ 🎙

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National Talking Heads:

“@Mathieu_Era is gonna always play with that swag.”

The Honey Badger lands at No. 39 on the #NFLTop100. (via @nflfilms)

Payton praised Terry Fontenot, said it shouldn’t be long before he is a general manager. Fontenot leads the pro personnel department and shares the assistant GM title with Jeff Ireland.

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Into The Afternight: Our 3rd Shift O/T Wed, 05 Aug 2020 04:00:00 +0000 Another long day, as I’ve been making efforts to get my psychological balance stabilized. It’s unfortunate that many in our society – and this isn’t a cheap shot at a particular person, because it’s still widespread – scorn “psychos”, as though all mental health cases are either “you could be normal if you tried harder” or “uncontrollable threat”. But people frequently favor their beliefs over objective facts, and such simply cannot be reached. Tiresome, and I’ve been dealing with it for a long, long, long time.

But hey, Dan’s reach continues to grow, and that’s a good thing. Final point: The above griping is not an invitation to provoke an argument with me. Well, unless you are determined to drive me into some sort of crisis that renders me unable to help out around here for a while. But then, that sort of thing would expose intent. Let’s leave the previous OT to itself and consider some more positive things.

With that, time’s yours.

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Tuesday Night O/T: The Bears weren’t the only ones to pass on Mahomes Tue, 04 Aug 2020 22:30:24 +0000 The Bears get a lot of crap for picking Trubisky over Mahomes in 2017, and rightfully so. Picking a bust over an elite quarterback is bad enough as it is, but to trading up one spot to do so is as bad as it gets. It says that the Bears thought Trubisky was so far above Mahomes that they didn’t want to run the risk of having to settle for Mahomes.

But for some reason the other 9 teams who passed on Mahomes have gotten a pass. The 49ers, Jaguars, Titans, and Bengals also drafted players who aren’t exactly filling up their trophy cases with awards, and they all could have used Mahomes just as much the Bears, so why do they get a pass? But even the Browns, Jets, Chargers, Panthers and Bills should get criticism for passing on Mahomes despite getting quality players. It doesn’t matter how good those guys are, nothing can replace an elite quarterback, and all of those teams would be better off right now with Mahomes on their roster rather than the guy they got.

So why are the Bears the only ones who get that criticism?

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Chiefs News: Thompson’s Role, Jones At DE, Gay At SAM? Tue, 04 Aug 2020 14:25:00 +0000 With training camp coming up we’re going to hear a lot more news, especially from press conferences, about the different players on the Chiefs and how they’ll project out in 2020. With different signings and moves happening, there will be nonstop Chief news for the next month before the season. While none of us will be able to watch this training camp the football news will be amping up over time.

With that being said, over the next few weeks and probably into the season I’ll being writing more of these pieces about Chiefs news. I listen to every press conference and while the coaches are pretty reserved, if you listen well you’ll get bits of news that you can make some analysis off of. So, as long as we have press conferences during the season I may write these weekly for a while. Besides the quotes, I’ll add my personal opinion to it, so instead of full, traditional film reviews this will cover a broader base, with quotes from coaches, management, and players. Let me know what you think about this in the comments. Enjoy!

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Chiefs Sign Tedric Thompson

This week, the Chiefs signed another veteran off the streets, with the new addition of Tedric Thompson, 4th year safety from the Seahawks.

Thompson, a 4th round pick from Colorado, profiles well as a free safety option for the Chiefs. Seattle used him in a lot of their Cover 3 looks, asking him to cover the entire middle of the field by himself. While his 2019 tape wasn’t as good as his 2018 season, he did an admirable job there, showing good instincts, lateral movement, and explosiveness in his steps. His range is very evident on tape.

For the Chiefs, they needed a free safety option outside of Juan Thornhill. Thornhill was the only player with any type of single-high range and he only has had 7 months to recover, up to this point. He may be a bit slow to start the season and Kansas City may not give him the full brunt of single-high responsibilities to start the season. So, if that’s the case, they’ll need somebody with good range on the backend, who can be trusted with the single-high responsibilities. While Thompson has flaws in his tackling and route processing; his range, explosiveness, and closing speed should get him on the field if needed. At the very least, he’s very good depth for Thornhill.

Chris Jones Playing Defensive End?

When I listened to the Jones press conference, something really caught my attention was Andy Reid’s opening statement about Jones. He mentioned that he believes Jones could be a dominant defensive end as well as being the freak of nature inside at 3 tech.

He (Chris Jones) has done everything that he’s needed to do to become a top defensive tackle in the league in the NFL. He probably could be the same thing at defensive end on the outside, as he is on the inside…

Now, this could be a complete throwaway of a comment. I have no idea at all. But for Reid to mention it in his opening statement it leads me to believe Kansas City may have some plans to play Chris Jones more at defensive end this season, particularly on run downs.

For me personally, I think it’s a bad idea to put Chris there. While his explosion, burst, and length are all dominant on the inside, for a defensive end he’s an average to bad athlete. If you look at the way Jones is built compared to Frank Clark, they’re not even similar in body types. Even bigger defensive ends such as J.J. Watt are built differently from Chris Jones. They’re leaner, have more agility in their hips and burst to run up the field. While Chris has elite athletic traits, they’re better suited for the interior.

I think asking Chris to kick outside on running downs doesn’t really help you. His lack of agility and first step from the edge were really prevalent last season, and it really cost the Chiefs in the first Tennessee game. The Titans continually attacking hims with rollouts, using his freelancing nature against him. Let’s be real; he wants sacks. He doesn’t really care about the running game. So Tennessee took advantage of that and gashed the back side of our defense in that game. Between not being the most gap-sound, lateral athlete, Jones just isn’t a defensive end.

Now, could Spagnuolo teach him to play defensive end more this offseason? I have no idea. He really only has 3-4 games of experience there. But let’s be real, Jones is built for the inside. Taking away potential pass rushing snaps, even off play action, doesn’t make sense for me. If you want to beef up front, just put Chris in for any potential passing down. That would be okay with me. If you want to limit his reps against heavier, running personnel, then just take him out. You would be able to keep him more fresh to take advantage of guards who’ve been beaten down by Pennel and Nnadi for four quarters. You would get the best out of him for longer periods. I think that makes more sense than putting him on the outside. It’s similar to the old “putting a square peg in a round hole”. Just let Chris be Chris on the inside. It works. Don’t even try him at defensive end.

Willie Gay at SAM?!

The most interesting piece of news I’ve heard this past few weeks is the idea of maybe not putting Willie Gay at WILL linebacker, but instead at SAM. That should surprise a lot of people, considering Gay is a perfect fit for a WILL for the Chiefs, but right now they view him more as a SAM. Between linebackers coach Matt House and Gay himself, there have been a lot of indications that Gay will play SAM to start the season.

I think as a starting point, it’s an easier transition (playing SAM) to the next level” House said. “I agree with Spags, it’s a good starting point, to see what he grows into as the season progresses.”

Willie Gay – “SAM and WILL have been something I’ve played since high school, so playing edge, outside end, and even WILL, it’s natural for me. The scheme is perfect for me to blitz. I can blitz from anywhere on the field. I would LOVE to be a part of a blitz package, so I can help on 3rd down for the defense.”

This isn’t a throwaway comment anymore. It’s been something the Chiefs have mentioned for months. Gay, House, Spags, and Andy Reid routinely mention his ability to play SAM. It seems, at least to start the season, we should expect Gay to play a high amount of his snaps at SAM, and not play 100% of them.

Now what does that mean Gay’s role will be? It’ll be a little more off the edge than a traditional off-ball linebacker. Kansas City asked a lot out of Reggie Ragland, but they used him in two different packages; their 3-2-6 dime package and the base defense. In the base, Gay will play a lot on the edge or used as the force player in a run blitz. He’ll have to stack lineman well and be willing to help set the edge. In the blitz packages Gay will be used everywhere. Ragland was used a lot at 3 technique and they used his size and contact power as the Spear player in a lot of stunts, in order to open rush lanes for defensive tackles to run through. While Gay doesn’t play with as much power as Ragland, his speed and agility will allow Spagnuolo to do more from a loop aspect from a stunt, giving him more bend and pop off the edge than Ragland.

Now this is going to frustrate people. We, myself included, want to see Gay more in coverage, asked to cover running backs and tight ends more and used in space. While Damien Wilson did as good as he possibly could at WILL last year, he’s not an athletic player. He can’t cover with speed well. He’s a much better blitzer and really should be playing SAM. But the thing is, playing WILL isn’t easy. It requires more of a chase role and a quicker processing for plays. SAM is more of a bulldozer, blitzing role, without a ton of coverage responsibilities. WILL is a much harder role to play.

With no offseason Gay’s role is going to be limited in 2020. He probably won’t get many coverage snaps. And that’s going to frustrate people. But between his ability to blitz and play with contact, I think that’s all you can ask out of Gay in 2020. While it’s going to be frustrating, I think bringing him along slowly is likely to be the path in 2020. You hope he gets more responsibility as time goes on, but to start expect him to play 20-30% of snaps and not really be asked to provide much in the way of coverage.


There still hasn’t been a ton of football news lately. While we’ve finally had some in July, the football news hasn’t even scratched the surface of what we’ll get yet. Hopefully, the Chiefs provide some access as time goes on, but for now this is what we’ll have for news. Let me know if you enjoy this type of piece and you would like to see more. Enjoy!

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Morning Huddle: Mahomes, Mathieu Gets Some Respect Tue, 04 Aug 2020 10:00:00 +0000 Chiefs news for 04 August 2020

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Embed from Getty Images

The top 101 players in the NFL today | TDWire

[No.1] When you become the NFL’s first “half a billion” man, you come in atop a list like this. Patrick Mahomes, in just two years as a starting quarterback in the NFL, has both an MVP and a Super Bowl title. He can make any throw from any platform, and can find you anywhere on the field, even if he is not looking at you. He is a joy to watch every time he is on the field – even if he is playing against your team – and an easy pick for the top quarterback in the league heading into 2020.

Training Camp Narratives: Where Everything is Made Up, and the Points Don’t Matter | AR

How many interceptions Mahomes throws in training camp may not matter, but for four weeks in August, it brought rival AFC West fanbases more enjoyment than they’d ever get out of actually watching Mahomes play. So go nuts, Chiefs fans. Until the season actually starts, DeAndre Washington is an MVP candidate. BoPete Keyes is rookie of the year. Patrick Mahomes is throwing 60 touchdowns.

Alex Smith takes another important step in his remarkable comeback | AA

Speaking with sources close to the Washington Football Team, Smith participated in four consecutive days of on-field workouts with trainers and performed well. Perhaps more importantly, Smith suffered no setbacks after the on-field work.

2020 NFL rookies I can’t wait to see: CeeDee Lamb, CEH will thrive |

[No.3] I think Brian Westbrook is one of the most underrated NFL players in the last quarter-century. He was an excellent all-around RB for Andy Reid’s Eagles. And now the Chiefs have a back Reid said is “better than Brian”? Hoo boy, it’s almost unfair, giving Patrick Mahomes another playmaker to go along with Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, Sammy Watkins, Mecole Hardman and Demarcus Robinson. And yes, fantasy fiends, with Damien Williams opting out of the season, CEH’s going to be a stat-stuffing monster. This guy can do it all. Want proof? Check out the Alabama tape, when he shredded Nick Saban’s defense with 103 yards rushing, 77 yards receiving and four total touchdowns.

Chiefs: 3 players Kansas City should consider pursuing via trade | NFLAnalysis

Judon certainly seems interested in coming to Kansas City with his tweet at Tyrann Mathieu asking about real estate in the area. However, Baltimore might not be so inclined to help out their biggest competition in the AFC. 

The Chiefs’ linebacker position is arguably the weakest on the team, with no rostered player playing more than two-thirds of all defensive snaps last season. Anthony Hitchens saw the most snaps and will secure duties in the middle. Damien Wilson will play on one side, but there is a hole on the other with Reggie Ragland’s departure to Detroit. The Chiefs have high expectations for Willie Gay, the second-round pick out of Mississippi State, but it is yet to be determined if he is ready for a large workload. 

AFC West COVID-19 opt-out tracker | ChiefsWire

So much for Jon Gruden saying no Raiders players would opt out of the 2020 NFL season. Killings was likely cornerback No. 7 on the Raiders depth chart. That’ll hurt the depth of a position group that isn’t the strongest in the first place, but it doesn’t move the needle much beyond depth during training camp.

What to expect from Rashad Fenton in 2020 | AG

Fast forward a year of NFL experience and all of sudden Fenton is actually a decently reliable corner in the Chiefs secondary. Who would have thought? Now he’s poised for a bigger role next season, with the departure of Kendall Fuller and the suspension of Bashaud Breeland, although he’s appealing said suspension. With the role he played last season that increases Fenton’s versatility heading into the 2020 season, because now he’s proved he can do multiple different things in coverage, whether that’s deep zone, man coverage from the slot, or anything outside, his natural position.

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Morning Bowl of (T)Weeties:

Arrowhead Guys Twitter:

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Local Chiefs Reporters:

"Yeah, we won the Super Bowl last year, but that was last year. That doesn’t do anything for us this year. We have things we want to accomplish this year." @TheRealFrankC_ 🎙

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National Talking Heads:

“@Mathieu_Era is gonna always play with that swag.”

The Honey Badger lands at No. 39 on the #NFLTop100. (via @nflfilms)

Payton praised Terry Fontenot, said it shouldn’t be long before he is a general manager. Fontenot leads the pro personnel department and shares the assistant GM title with Jeff Ireland.

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Into The Afternight: Our 3rd Shift O/T Tue, 04 Aug 2020 04:00:00 +0000 Long day for me, so I don’t have anything to say right now. Onward to the content and then entertainment.

Hope y’all enjoyed this late-night double feature picture show.

With that, time’s yours.

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Monday O/T: Afternoon To Afternight Mon, 03 Aug 2020 22:31:23 +0000 Anyone down for a little CEH?

It’s an OT, folks. Talk about stuff.

With that, time’s yours.

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The Chiefs’ Worst Free Agent Signings: Where Are They Now? (2nd Edition) Mon, 03 Aug 2020 17:21:37 +0000 A little over a month ago, our friends over at Chiefswire posted an article, or rather a photo essay, of the worst free agency signings the Chiefs have had over the years. If you missed the last edition, click right here.

Over the years, the Chiefs have had much success with running backs, from Marcus Allen to Priest Holmes, Larry Johnson to Jamaal Charles. But there is one running back who signed on as a free agent that was anything but:

RB Bam Morris

Image Courtesy of Getty Images

Bam Morris, like our previous bad FA and our current QB god, Patrick Mahomes, attended Texas Tech University where he would be awarded the Doak Walker Award, the award for the best RB in the country, in the 1993 season. That year, he would run for 1,752 yards in only 298 attempts. He ranked 2nd in the country in total rushing yards per game and scored 22 TDs in his junior year. His career was off to a promising start.

Bam would be selected in the 3rd round of the 1994 NFL Draft by the Pittsburgh Steelers. It was in his two seasons there that he would enjoy the most success in his professional career, rushing for nearly 1,600 yards and 16 TDs, including 73 yards in the Steelers’ loss to the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl XXX.

It was after this Super Bowl that his off-field issues really began. During a traffic stop in Rockwell County, Texas, police found 100 kilograms of marijuana and one gram of cocaine in his car. After pleading guilty as part of a plea bargain, the Steelers released him, but it wouldn’t be long before he would be picked up by a new team: the brand new Baltimore Ravens.

During his next two seasons with the Ravens, Bam would enjoy some modest success, rushing for 1,511 yards on 376 attempts, scoring 11 TDs. However, his time with the Ravens would be littered with violations of the NFL’s substance abuse policy. These infractions would soon lead to his release in 1998. Bam Morris would then be signed by the Chicago Bears and would only last 2 games before being released again. It was then that Bam would infamously be signed by our own Kansas City Chiefs.

His first season in Kansas City would show some promise. Though he would not run for a ton of yardage, he did score 8 TDs and most likely raised some levels of optimism with both coaches and fans. However, this would not last long, especially after Bam became friends with WR/PR Tamarick Vanover. Vanover hooked Bam up with a local drug dealer, who he would purchase $8,000 in cocaine from, as well as dabbling in car theft. After Bam’s arrest in 2000, it was revealed that he was helping in the distribution of marijuana in the Kansas City area since his signing in 1998. It would also be known that he found himself in enormous debt, having a $400,000 team salary, but using it all on drugs, trying to support his failing marriage. He would be supplied with extra money from Tamarick Vanover, but it was Vanover who would eventually sell him out as part of his own plea bargain.

Bam Morris pleaded guilty to federal drug trafficking charges in 2000. He would retire from football shortly before. On the field, he was very disappointing, rushing for only 895 yards on almost 300 attempts, scoring 11 TDs. Off the field, he was consumed by his own demons, helped along by a teammate.

After being in and out of prison between 2000 and 2004, Bam Morris would spend a couple of seasons in the Arena Football League, being signed by the Orlando Predators, being cut by them, then being signed by the Katy Copperheads, an AFL minor league team. As of 2016, Bam Morris was back at Texas Tech University trying to get a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology.

In my personal opinion, Bam Morris was just caught up in the wrong crowd. His relationship with Tamarick Vanover ended up screwing him over in the end and Vanover should absolutely get blamed for a lot of it. Had it not been for that, it’s possible we could be talking about Bam Morris as another great Chiefs running back. All we can do now is play the “What If” game. What say you, Chiefs fans?

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