Site Standards

The following standards apply to all members. We hope to maintain a community that self-polices in a respectful manner, however at times action by the Moderators may become necessary. Any moderation that occurs will not come as a surprise, as we believe in open communication and fair warning.

  1. Personal attacks: This is self-explanatory for the most part.  Don’t insult people, whether directly or indirectly.  This includes fishing insults, such as “Anyone who says that is an idiot”.  And before you type that snarky reply about punctuation or a type-o, remember we have members who have reasons they struggle to type.  Keep the humor light.
  2. Discrimination: We will not tolerate racist, sexist, homophobic, bigoted or any other derogatory terms or slurs to be used on our site whether stated directly or indirectly.
  3. Harassment: We will not tolerate bullying, stalking, intimidation, harassment or any other unwelcomed advances on any member of our community.  Any member who posts another member’s private information they have obtained on the site will be banned immediately.
  4. Sensitive Subjects: Be cognizant of sensitive subjects such as domestic violence, sexual assault, politics, religion, race, sexual orientation or identity, child abuse, mental illness, PTSD, etc.  Its safe to say that we have members who have suffered from or protective of many of these topics, and what may be humorous to the person you are responding to might upset someone else.  These subjects can easily lead to ugly tangents that we would like to avoid.
  5. NSFW Content: This is the hardest category to define.  We want everyone to enjoy when we celebrate a victory, however that does not mean we need to push the limits.  We encourage content that is fun, however be mindful of intent.  If the intent is meant to arouse rather than celebrate there’s a good chance it will be offensive to some of our community.  With that said, victory threads will be moderated more loosely than the rest of our discussions.  Unless you are repeatedly posting content that is objectionable you are not at risk for moderation beyond community feedback.
  6. Excessive profanity: Anyone who’s been a member of this community for any length of time should understand this is a fairly laid back rule of thumb as long as you are not launching long tirades or directing profanity at someone specifically.
  7. Trolling: Proactively seeking to derail discussions or repeating the same comment in multiple threads is not tolerated.
  8. Spam: We will immediately ban any account that spams our discussions with unwanted advertisement or content of any kind.