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After all the hard work, here is the top ten – take your guess for number one before you scroll down and see the final results.

#10 Giants – 145 points

Phil Simms
Charlie Conerly
Eli Manning
Y.A. Tittle
Fran Tarkenton

Comment: Conerly – old timer – threw almost as many TDs as Simms.  Manning is overrated.

#9 Chargers – 151 points

Philip Rivers
Dan Fouts
John Hadl
Stan Humphries
Drew Brees

Comment: Wonder what might have happened had Marty and Brees both stayed in San Diego.

#8 Chiefs – 154 points

Len Dawson
Patrick Mahomes
Alex Smith
Trent Green
Bill Kenney

Comment: Mahomes only received 38 of 50 points so do not accuse me of favoritism.  Dawson had some really good numbers for his era.  Smith and Green are both solid.  Kenney is more of the afterthought but did decent on some really bad teams.

Tie here

#7 Redskins – 156 points

Sammy Baugh
Joe Theismann
Billy Kilmer
Mark Rypien
Sonny Jurgensen

Comment: No all time greats here but solid group of five.  Baugh is the oldest in the contest.

#6 – Patriots – 156 points

Tom Brady
Steve Grogan
Drew Bledsoe
Babe Parilli
Tony Eason

Comment: Brady pushes this solid but unspectacular group this high up the rankings.

Another tie

#5 Packers – 158 points

Brett Favre
Aaron Rodgers
Bart Starr
Lynn Dickey
Tobin Rote

Comment: Favre, Rodgers, and Starr – then a huge drop off in talent to Dickey and Rote.

#4 Colts – 158 points

Peyton Manning
Johnny Unitas
Andrew Luck
Bert Jones
Jim Harbaugh

Comment: It is criminal what the Colts organization did to Andrew Luck.

#3 Steelers – 159 points

Ben Roethlisberger
Terry Bradshaw
Kordell Stewart
Neil O’Donnell
Bobby Layne

Comment: I found it hard to believe they were ahead of the Packers and Colts.  Basically, the bottom three here beat the bottom two of the Packers and Colts enough to make the difference.

# 2 Niners – 168 points

Joe Montana
Steve Young
John Brodie
Y.A. Tittle
Jeff Garcia

Comment: Brodie, Tittle, and Garcia were solid enough to leapfrog the prior three teams.


#1 Cowboys – 186 points

Roger Staubach
Tony Romo
Troy Aikman
Danny White
Don Meredith

Comment: They were the only team that all five quarterbacks had a score of thirty or above.  The Packers were the only team that had three quarterbacks at forty or above.  I do believe that Danny White is overrated but he had the statistics to be there.  Staubach had an amazing won loss differential – Tom Brady had the highest.  An 18 point win over second place is rather significant.  One might argue that they played on some really good teams but you could use that argument for half the quarterbacks on the list.

Time to hit me up with comments – criticize the process, critique the results and such.  Thank you for reading these fan posts.


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01/07/2021 4:10 pm

I was surprise the Chiefs were as high as they were. Then I remembered that our futility was drafting quarterbacks. We have had some decent one walking around Arrowhead after Lenny Cool, just didn’t draft any of them until this last one – can’t remember his name tho. Maybe someone can spark my memory

12/24/2020 1:12 pm

These were great to read. Lots of work put into these.

I was surprised to see the Redskins Football Team higher up on the list than the Chiefs, and so I wonder how much of a role team longevity has played into this. You mentioned it on the “cellar dwellers” post that newer teams were expected to be there, but then the Cardinals, Lions, Bears and Packers are among the oldest teams in the league and only one of them breaks into the top ten.

Awesome stuff man.

Tony Sommer
12/23/2020 8:01 pm

I’m surprised the Chiefs are so high. I guess most teams don’t have the depth of mediocre QBs we do.

Reply to  Tony Sommer
12/23/2020 8:13 pm

We had greatness with Len Dawson and greatness with Mahomes.

Reply to  EAFOX
02/17/2021 8:47 pm

That’s pretty sad that Kenney made the top 5 list for us, but who would replace him? (Kyle Orton maybe)

Tony Sommer
Reply to  EAFOX
12/23/2020 9:41 pm

That makes sense.

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