Closing in on the Top Ten

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Here comes 11-14…

# 14 Browns – 140 p0ints

Otto Graham
Frank Ryan
Brian Sipe
Bernie Kosar
Baker Mayfield

Comment: Bernie Kosar is one of my all time favorite quarterbacks.  Baker Mayfield sucks.

Another tie

# 13 Eagles – 142 points

Donovan McNabb
Randall Cunningham
Ron Jaworski
Carson Wentz
Norm Snead

Comment: The question might hang forever – who ruined Carson Wentz’s career.

# 12 Seahawks – 142 points

Russell Wilson
Dave Krieg
Matt Hasselbeck
Jon Kitna
Jim Zorn

Comment: I am sure that most here remember Dave Krieg and what he did to our Chiefs.

# 11 Broncos – 145 points

John Elway
Peyton Manning
Jake Plummer
Craig Morton
Brian Griese

Comment: Other than Elway and the borrowed Manning, Broncos quarterbacks tend to suck.

Well, believe it or not, our Chiefs have made it to the top ten.  I was expecting them to finish around fifteen or so.  Check out the next fan post to see the final results.


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