The Middle of the Pack

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Keep on churning away here…

#20 Titans – 126 points

Steve McNair
Warren Moon
George Blanda
Dan Pastorini
Marcus Mariota

Comment: Pastorini may thank Earl Campbell for getting him on this list.

#19 Vikings – 127 points

Fran Tarkenton
Kirk Cousins
Tommy Kramer
Daunte Culpepper
Wade Wilson

Comment: Tarkenton is criminally underrated on the All Time quarterbacks list.

#18 Bengals – 131 points

Ken Anderson
Andy Dalton
Boomer Esiason
Carson Palmer
Jeff Blake

Comment: Anderson is a quarterback with little respect.  Faced Steel Curtain twice a year.

#17, #16, and #15 all tied with 138 points.  Tiebreaker is based on the score of the top two quarterbacks for each team.

#17 Rams

Roman Gabriel
Jared Goff
Norm Van Brocklin
Marc Bulger
Jim Everett

Comment: Goff is overrated and I was surprised to see Marc Bulger appear on the list.

#16 Raiders

Ken Stabler
Daryle Lamonica
Rich Gannon
Derek Carr
Tom Flores

Comment: Raiders should be ashamed to have Derek Carr on their list.

#15 Dolphins

Dan Marino
Bob Griese
Jay Fiedler
Don Strock
Ryan Tannehill

Comment: Huge drop off after Marino and Griese.  How did Shula win with Don Strock?

Waiting to see an appearance by the Chiefs but they ranked higher.  Cincinnati is a sucky organization cause their quarterback pool, while not great, has four decent players on their list.



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12/24/2020 1:08 pm

It’s strange that Andy Dalton is rated higher than Boomer Esiason. The latter must have had the right pieces to come close to winning it all in 1988, or it was one of those fluky winning seasons where all the chips fell just right to get the Bengals to the Super Bowl that year…

12/23/2020 6:39 pm

I didn’t realize Kurt Warner would not be on the Rams list.

Tony Sommer
12/23/2020 2:17 pm

Carr isn’t that bad compared to some of the others some teams have in their top 5.

Reply to  Tony Sommer
12/23/2020 6:38 pm

He has a lot of garbage time passing yards and TDs but his win % sucks.

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