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Away we go…

# 25 Jets – 101 points

Joe Namath
Vinny Testaverde
Chad Pennington
Ken O’Brien
Richard Todd

Comment: Broadway Joe was one game under .500 for the Jets.

# 24 Falcons – 106 points

Matt Ryan
Chris Chandler
Michael Vick
Steve Bartkowski
Chris Miller

Comment: Strictly as a passer, Vick sucked.  Add his running and the Falcons move up.

# 23 Saints – 111 points

Drew Brees
Bobby Hebert
Aaron Brooks
Archie Manning
Jim Everett

Comment: Thank God for Drew Brees or Saints would be one of the bottom feeders.

#22 Cardinals – 112 points

Jim Hart
Carson Palmer
Charley Johnson
Neil Lomax
Kurt Warner

Comment: Jim Hart had some real nice numbers but sitting right under .500 as a record.

#21 Bills – 118 points

Jim Kelly
Joe Ferguson
Josh Allen
Jack Kemp
Ryan Fitzpatrick

Comment: Amazing that Allen is already #3 on this list using the formula.

Well, twelve teams done – more to come.  It has been a fun journey remembering all of these quarterbacks from years past.  I did vote for Jack Kemp back in the eighties.  I thought he was a smarter Ronald Reagan.  Another post soon.  Hit me with comments.





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