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Here we go – the quarterbacks are ranked 1-5 for their team based on the formula stated in the previous fan post.

#32 Buccaneers – 60 points

Jameis Winston
Trent Dilfer
Doug Williams
Josh Freeman
Vinny Testaverde

Comment: No surprise if Jameis is your best.

#31 Texans – 76 points

Deshaun Watson
Matt Schaub
Brian Hoyer
Sage Rosenfels
David Carr

Comment: Sage Rosenfels – HA HA HA HA HA

#30 Lions – 85 points

Bobby Layne
Matthew Stafford
Scott Mitchell
Greg Landry
Gary Danielson

Comment: Surprised this low – Layne is the only one with a winning record.

#29 Jaguars – 90 points

Mark Brunell
David Garrard
Byron Leftwich
Blake Bortles
Gardner Minshew II

Comment: Look at the last two!!!  Brunell really helped here.

#28 Ravens – 93 points

Joe Flacco
Lamar Jackson
Tony Banks
Kyle Boller
Vinny Testaverde

Comment: I thought Flacco came out overrated in my system.

#27 Panthers – 98 points

Cam Newton
Jake Delhomme
Steve Beuerlein
Kerry Collins
Kyle Allen

Comment: Newtons running would boost them up a notch or two.

#26 Bears – 99 points

Sid Luckman
Jim McMahon
Jay Cutler
Billy Wade
Erik Kramer

Comment: I would have stopped this fan post if Trubisky was in their top five.

Well, I will get the next segment up as soon as possible.  What do you think so far?  Newer teams being here is understandable.  Please leave comments!!!

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