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I took up the challenge of ranking every franchise on overall quarterback play based on their top five quarterbacks in their history.  This was a huge task and I was surprised at the results.

Here was the process that I used –

A) I copied and pasted every teams top five quarterbacks based on the number of touchdowns for their franchise.  Thus, Peyton Manning was judged as a Bronco only based on the statistics he had for Denver.  I could have chosen passing yards to rank them but it did not make much difference in which quarterbacks were selected.

B) The first score – on a twelve point scale – I organized the quarterbacks by their starting year with their franchise and ranked them in groups of twelve by era and number of passing yards.  Therefore, Johnny Unitas received a 12 for his era whereas John Elway received 11 for his era as he was behind Dan Marino.  I found this to be fair for the older quarterbacks as well as the newer quarterbacks on the list.  Patrick Mahomes was the 12 for his era.

C) The second score – on a thirteen point scale – I organized everyone for total number of touchdowns for their career.  Those in the top tier all received 13 points and so on as we moved down the tiers.  This rewarded the more modern quarterbacks with a long career – Drew Brees and Tom Brady and such.

D) The third and final score – on a twenty-five point scale – I compared the wins and losses of all of the quarterbacks – not winning percentage however.  For example, Patrick Mahomes has 37 wins and 8 losses and received a +29 credit rather than his winning percentage which would have put him near the top in NFL history.  This benefitted the quarterbacks who won games over a long period of time and equalized quarterbacks with decent statistics but bad overall wins and losses – i.e. Eli Manning 117-117 received a +0 credit.  This information was put in order and quarterbacks received points for how high up the chart they were.

E) Each quarterback could contribute up to fifty points for their franchise – so with five on each team – a team could amass a total of 250 points.  There were only three quarterbacks with a perfect 50 score – Manning, Favre, and Brady.  For those that know me, I was really trying to be as non-biased as possible – neither Mahomes nor Joe Montana – were perfect on my scale.

F) The results…

1 team scored below 75 points, 6 teams were between 75-100, 5 teams were between 100-125, 11 teams were between 125-150, 8 teams were between 150-175, and 1 team had 186 points and won the franchise contest.

The next few fan posts will reveal the list – any guesses for the best team or worst team?  Where do you think our Chiefs ended up?


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12/24/2020 12:58 pm

I can imagine that the start of this undertaking was something like this:

comment image

Thanks for this. This is great stuff, and promises to be a good series to read.

Reply to  EAFOX
12/23/2020 10:15 am

Yugo! But seriously, I’m thinking the Chiefs will end up somewhere between 10-15, and either the Packers, Steelers or Dolphins are at the top.

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