poem – “The Man from L.A.”

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“The Man from L.A.”

 (A poem by 3rdnlong)

(I found the poem by the way.  I figured out how to access it a different way)

“The Man from L.A.”

There once was a man from L.A.
Named Herbert, who thought he could play
With Pat as an equal,
And hoped that each sequel
Of meetings would end up his way.

Now Herbert belongs to a team
That moved, thus crushing the dreams
Of fans from San D.,
Who brought their jerseys
And torched them, thus making a scene.

The Bolts once got pre-season nods
To win in the West with their squads.
But rarely showed up
‘Cause their players erupt
With bad injuries over their bods.

Yet Herbert thinks they’re good enough
And wants to show off just how tough
The Chargers can be
By beating KC,
But each game they fall, hard and rough.

For each year the Chargers are cursed.
Though they might begin with a burst,
They will self-implode
At home, on the road,
And end up as second-to-worst.

L.A. is a team that defies
The hopes of those pundit guys
Who think Bolts can win,
But, to their chagrin,
Their dream goes and sputters and dies.

So Patrick Mahomes isn’t phased.
No matter how much he is praised,
He comes to work hard,
His records to guard
And makes everyone all amazed.

And this is our star, Pat Mahomes
A QB who plays with cojones
The history books
Have not seen his looks.
His toughness is like Sly Stallone’s.

He’ll throw a long bomb to Tyreek
Or toss a left-hander to seek
A wide-open man.
Pat proves that he can
Make unreal throws ev’ry week.

So Herbert will just have to pout.
There’s no real way he wins out.
When facing the Chiefs,
He’ll soil his briefs
And glare as KC wins, no doubt.

And KC will stomp on L.A.
No matter how hard Chargers play,
They cannot succeed.
It’s certain.  Indeed,
The Chiefs always win, every day.

We have a Lombardi to claim,
To take back again in our name.
To get there we must
Grind each team to dust.
But once we do, think of the fame.

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06/11/2021 10:03 am

Very nice job, this is probably the best One to date… thanks again really enjoyed this one….

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