Chiefs vs. Texans: Divisional Playoff Injury Report

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Here’s a look at the Injury Reports for the Chiefs and Texans for this Sunday’s AFC Divisional Playoff game.

The Chiefs only have one more practice (today) before their match up at Arrowhead against the Texans this Sunday. After their practice on Thursday, here is how the injury report looked:

Kansas City Chiefs:

Morris ClaiborneCBNIR/ShoulderDNPDNPDNPOut
Travis KelceTEKneeLPLPLPQuestionable
Tanoh KpassagnonDENeckFPFPFP--
Austin ReiterCWristFPFPFP--
Andrew WylieGAnkleFPFPFP--
Chris JonesDTCalf--LPDNPQuestionable

It is a little concerning to see both Kelce and Jones listed as Limited Participants (LP) – Kelce for the second day in a row. However, both of them strike me as the kind of guys who will be ready to roll on Sunday regardless of injuries.

On the flip side, the Texans have nearly double the names on their Injury Report:

Houston Texans:

Jacob MartinOLBIllnessDNPLPFP--
Jahleel AddaeSKneeLPLPLPQuestionable
Jordan AkinsTEHamstringLPLPLPQuestionable
Keion CrossenCBHamstringLPLPLPQuestionable
Will Fuller VWRGroinLPLPLPQuestionable
Johnathan JosephCBHamstringLPLPLPQuestionable
A.J. Moore Jr.SHipLPLPFP--
Kenny StillsWRKneeLPLPLPQuestionable
J.J. WattDEShoulderLPLPFP--
Chris ClarkTConcussionFPFPFP--
Darren FellsTEHip----LPQuestionable

It’s promising that the Chiefs don’t have too many names on the list since the last time these two teams faced off, the Chiefs had 11 names on their report.

Here’s to hoping that a healthy Chiefs squad will allow Mahomes & Co. to decimate the Texans.

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John Doerty
John Doerty
01/10/2020 2:30 pm

Can anyone help me find, or explain why “Black Kansas City Chiefs 2019 NFL Sideline Road 39THIRTY Flex Hat” I can’t find this fucking hat in stock? I need the S/M or M if it exists. When the hat first came out, it sold out from the pro shop immediately. Now it doesn’t seem to exist. I don’t understand why they haven’t ordered anymore. Unless they are just going out of stock between times that I check them. They have a version that doesn’t have the white stitching, or the 1960 plate, but we’re talking about the official sideline hat of the entire NFL this year. How could that be OOS all season?? The red version is in stock, which is the one Andy wears every week. All Chiefs fans understand though, there are only so many red based Chiefs hats a man can fit into his rotation.

01/10/2020 12:54 pm

Hopefully Jones and Kelce are fine and they’re just being extra cautious

John Doerty
John Doerty
Reply to  TNCHIEFS
01/10/2020 2:08 pm

Jones was DNP today. That is REALLY not a great sign. Not that it writes anything in stone, but it certainly puckers me up.

Reply to  John Doerty
01/10/2020 2:12 pm

Seems like he’s going to be out.

Reply to  Tyrone
01/10/2020 2:25 pm

Mellinger reported that he’s expected to be ready for Sunday, but the next 24 hours are very important.

John Doerty
John Doerty
Reply to  Tarkus
01/10/2020 2:31 pm

Did he give any indication of exactly what the issue is? Strain, bruise, tear….

Reply to  John Doerty
01/10/2020 2:32 pm

He did not.

01/10/2020 12:41 pm

I dont want to wish injuries on anyone, but addae is an asswipe and a headhunter and I would not at all mind if he wasnt able to play in this game

01/10/2020 9:34 am

I could be wrong but I thought I read somewhere that if you receive treatment for anything you must be listed in the injury report. I dont know if that means your limited but I hope that’s all this is.

Reply to  Crazychief27
01/10/2020 9:39 am

Bill Belichick disagrees

01/10/2020 8:58 am

This all seems very smoke screeny to me.

Eze chief kingdom
Eze chief kingdom
Reply to  SuperMegaChief
01/10/2020 10:18 am

seems crazy to just drop 2 all pros on the injury report in the middle of the week if something didn’t happen

01/10/2020 8:50 am

Since all I can do is speculate, I wonder if this is more about playing since August and making sure they are ready for this final push. I mean, I don’t want to see anyone on the injury report, but surely this is just precautionary and not cause for alarm.
….. right?
The only thing that bugs me is that this is coming off extended rest.

Reply to  sportingchiefs
01/10/2020 11:02 am

That’s a mighty long fall…

Reply to  mgrafton
01/10/2020 9:38 am

You can get injured in practice too. In fact, many injuries are non-contact injuries.

Reply to  Tarkus
01/10/2020 9:40 am

Never say Non-contact injuries

Reply to  01lowbird
01/10/2020 9:46 am

Juan Thornhill agrees.

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