Chiefs’ poems – 2023 Training Camp Haikus (continuing the tradition!)

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2023 Training Camp Haikus

(Chiefs’ poems continuing the proud tradition) – 2023 NFL offseason

With all the stories coming out of camp, we need a way to cover the gamut.  In addition, the ancient Japanese poetic form of haiku is underused when writing about sports players.  Therefore, my contribution this week is a collection of shorter Chiefs’ related haiku poems that cover a lot of the headlines this past week.  This continues the proud tradition seen every year about this time.

(Haiku = 3 lines, 5 syllables on 1st, 7 syllables on 2nd, 5 syllables on 3rd)

“Where, O Where, is Chris Jones?”

Jones is not at camp.
Wanting a better contract,
Chris has fans worried.

“The Returner”

Undrafted rookie
Has a shot to return kicks.
Remigio.  Yeah!

“It’s Like Magic”

No pass is too hard.
Behind the back?  Left-handed?
Pat still has magic.

“Arrested Development”

The job is open.
Backup tackle is for grabs.
But Wanya wants it.

“Man of Glass”

Poor Kadarius.
Injured with the Giants’ team,
He’s back to rehab.

“The New Backup QB Conundrum”

Now that Chad retired,
‘Henne-thing is possible’
Just doesn’t quite fit.

“Young and Feisty”

The secondary
Once was a weakness, but now
It is a huge strength.

“It’s Getting Chippy Out There”

Some trash talk.  A push.
Tempers flare as some d-backs
Spar against Kelce.

“A (Deneric) Prince Who Could Be King”

That shifty runner
Also packs a lot of pow’r.
And he’s undrafted!

“It Could Happen to Rashee and to Us”

Move over, Jerry.
There’s a new Rice receiver
Who shows potential.

“The New Arm”

Blaine Gabbert was once
A 1st-round quarterback pick.
Now he hopes for #2. 

“Hoping He Heals”

Nazeeh Johnson.  Man.
ACL tears are no joke.
Hope rehab goes well.


Creed H. and Trey Smith
In red-yellow checkered Chiefs’
Overalls.  Topless.

“The Skyy’s the Limit”

Skyy Moore has improved.
Getting more reps with the 1’s,
Skyy will shine year 2.

“The Once Great Chiefs OC”

Though a Chief no more,
Coach Eric Bienemy
Has Washington riled.

“And We Got Him in the 6th Round!”

Keondre Coburn
Looks like a large, human wall
Ready to stop runs.

“The Taker of a Grown Man’s Job”

Pacheko year 2
Will run smooth, quick or smash-mouth.
How can you stop him?

“Our New Secret Weapon”

The acrobatics
That Justyn Ross always shows
Are freaking awesome.

“Concussion Helmets”

Weird helmets are back.
Like strange red mushrooms growing
On stalks of strong men.

“Andy Reid Training Camp Necessities”

Two cheeseburgers?  Check.
Stock phrases for the press?  Check.
Plans to conquer?  Check.

If you want me to make a song parody of a specific song, just request below in the comments section.  And as always, Go Chiefs!

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08/11/2023 2:55 pm

Elegant verses,
In your haikus, beauty thrives,
Words bloom like spring’s grace.

Reply to  MasterChief
08/12/2023 9:07 am

My word. We have another poet. That was very good.

08/11/2023 9:36 am

Great stuff as per usual!

08/11/2023 8:06 am

Impressive output! I like these.
Easily worthy of the 1-star our troll gave you.

Reply to  3rdnlong
08/12/2023 9:06 am

Yep! I consider that 1 star a badge of honor. That yutz thinks so much of us, he comes back every single day, and he made sure to ding you, too

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