Chiefs’ poem – “Quality Depth” – 2023 NFL Preseason wk. 1 – KC 24 at NO 26

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“Quality Depth”

(A Chiefs’ poem) – 2023 NFL preseason wk. 1 – KC 24 at NO 26


“Quality Depth”

The stars lined up, and then sat down.
This was a game to just be played.
No fancy trophy for the town
That won this game with plays they made.

This game was for the men who sweat
In training camp to make the team –
The backup players’ chance to get
Fulfillment of their years and dreams.

The Chiefs against New Orleans Saints
With backups’ dreams in balance hung.
The starters rusty, some complaint
From fans, but hey, it’s no harm done.

A lot of nods to CEH
To showcase his abilities.
Bad tight end sneak, then turn the page
To see the Saints get 2 TDs.

A sputtered offense looking mild,
And defense lacking Mr. Jones.
Blaine Gabberts’ first snaps weren’t that wild
As three and outs brought KC moans.

The backups then brought quite the surge
As KC rallied back again.
Electric moves, Saints in the lurch,
Brought by the 2nd, 3rd string men.

The Chiefs then exercised their will
On hapless secondary guys.
See Richie James?  See Shane Buechele?
And don’t forget that Rashee Rice!

The backups came to play, and so
They came out strong and brought their game.
Great depth the Chiefs will have to show
When that time comes to call their name.

The Chiefs did lead, as well they should.
Buechele to Crawford made the score.
And then a Butker field goal – good! –
Gave Kansas City three points more.

The Saints still won out in the end.
A few mistakes that bit KC
Gave Saints 6 points, and yeah, and then
A field goal also gave Saints three.

These games are just to play.  That’s all.
No standings are affected yet.
But when KC will go play ball,
Our backups are a solid bet.


If you want me to make a song parody of a specific song, just request below in the comments section.  And as always, Go Chiefs!

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08/15/2023 12:53 pm

Great stuff as per your usual! Fantastic read.

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