Chiefs’ poem – “Good Memories” – 2023 NFL Preseason wk. 2 – KC 38 at AZ 10

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“Good Memories”

(A Chiefs’ poem) – 2023 NFL preseason wk. 2 – KC 38 at AZ 10


“Good Memories”

Good memories from this field.
The last time, KC won it all.
The Eagles were forced to yield
As Chiefs played championship ball.
Now back to play a lesser game
Yet wanting vict’ry all the same,
KC flew out to give their all.

Two ho-hum drives did little
But stir the dust and make some punts.
Chiefs’ corners proved their mettle
When Card’nals also scored not once.
‘Twas zip to zip, those first two drives
And fans all yawned, as did their wives,
All hoping to see some great stunts.

The third drive Pat moved the chains
With throws to Moore, Helaire, J. Moss
And MVS, with great gains,
Then scored to Watson, as a boss.
The first of many scores that day,
A touchdown toss, a sprinting play,
And Cards were primed for a loss.

Chiefs’ D was great yet again.
Nick Bolton with a needed stop
Gave Chiefs a new 1st and 10.
Buechele was now the man on top.
With yards by Jerick and by Rice
Buechele took off, did not look twice
But ran for six points, Cards to flop.

Another three and out then
For Arizona’s offense hurt.
Buechele, QB yet again,
Tossed to Rice, who ran in the dirt.
In striking distance stalled KC.
So Butker came to kick for 3
And Kansas City’s pow’r assert.

Then Arizona played prime,
A scoring drive to cut the lead.
Chiefs up by ten, then halftime.
Cards then got 3 more points, indeed.
Another field goal that they made
Cut KC’s lead again, well played.
But Chiefs would score again with speed.

Gabbert, perfect in his throws,
Scored 7 points to Smith-Marsette.
Cornell Powell, here he shows
Great hands and scores to help the set.
The final quarter now had come
A goal-line stand, the Cards went numb
‘Cause they were stuffed, Chiefs’ defense met.

Chris Oladukon was next
To lead the Chiefs in drive with score.
For Prince ran for 7 and flexed
His muscles over Card’nals sore.
This was a rout when all was done.
Chiefs up by four touchdowns and won.
Preseason has just one more.

If you want me to make a song parody of a specific song, just request below in the comments section.  And as always, Go Chiefs!

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08/21/2023 12:40 pm

These get better with each successive one. Great stuff!

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