Chiefs’ song parody – “The Final Cutdown” (to Europe’s “The Final Countdown”) – 2023 NFL Preseason Wk. 3 – KC 33 vs. CLE 32

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“The Final Cutdown”

(A Chiefs’ song parody to Europe’s “The Final Countdown”) – 2023 NFL preseason wk. 3 – KC 33 vs. CLE 32

Original song: Europe – The Final Countdown (Official Video)

“The Final Cutdown”

They’ve played all preseason but soon it’s farewell.
For some of these players have not quite excelled.
It’s sad for some guys at this time,
They’re leaving town.
But some will have earned a spot to play.

It’s the final cutdown
The final cutdown

So we just played Cleveland.  A strange, wacky game.
ISM and Perine, they both rose to fame.
Our safety J. Reid made a kick
And R. Rice dropped balls.
And Gabbert and Buechele both threw some picks.

It’s the final cutdown
The final cutdown
The final cutdown, oh-oh—
The final cutdown, oh-oh

It’s the final cutdown
Some play for new towns
And Cleveland just got browned,
It’s the final cutdown.


If you want me to make a song parody of a specific song, just request below in the comments section.  And as always, Go Chiefs!

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08/29/2023 9:33 pm

Flawless, your best yet. Bravo!

zulu trader
08/29/2023 9:10 pm

Just love it!

Your work is appreciated here

zulu trader
Reply to  zulu trader
08/29/2023 9:11 pm
08/29/2023 8:57 pm

As always, kudos to you for another masterpiece.

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