Chiefs’ poem – “Still Our Team” – The end of the KC Chiefs’ 2021-2022 season

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“Still Our Team”

(A Chiefs’ poem by 3rdnlong) – The end of the KC Chiefs 2021-2022 season


“Still Our Team”

It’s not the end we wanted, but here we are.
So close to the Lombardi, yet so far.
This Cincinnati game hurts.  I’ll admit it.
When opportunity has come a-knocking
You need to take it, or you face the mocking.
Chiefs could not go and punch that final ticket.

Despite the end that stings, it’s still our team.
Win or lose, or draw up lousy schemes,
The Chiefs will rise again, it’s in the cards.
And when they do, the Kingdom will rejoice
And like we always do, we’ll bring the noise
As Kansas City scores and gains the yards.

A long offseason has come for our pros.
Much sooner than we hoped, but so it goes.
There’s nothing gained by drowning in self-pity.
We know exactly what it takes, there’s that.
Chiefs must work hard, strengthen where they’re flat
And then the prize may come to Kansas City.

It’s still our team, and this fan isn’t hopping
Off the bandwagon when we’re not popping.
I’ve been a fan in darker years by far.
Most other teams have never even tasted
These playoff runs like ours, albeit wasted.
Those other teams have guys like Derek Carr!

So chin up, Kansas City.  We’ll return strong.
This is not KC’s miserable swan song.
We just have got to fix some issues glaring.
But when we have, watch out, ‘cause we’ll be coming.
The Chiefs will take the warpath and be humming
As KC dominates, our standard bearing.

As always, Go Chiefs!

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02/01/2022 11:45 am

Excellent! Some AG’s need to print this out and pin it to their wall.

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