Chiefs’ poem – “Baker’s Dozen” – 2021 NFL Week 18, KC 28 at DEN 24

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“Baker’s Dozen”

(A Chiefs’ poem by 3rdnlong, in honor of beating the Denver Broncos 13 times in a row) – 2021 NFL Week 18, KC 28 at DEN 24

“Baker’s Dozen”

Well, the 1st victory was in Twenty-15
Cairo’s five field goals won for the team.
The 2nd victory to overtime went
Smith to Hill tied it, two field goals were sent.

On Christmas Day, the 3rd of many more,
In this Chiefs’ rout, “Bloated Tebow” made a score.
The 4th, 2017, was quite the rumble.
Marcus Peters scored on a recovered fumble.

Mahome’s first game was up for number 5
At the very last second, Butker kicks to stay alive.
Another close game for number 6 was seen,
Down by ten in the 4th, Chiefs score 2 TDs to win.

Number 7 in 2018 was just the same,
Mahomes throws 4 TDs to win the game.
Number 8 was the scary game when Pat got injured,
Yet we still routed Denver, Matt Moore for the clincher.

Game number 9 from our Super Bowl season,
Tyreek scores twice, to give the crowd a pleasin’.
In game number 10, Kansas City gave a rout.
Scoring 43 is what the Chiefs are all about!

In number 11, the Broncos tried to hang in there
But the Chiefs held their ground, to leave as the winner.
Last month, number 12 was quite the day.
Pick-6 for Dan Sorensen showed he still can play.

And number 13, today the Baker’s Dozen,
Playing more consistent than the Vikings’ Kirk Cousins.
Melvin Gordon ran, Melvin Ingram stopped him.
A scoop-and-score by Bolton was the cherry on the topping.

Trying for top seed, the Chiefs play a reason,
Darrell Williams’ 1000 yards, first ever season.
Mahomes to Kelce for a good easy score.
McKinnon runs it in to tack on seven more.

The Baker’s Dozen game was a cardiac event.
But at the end, the Chiefs are glad how it went.
Number 13 is now in the books.
Now it’s playoff time, Chiefs are getting lots of looks.

It’s good in the standings to win 12 this year,
To be 5-1 in the West is great, I hear.
The number 1 seed may be ours for just one night,
But for the moment in the Kingdom, everything is alright.

If you want me to make a song parody of a specific song, just request below in the comments section.  And as always, Go Chiefs!

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KC Dude (A.K.A Zif)
01/08/2022 9:25 pm

Love it.

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