Winners/Losers: Super Bowl 58

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Who are the bears this week, and who are the bulls? Stock analyst Tony gives you the inside skinny!

The Chiefs had a rough season, and had a rough game overall, but we’re the new Patriots because nothing matters. Who helped secure victory, and who made it harder than necessary?


Patrick Mahomes

He had an ugly pick more worthy of Chiefs quarterbacks of 15 years ago, but otherwise was great despite facing constant pressure. He had 399 combined yards and 2 touchdowns.

His resume is now far beyond anybody else at the age of 28, even Brady. He’s now the 5th quarterback to win 3 Super Bowls, and only Brady and Montana can top his 3 Super Bowls and 2 MVPs. 

Travis Kelce

In a repeat of the greatest tight end matchup in Super Bowl history, both tight ends started slow. But why Kittle ended with just 4 yards, Kelce had a monster 2nd half, finishing with 9 catches for 93 yards.

Mecole Hardman

The return of our old friend proved pivotal. Although his 52 yard catch ended up being negated by a fumble, he also got the game winning touchdown catch. Overall he was the 2nd leading receiver with 57 yards.

Leo Chenal

He forced a fumble on the 1st drive to prevent points, which proved to be absolutely crucial. But he also made big plays throughout the game.

Trent McDuffie

Like Mahomes, he did have one negative play, a hold on what would have been a punt in OT that instead gave San Francisco a new set of downs that eventually led to a field goal. But otherwise he was dominant, including a great play where everybody else was blitzing where he saved a touchdown.

George Karlaftis and Chris Jones

They only had a half sack combined, but make no mistake they were getting pressure and making plays all day, getting 5 QB hits. Karlaftis also had hustle all day and recovered a key fumble early.

Harrison Butker

Butker was 4/4 on field goals, including a Super Bowl record 57 yarder. Special teams was the difference in the game, including Butker being perfect while the San Francisco kicker Moody missed a key extra point despite having an otherwise good game himself. It shows the value of a dependable kicker like Butker.


Offensive Line

The 49ers may have lost the game, but they won the line of scrimmage, especially on defense. Now this wasn’t surprising since their defensive front had been dominant ever since trading for Chase Young in the middle of the year, and they were missing All Pro Joe Thuney. But still you’d hope for just a little bit more from them.


Sneed is one of the key players that helped get the Chiefs to this point, but this was not a good performance by him. He got a needless 15 yard penalty by slapping a 49er, then gave up a 4th quarter touchdown to a receiver way worse than the long list of guys he dominated all season.

Isiah Pacheco

His 59 yards on 18 carries is mediocre at best, and could be written off as mainly the fault of the offensive line. But he also lost a fumble in the redzone that took points off the board, so that lands him on the losers list.

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02/12/2024 9:25 pm

Another winner: Kadarius Toney because had he played in this game, we would have lost the Super Bowl on a ridiculous dropped pass that would have gone for a game-losing pick-6. Thanks to KT for not playing in this one.

(A little of both sarcasm and hyperbole that might not actually be either.)

02/12/2024 3:58 pm

Hardman got 527 yards. Wow. He must have been playing some 9ers snaps, too, since Hatrick only had 333. (Hey…that’s halfway to 666, and the team is halfway to matching the Dark Empire’s 6 SBs. Coincidence? You decide)
57 yds total, 52 on one play. Will fix.

Leo: forced a fumble and blocked a kick. There might not be a parade without Leo.

Last edited 9 days ago by NovaChiefs
Reply to  NovaChiefs
02/12/2024 5:28 pm

Agree on Leo. He was Yuge.

I initially thought it was Danna who blocked the PAT, but it was Chenal who got the first hand on it, and then it deflected onto Danna.

Also, on Karlaftis’ hustle, the guy is like the Bizarro Frank Clark. Never gives up on a play.

02/12/2024 2:44 pm

Chiefs just uploaded this video to YouTube

02/12/2024 2:10 pm

I was focused on THREE PEAT before Bills playoff game.

THREE PEAT on 2/9/2025 in New Orleans

Reply to  gonzangkc11
02/12/2024 2:24 pm

This morning on FOXSPORTS1 undisputed show……Michael Irvin said the chance is 150% that Chiefs get to & WIN SB59 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏

Reply to  gonzangkc11
02/12/2024 2:42 pm

Irvin is a wackjob…….And I agree.

Reply to  probablyamistake
02/12/2024 5:29 pm


02/12/2024 12:52 pm

Is it me or did we give up on taking a shot at the end zone at the end of the 4th qtr?

Seems like we had enough time to throw a quick pass, which would stop the clock or end the game in a TD, but we went for the tie instead.

Team Player
Reply to  MasterChief
02/12/2024 12:56 pm

Coulda. But risk was high. Andy decided to play for OT. Agreed at the time, agree now

Reply to  Team Player
02/12/2024 12:59 pm

I was thinking we could have had a safe shot, if not wide open, throw it away and take the FG.

As it turns out, doesn’t matter and was way more exciting this way!

Reply to  MasterChief
02/12/2024 1:03 pm

but, if you get sacked or someone catches it and doesn’t make it out of bounds..etc.. stakes were too high.

Reply to  hoosierchief
02/12/2024 1:10 pm

True. Can’t argue with the results as well.

Reply to  hoosierchief
02/12/2024 1:14 pm

They did have a timeout so they didnt have to get out of bounds. But I agree. Receiver catches it and starts running sideways or something stupid and we lose.

Also the quick over the shoulder back of the endzone throws are not Mahomes speciality. Id go as far as saying thats his biggest weakness as a qb.

I told the guys i was with that had it been at the 5 not the 12 we would have attempted a play.

Team Player
Reply to  DenverDonkeyHater
02/12/2024 1:25 pm

Ball gets tipped or dropped … even with an easy recovery it’s too late.

Team Player
Reply to  Team Player
02/12/2024 1:26 pm

And with the way Creed was hiking it at Pat’s ankles all night, a bad snap was a very real possibility

Reply to  Team Player
02/12/2024 1:36 pm

His snaps sucked last night

Reply to  Team Player
02/12/2024 1:54 pm

You guys all make great points.

Reply to  Team Player
02/12/2024 1:36 pm

Stood up and held up at the goal line. Yep, shit happens.

If Butker had missed the kick, we would be really second guessing it today.

02/12/2024 11:55 am

I just hope that Hardman doesn’t pull a post-Super Bowl Skyy Moore and suddenly forget how to play the game.

Reply to  Nasrani
02/12/2024 12:45 pm

So -check me on this. With Rice showing up in the second half of the season, Hardman being what he is as a known entity and MVS showing that he can operate well in a simplified play book – how many catchers (WR or TE) do we need in the offseason?
I’m assuming Moore and Toney are gone.

Reply to  Straybrit
02/12/2024 12:57 pm

I think MVS will be gone just to save money. I think we’ll put that money toward a free agent upgrade.

Reply to  MasterChief
02/12/2024 2:29 pm

For me, I think that MVS stays (but is on very thin ice, as it were).

Ross, Moore, and Toney are all shown the door at the earliest possible opportunity.

Watson is re-signed at a vet minimum since he’s serviceable if not spectacular. (Yes, he had some drops as well, but for a good bit of the year it seemed that the offense was way out of sync.) Rice on the other side.

MVS and Rice may be WR1 and WR2 as it stands now (i.e., ahead of free agency), with Watson as WR3.

Reply to  Nasrani
02/12/2024 4:01 pm

I second this motion …

all in favor?

passed unanimously!


f’realz … only thing I’m thinkin’ is “restructure” MVS (he did NOT have a stellar year, but he IS a decent #2 or #3 (if they find another Rice in the 2024 draft) and Watson is good at and el-cheapo price

and MVS? I’d straight up tell him: you’re gonna be cut, saves $12M for team … wanna stay? give us a nice Home Team Discount (IOW: See Red and Think Super Bowl)

Last edited 9 days ago by upamtn
Team Player
Reply to  Straybrit
02/12/2024 12:58 pm

Not sold on MVS returning. So one or two

Reply to  Team Player
02/12/2024 1:00 pm

I’m thinking MVS and Toney gone, with Skyy playing for a spot in camp.

Reply to  MasterChief
02/12/2024 1:20 pm

Theres going to be an epic camp battle for the wr4 and wr5 spots. We need 2 more legitmate wrs and possibly a new gadget guy. Also one or two new rbs.

Watson, James, hardman, and moore can battle it out for those 1 or 2 remaining spots.

The lack of playmakers on this team was epically bad this year. A 33 year old TE, 2nd year 7th round RB, and a rookie 2nd round WR. The rest of them were lucky to see the field.

Its truly amazing what we accomplished when you think that our wr1 and wr2 going into the season were benched or not even active for the super bowl.

Reply to  MasterChief
02/12/2024 4:06 pm

They need to cut bait with Skyy. He got 0 snaps yesterday, so he took a roster spot for a position that has had issues and it wasn’t used.
Toney, I didn’t even see him on the sidelines. Was he there?
Watson, yes
MVS, probably
Rice, of course
Ross is more likely to fight for a roster spot than Moore, IMO

Clyde got his 2nd ring and it will be great to talk about in the RNs lounge in his new life. Good luck to the man. Thanks for the efforts.

Team Player
Reply to  NovaChiefs
02/12/2024 4:19 pm

Agreed on Skyy although who knows what the injuries did (or will do)?

Toney was inactive. As was Ross (speaking of what injuries take away)

Reply to  Team Player
02/12/2024 4:59 pm

It’s year three coming up. If year one had been blockbuster and he was slowed in Y2, hang with him. But as we know, Y1 was a 1 TD performance (granted, in the SB) and Y2 was supposed to be his blockbuster.
He may have a great career, but he isn’t going to have it here

Reply to  MasterChief
02/12/2024 4:39 pm

14 mill salary for mvs next year. Save 12 mill by cutting him. I could see an extension. Maybe.

Reply to  Straybrit
02/12/2024 5:40 pm

Clean out the WR room except for Rice. Keep Watson and Hardman as last resort (guys that know the offense) vet minimum guys.

Watson is under contract in 2024 anyway could save almost $2 million by cutting him ($150k dead), but he’s worth keeping. I’d think he’s shown enough for some team to give him a nice little contract the following year.

The only leg that Skyy has to stand on is the fact that we only save $800k by cutting him. That saving would only be enough to sign a rookie minimum guy. As much as Skyy sucks, I’m not expecting a rookie minimum to do any better.

Reply to  Tyrone
02/12/2024 9:14 pm

Hes young and cheap. Unfortunately, he doesnt seem to have much capacity to learn new skills or get better. Watching conley excel on special teams last night shows what Skyy should focus on. Making himself valuable to the team beyond just being a traditional wr. Id bring him to camp and give him one last shot.

Team Player
02/12/2024 10:36 am

Chiefs’ fans
Football fans generally

49ers and their fans

This was an all-time team that lost to another all-time team. There’s vomit all over their participation trophies at the bottom of the trash cans in their locker room because it hurts that bad.

Team Player
Reply to  Team Player
02/12/2024 10:37 am

Reminds me of the 13-3 Saints being in the same division as the 14-2 Niners. Playoffs?!?

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