Winners/Losers: Chiefs Vs Packers

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Who are the bears this week, and who are the bulls? Stock analyst Tony gives you the inside skinny!

Another tough loss, the 3rd in the last 5 games. So it’s time to give out some uncomfortable grades.


Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift was in the house, so naturally Kelce had a good game. It wasn’t a monster game by his standards, but 4 catches for 81 yards would be a great day for anyone.

Rashee Rice

Rashee Rice has quickly established himself as Mahomes’ 2nd favorite receiving target in a season where we’ve desperately needed it. This game he had 8 catches for 64 yards, including a a couple of catch and runs where the runs were tough ones fighting off defenders. He should be a staple of this offense for the foreseeable future. 

Isiah Pacheco

He got hurt early, but returned to have a big game anyway that involved multiple runs where he had to push through tackles to pick up extra yards. He finished with 18 carries for 110 yards

There was a major negative though. On the final drive he threw a punch costing the team 15 crucial yards and got himself ejected. It’s impossible to know if the Chiefs would have managed to score a touchdown on that drive if he hadn’t done that, but given that the drive ended on the Green Bay 33 it would have dramatically increased their odds.

Wayna Morris

Morris again had to step into action with Donovan Smith being injured, and on his first play he gave up sack with goal to go. But…

Regardless of what happened on that one play, he had to fill in for most of the game and wasn’t particularly noticeable. That’s a good thing for a lineman.


Marquez Valdes-Scantling

I don’t know what happened to MVS. Maybe I just overrated him last year, but he seemed to be a solid receiver. This year he just seems to never be on the same page with Mahomes. He had 2 catches for 25 yards, but in what is becoming a weekly occurrence he ruined an opportunity at a big play by not running a deep route correctly. 

With the Chiefs being able to save $12 million on the cap this offseason by cutting him, he’ll almost certainly be on another team this time next year.

Skyy Moore

At this point Skyy Moore is clearly a bust. Again he was mostly invisible, with only one catch for 5 yards. But he cost the team big on the critical penultimate drive by running a route other than the one Mahomes expected him to run, leading to a backbreaking interception.

Let’s take this opportunity to talk about the big picture a bit, starting with this tweet that really sums it up perfectly.

The Chiefs have Kelce, who’s obviously dominant, and Rice, who is emerging as a solid receiver. But outside of that they have nobody Mahomes can trust. That interception is a perfect example of why that’s so big of a problem. What is he supposed to do? Force it to Kelce and Rice the whole game and ignore everybody else? Scramble any time one of those 2 aren’t open and get beat up? Or try and trust them, but then they mess up leading to interceptions?

What’s frustrating is that we don’t need them to be Jerry Rice. We just need one more guy to step up and be competent. Be where they’re supposed to be when they’re supposed to be there. Is it too much to ask that guys who get paid millions of dollars to run routes for a living can do them reliably?

Chris Jones

It was really the defense as a whole, and to be fair a major part of it was injuries that messed up their ability to communicate what they wanted to do with each other. But the other major part was the pass rush failing to hit home, and as the star pass rusher looking to get a big contract it’s Chris Jones’ responsibility to wreck the game by himself, which he did not do.

He got a sack but it was really a coverage sack where Love went down to burn clock. If that play had happened in the 2nd quarter Love would have escaped it.

The Refs

There were lots of questionable calls and no-calls throughout the game effecting both sides, but it went into overdrive on the last Chiefs drive. Let’s go through it.

The first bad call was when Mahomes scrambled out of bounds and took a big hit. In the modern NFL quarterbacks constantly get ticky tacky roughing calls, which Mahomes seemingly never benefits from despite being the leagues biggest star. So while the hit he took was absolutely a bad call as he was in bounds, it was nice to finally get one.

Next was the Pacheco “fumble”. He was obviously down on review, but the refs called it a fumble on the field. So at least that one didn’t have an impact on the game.

After that Mahomes threw it deep to MVS, who was obviously interfered with but the refs kept the flags in their pocket.

A couple plays after that MVS got featured in another bad call, this one benefiting the Chiefs as his forward progress clearly stopped in bounds yet the refs stopped the clock anyway. 

Look, refs are human just like everybody else and have a tough job. These plays happen in a flash and they only get one shot to catch what happened. But I have never seen a drive like that were there was a horrendous call on every other play.

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12/04/2023 2:15 pm

No Andy on the loser list? Can someone please tell me why we can’t score in the red zone. We seem to move the ball fine until we get there, then bam. We have forgotten how to score TD’s. Steve brought up penalties yesterday, and he’s right. Is the team so conscious of our difficulties in the RZ that they are forcing things? It’s all about execution, so why aren’t they?

12/04/2023 1:51 pm

If I can see a bad call from my couch 2000 miles away, the refs should be able to have a guy on his couch with a direct line to the head ref so he can tell him to throw a flag or put the flag back in his pocket.

I just don’t see why that is so hard to do.

Reply to  MasterChief
12/04/2023 2:04 pm

Isn’t that why they started putting those “rules analysts” in the booth? I guess they don’t have any direct link to the refs on the field, but they should… or didn’t the (now-defunct) AAF try something like that – putting an official in the press box for a “birds-eye” view of the goings-on on the field?

Reply to  Nasrani
12/04/2023 4:22 pm

They figured this out in baseball a long time ago.

Team Player
12/04/2023 12:52 pm

In the broadcast, they quoted Spags saying it was hard to get players to wear the right cleats for that field. That discussion needs to be addressed by the team before anyone else gets hurt.

Last edited 4 months ago by Team Player
Reply to  Team Player
12/04/2023 1:24 pm

The Packers groundskeeping staff needs to address the issue too. (Unless that’s the team to which you were referring, in which case, I agree.)

12/04/2023 12:05 pm

Winners: Dolphins, Ravens, Jags. Losers: Chiefs.

Reply to  hoosierchief
12/04/2023 1:49 pm

Jags play tonight. Ravens didnt play at all.

Reply to  DenverDonkeyHater
12/04/2023 2:06 pm

All of them won because they are now hosting us in the playoffs

Reply to  NovaChiefs
12/04/2023 2:21 pm

Ravens and Jags still play and ravens and dolphins still play. So technically no.

Last edited 4 months ago by DenverDonkeyHater
Reply to  DenverDonkeyHater
12/04/2023 3:32 pm

well, we won during our bye, so they won during theirs.

12/04/2023 11:39 am

Pacheco had a killer game, both in good and bad context. His penalty wiped out most of the awesome work he did earlier. He’ll learn from it but that was awful. MVS has to go, period. Watson is pretty fast and has better hands (a lot cheaper too).Moore could be used in a more limited role but he clearly isn’t going to be what they thought they drafted. At this point, the Chiefs need to sign Ertz just to have another pair of hands that can catch. With Chris Jones and MVS likely coming off the books, we’ll have space to offer him a back loaded deal if needed.

Reply to  SuperMegaChief
12/04/2023 11:44 am

I wouldn’t spend CJ’s savings on Ertz

Reply to  NovaChiefs
12/04/2023 12:39 pm

I agree. Definitely not all of it. Hopefully not much of it would be needed.

12/04/2023 11:35 am

Look, refs are human just like everybody else and have a tough job.”

I’ve decided that the NFL has the same problem with Refs that they have with QBs. Both are very tough positions and the number of people who can do them at a high level week in and out is very small. WIth QBs, that gives you teams with clearly overmatched QBs running the show.
WIth Refs, with 32 teams, 16 games a week (more or less), the pool isn’t deep enough to get every game a top team of refs. Before replays became as good as they are now, a lot of iffy calls just went away. Now, they don’t and we can see just how lackluster the refs available are.

Reply to  NovaChiefs
12/04/2023 11:50 am

the missed PI calls didn’t require a lot of skill. just the balls to throw a flag

Reply to  hoosierchief
12/04/2023 12:41 pm

Not saying that that particular call was difficult or required skill. Hell, the entire country knew it.
The point is that this is not an isolated problem, unique to last night. Every game seems to have issues. Missed penalties, phantom calls, every game. It effects the outcome as much as a middling QB can. And now that the NFL is in full embrace of gambling, it’s going to start costing regular people money and hopefully it’s that fact that will change things.

And as to the balls to throw the flag…as I commented somewhere else, the HM play I’m ok with and get not throwing that one. Giving us the ball on the one for that shove seems a bit much, given the nature of that desperation play. The other one with MVS was totally different.

Reply to  NovaChiefs
12/04/2023 10:36 pm

If the Officials on the Field can Call a ( Team of ? ) Ref(S) in New York … Why Can’t New York Call During the Game & Say ” You Missed This egregious penalty that should have been flagged ” , If Not for the Entirety of the game Then the Last 5 Minutes of Each 1/2 Or a Coach w/ Challenges left to call for a referral ? …

Reply to  KCChef
12/04/2023 11:23 pm

No damn reason. I do not understand why penalties, at least those spot fouls or 15 yard ones are not reviewable from the booth. Not a coaches challenge, but a booth review

12/04/2023 11:10 am

one reason I’ve never liked “HisDirkness” whoever whatever he or it is … finger pointing and blaming when the guy hasn’t a clue (see above re-tweet by M Schwartz who DOES have a clue, and then some)

as for MVS: he’s no Jerry Rice and he’s overpaid, but he did make a sliding catch early on, and you can’t blame the guy on the non-call DPI late in the game that would have set up at least a FG and maybe more

Reply to  upamtn
12/04/2023 11:36 am

Raise your hand if you have any faith that MVS makes that catch without the interference but with the defender that close.

Reply to  NovaChiefs
12/04/2023 12:01 pm

comment image

Reply to  upamtn
12/04/2023 2:08 pm

Aren’t you the one always complaining about players not being worth their big contracts? He’s our highest paid WR and the least trusted. He’s gonna make a catch or two during a game, then disappear. If he does show up at the end of a game, it’s usually not in a good way. Where was he between a really good catch and the DPI no-call? Asking for a friend.

Reply to  probablyamistake
12/04/2023 2:32 pm

most def overpaid, least trusted probably Moore … agreed MVS is pretty underwhelming (where was Watson last night, not many targets for him … good to see Rice doing so well)

Reply to  upamtn
12/04/2023 2:49 pm

A rook is holding that group together. Not a good situation, but he is playing well.

Reply to  probablyamistake
12/04/2023 3:35 pm

Its pretty obvious the receiver group is the weak point in our offense and needs to be addressed if the Chiefs want to win another super bowl… may be both coaching and players.

12/04/2023 10:53 am

Uhhh … There was the DPI vs Kelce on the Hail Mary not called … Refs looked like they were checked out of that game on that last series … : (

Reply to  KCChef
12/04/2023 11:43 am

That one I’m fine with. Those things are just a scrum, anyway. They were fighting for position
Yes, it was there, but calling that would have taken courage that I doubt any ref wants to prove they have

Reply to  NovaChiefs
12/04/2023 11:47 am

The probably with that drive was the defense let the packers get multiple first downs after the int. We dont need help from the refs without that.

Reply to  DenverDonkeyHater
12/04/2023 12:43 pm

Very true.
I believe that with Tranquill in the game, the D plays much different. Cochrane did well, but it would have been different.

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