Training Camp Haikus

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“Training Camp Haikus”

 (Chiefs’ poems by 3rdnlong)  


With all the stories coming out of camp, we need a way to cover the gamut.  In addition, the ancient Japanese poetic form of haiku is underused when writing about sports players.  Therefore, my contribution this week is a collection of shorter Chiefs’ related haiku poems that cover a lot of the headlines this past week.


(Haiku for the uninitiated = 3 lines, 5 syllables on 1st, 7 syllables on 2nd, 5 syllables on 3rd)  5-7-5

“Trey Smith, Legend in the Making”

That guard is a wall.
You got him in the sixth round?!
Smith, steal of the draft

“Do that in a game please”

Thrown behind his back,
The ball still goes where Pat wants.
He’s insanely good.

“Willie Gay, our new best man”

The first year was tough.
Couldn’t get the defense down.
Now he’s picking six!

“Marcus Kemp Could Make It”

Is that our guy Kemp?
Dude, that guy is balling out.
Hope his health stays good.

“Undrafted Rookie Potential”

Mr. Devon Key
Though undrafted, turns our heads.
Maybe has a shot….

“Special Teams Guys are Football Players Too”

There goes D.O.D.
With Dieter, Ffrench, Watts, and more.
Hoping Toub likes them.

“Buyers’ Remorse?”

Bad days for O. Brown.
Letting rushers by – not good.
Come on!  Block your man!

“Cornerback Search”

Whether it’s Mike Hughes,
Ward, Fenton, Baker or Keyes,
One needs to step up.

“Jody Fortson, Odd Man Out”

Kelce is the star.
Bell and Gray will make this team,
Leaving Fortson out.

“Chris Jones is Just as Nasty On Edge”

Living on the edge
Isn’t so hard for CJ.
The man can’t be stopped!

“Phrases Andy Reid Might Say in a Press Conference”

“We’ll see how they do.”
“He’s a heck of a good coach.”
“Listen, I like him.”

If you want me to make a song parody of a specific song, just request below in the comments section.  And as always, Go Chiefs!

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Tony Sommer
Tony Sommer(@wustl_chiefs_fan)
08/06/2021 6:42 pm

My haiku haiku

This isn’t a haiku.
Wait, maybe it will be one?
No it’s not.

08/06/2021 3:08 pm

Good stuff 🙂

08/06/2021 8:06 am

Great job 3rd really enjoyed..
Can’t wait to watch the chiefs dominate.
And I love red Friday’s…

Reply to  3rdnlong
08/06/2021 12:59 pm

The CJ haiku because you created more syllables out of fewer letters.

Reply to  larch
08/06/2021 1:26 pm

Ya probably my favorite also….

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