Tony’s Picks: Week 12

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Tony tells you where to put your money for this week’s NFL games.


Last week: 8-7

Overall: 100-64-1

Home Teams (Benchmark): 80-84-1

Vegas Favorites (Benchmark): 99-65-1

This week: 15-0

Bears over Lions

I was very close to picking the Lions, as I think the Lions might very well get their first win this Thanksgiving. But, while it’s close, I do think the Bears are a bit better overall so I’ll go with them (even though the Lions would be a fun choice).

Cowboys over Raiders

The matchup of the last two teams the Chiefs dominated. The Cowboys are beat up, but they should still be better than the Raiders.

Bills over Saints

This game doesn’t seem like such a mismatch as it would have a month ago. The Bills are really starting to struggle, and they could very easily lose this game. But I think the Saints aren’t very good either so the Bills will likely win.

Buccaneers over Colts

The Colts got a surprise victory over the Bills last week, but that won’t happen against the Bucs, or is it the Buccs? Buccaneers has two c’s, but Buccs looks weird. Anyway, I’m picking the Bucks to win.

Texans over Jets

The Jets lost last week’s Toilet Bowl, and the good news for them and their draft capital is that they’ll lose Toilet Bowl 2 as well.

Eagles over Giants

Daniel Jones is terrible, while Hurts has been surprisingly competent (especially for a guy who got replace in college by Tua). The better quarterback usually wins.

Panthers over Dolphins

I’d say the Dolphins would be better off losing this game, but they foolishly traded away their 1st round pick to move up in the draft last year. 

Patriots over Titans

Ugh, this is a tough call. I’m very tempted to pick the Titans, but I think their injuries will just be too much against a competent team like the Patriots.

Steelers over Bengals

Maybe I’m a bit too optimistic with the Steelers given their injuries, but they’re a lot better than people think when healthy. The Bengals have fallen off a bit since their hot start, but if they’re as good as everybody thought they were they need to win this game to prove it.

Falcons over Jaguars

Another Toilet Bowl! While the Falcons aren’t exactly dominant, I think the Jaguars are still significantly worse, so Atlanta is the easy choice.

Chargers over Broncos

A Broncos win would be nice (although it’s not like they’re way down in the cellar either), but the Chargers may actually be legit. They’re second only to the Chiefs in strength of schedule among AFC teams currently in the playoffs, with them facing teams with a winning record on average. That’s a good indication that they’re legitimately pretty good.

Packers over Rams

The game of the week, this will go a long way to determine the pecking order in the NFC. It’s a close call, but I’ll go with Rodgers at home.

49ers over Vikings

Both of these teams have been hot lately and are competing for one of the NFC wildcard spots. The winner of this likely gets in while the loser may be watching the wildcard round from home.

Ravens over Browns

The Browns have been a bit weaker than people thought coming into the year, while the Ravens have won a ton of close games and aren’t as good as their 7-3 record makes them appear. I’m going to go with the Ravens, but I wouldn’t be shocked with a Cleveland victory.

Seahawks over Football Team

Maybe I’m stubborn, Washington is actually favored, but I just can’t justify picking against Russell Wilson when he’s facing a bad team ( a bad Football Team if you will).


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11/24/2021 5:41 pm

Washington’s been surprising me the last few weeks. I think Ron Rivera is finally seeing fruits from his methods.

11/24/2021 12:44 pm

I still say the Broncos have a good chance of winning – Chargers struggle against the run which is what Denver wants to do. Bridgewater can have decent games and the Bronco defense could pester Herbert.

Denver 24 Chargers 21

11/24/2021 11:17 am

Picks look good, maybe we get lucky with a chargers loss.. football gods have been good to us lately… chiefs!!!!!!

Reply to  rip58
11/24/2021 11:22 am

So if Denver loses that game, do they flex the Chiefs game back???!!!

Reply to  hoosierchief
11/24/2021 11:31 am

I’m thinking no, chiefs a major draw for the networks. They probably wish we had every remaining game on prime time..

Reply to  rip58
11/24/2021 12:25 pm

I’ll take the 4:30 games rather than the ones that go till Midnight!

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