The Doldrums

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The Doldrums

 (A poem by 3rdnlong)


The league is in the doldrums in the spring,
The “winter” of our season is occurring,
Fans scour the net for morsels of their team,
Like what undrafted rookie is a sure thing.

The Kingdom of the Chiefs is little different.
We hunger sore for training information.
We hope to hear some Chiefs’-related content.
The slightest clip fills us with some elation.

And yet, Big Red is cooking up some wrinkles,
New plays to use on offense and on defense
With unexpected twists, lib’rally sprinkled,
So rival teams will fall behind, in sequence.

And our QB and team will start to work soon,
The drills that will pay off when football matters.
The OTAs, each morning, night and mid-noon,
Will lift the Chiefs up power rankings’ ladder.

We yearn to see Tyreek and Travis Kelce,
And how our new offensive line protects.
We wonder which receiver, who like jelly,
Will stick the z-position; who projects.

We fantasize about our new, green rookies
And how they’ll show their skills and make the team
So greater, stronger, even that the bookies
Will bet on us and cash in on the green.

But all those days are too long in the future.
And right now we all languish in the spring.
September can’t approach us any slower.
We’re tired of hearing gen’rally nothing.

So hold on, fellow fans throughout the Kingdom.
The long offseason will be done someday.
And then, it’s Showtime, and his guys with bling on,
Who wear Chiefs’ red and come on out to play.

And when that happens, we will be ecstatic!
The doldrums of this long offseason gone.
To see our offense play, like automatic!
To watch our defense stifle everyone!

We have our eyes on bringing back a trophy,
A silver-colored championship display.
We’ll take it back, that stolen, lost Lombardi
And let’s just say, the Bucs will have to pay.

For when these doldrums are already over,
And it’s time to dominate once more,
The Bucs will feel like they are too hungover,
And Kansas City leaps ahead in scores!

Until that time, we wait in dull frustration.
September cannot get here soon enough.
When KC plays for real, it’s no vacation.
We’re going to “Take it Back,” ’cause we’re that tough.

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zulu trader
zulu trader(@zulu-trader)
05/26/2021 2:37 pm

Goddamn man, you’re talented. Didn’t realize we had someone like you around.

This was great!

05/25/2021 10:43 am

I hadn’t found this. This is excellent!

05/20/2021 10:57 pm

September cannot get here soon enough” – so true, especially with the promise these Chiefs show. On the other hand, there’s so much outdoor work to get done around here during the warmer months that I am reluctant to wish time away. So, meanwhile, let’s enjoy every little tidbit and nuance of the off-season. I just learned something from reading CBO’s piece on Frank Clark, namely: the name of the OLB Coach, Flajole, hired by the Chiefs. Surely there’s an article there if someone’s willing. I can always follow the link to the mothership and find out more but I’d also be interested to read what AG folks think about this. Good stuff, 3rd, this poem describes well the frustrations of the off-season.

Reply to  3rdnlong
05/21/2021 7:36 am

Yeah, there’s been discussion in Tony’s AG’s future OT about fanposts: how to make them more prominent and get more readers, how to get more people to submit fanposts. That’s a bit of a chicken and egg proposition, but I think that the more folks contribute their own fanposts then the more that section of AG will be read. Now, many come to AG for quick Chiefs updates and for them fanposts are irrelevant UNLESS THEY HAVE FOOTBALL CONTENT (but not necessarily), and that’s okay. But, like BRaG has said: write about what interests you, it might be surprising how many others have a similar interest and will throw out a comment or two. Don’t know till you try.

Reply to  larch
05/25/2021 10:47 am

It’s easy enough to promote stuff to the front page. That was quality writing.

Reply to  larch
05/25/2021 10:45 am

I might be able to do that.

05/20/2021 7:00 pm


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