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2020 Free Agents

Terrell Suggs OLB 37 KC TBD $5,000,000 UFA
Cameron Erving T 28 KC $4,139,610 CO
Chad Henne QB 35 KC TBD $3,350,000 UFA
LeSean McCoy RB 32 KC TBD $3,000,000 UFA
Damien Wilson OLB 27 KC $2,875,000 CO
Darron Lee ILB 25 KC TBD $2,555,412 UFA
Damien Williams RB 28 KC $2,550,000 CO
Xavier Williams DT 28 KC TBD $2,525,000 UFA
Jordan Lucas S 27 KC TBD $2,025,000 UFA
Morris Claiborne CB 30 KC TBD $2,000,000 UFA
Bashaud Breeland CB 28 KC TBD $2,000,000 UFA
Emmanuel Ogbah DE 26 KC TBD $1,652,410 UFA
Chris Jones DE 26 KC TBD $1,557,807 UFA
Reggie Ragland ILB 26 KC TBD $1,460,343 UFA
Matt Moore QB 36 KC TBD $1,030,000 UFA
Anthony Sherman FB 31 KC TBD $1,020,000 UFA
Stefen Wisniewski C 31 KC TBD $930,000 UFA
Blake Bell TE 29 KC TBD $895,000 UFA
Keith Reaser CB 29 KC TBD $820,000 UFA
Mike Pennel DE 29 KC TBD $805,000 UFA
Spencer Ware RB 28 KC TBD $805,000 UFA
Kendall Fuller CB 25 KC TBD $780,856 UFA
Demarcus Robinson WR 25 KC TBD $714,293 UFA
Marcus Kemp WR 25 KC TBD $570,000 ERFA
Andrew Wylie T 26 KC TBD $525,000 ERFA
Deon Yelder TE 25 KC TBD $525,000 ERFA
David Wells TE 25 KC TBD $495,000 ERFA





Superbowl LIV was the destination Chiefs fans had been hoping for. After years of inadequacy the Coach, Players and Planets aligned.  Many fans including myself are now hoping for a journey back to the promised land and conversations of “dynasty” to begin.


PMII is well deserved for a new contract, and this must happen. Generational talent in Chris Jones must have every attempt made to keep him here.  With a whopping projected *$13.7 mil of cap space projected, some things need to happen.  Lets not forget we have several players that are club option, and 24 looming free agents that are going to leave empty shoes to fill.   *taken from Over the cap

There are obvious and not so obvious answers.  Due to the Chiefs recent Championship, we can hope NFL vets will come play in for KC on the cheap.  In an effort to acquire the elusive Superbowl ring and make a case for a gold jacket.  This may happen with 1 or 2 players.  New England has been able to succeed to this point for year.  Corey Dillon, Randy Moss, and Rodney Harrison to name a few…


Ah, the draft will fill up the spots?  If the selections prove to be capable. Veach has done well so far. The Chiefs currently have 5 draft picks.  That can change with trade downs, or trading current players for picks. Like tagging Chris Jones in exchange for a couple of  First’s and even more IMO.  (Really hoping this does not happen).  I feel CJ is a commodity and key ingredient to reach that dynasty status.


Veach is now on the clock.  How many of these players can the club afford to sign? Certainly he will have to trim some fat!  I believe he will identify and keep the core players. Fill the rest of the roster with value in mind. Cheap with some risk but possible reward.


The following is a list of players that are potentially expendable.  Some are good players but are not necessarily a good value.


Player                                       Due                              Dead Money

Austin Reiter                         2,758,334                    333,334

LDT                                        8,937,500                    4,000,000

Sammy Watkins                  21,000,000                  7,000,000

Dustin Colquitt                     2,650,000                    650,000

Reggie Ragland                    1246551                      50,000

Alex Okafor                            6,971,875                    4,000,000

Cam Erving                            4,681,668                    0

Daniel Sorenson                    4,750,000                    1,000,000


From this list:

Reiter is average and replaceable.


LDT is not the greatest but he is good protection for Mahomes. 5 mil in savings is tantalizing.


Sammy Watkins seems to be the sure thing to get a new contract or save the team 14 mil. He was clutch in the playoffs, but often times disappeared in the regular season. There are free agent options and promise of Hardman on the horizon.


Dustin is legend, but thats a lot of dough for a punter who is not really needed much to flip the field.


Reggie Ragland does not appear to fit in this Defense.  I contest a more versatile linebacker acquisition would negate the need for Reggie AND Sorenson. 5 mil in savings.

Okafor may be the only one on this list that may offer some value.  3 mil in savings is not worth giving up a pass rusher.  He is not elite by any stretch, but can stain a QBs uniform. I would keep him.  His torn pec muscle won’t hold him back next year.


Cam Erving offers a 4.7 mil savings.  His play left much to be desired in 2019.  With zero dead money, I expect he will be gone.


All of this is going to make for an interesting off season.  Some of the above answers will have to happen.  Of course with a new CBA brewing,  the tough choices may not be tough at all.

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02/21/2020 7:47 pm

BTW: great user name, so appropriate now! Maybe you had a dream of things to come?

02/21/2020 5:32 pm

CJ95 ya gotta keep. Reminds me of Reggie White and Vince Wilfork, not necessarily in playing style but in impact. The doc may be a little expensive but I’d hate to see him go (my only Chiefs #’d gear, he’ll always be a SB champ if they do move on from him.) Reiter: maybe Allegretti is ready to take over, that’s a Reid and Veach call. Buhbye Cam, you filled a role but Martinas is knocking at the door. Sign Pennel, Ogbah and Fuller. Let Sammy go, sad there too but if we keep CJ then the reality is. Pringle, looking at you to step up. Beyond that my head starts to spin.

Anthony Stratton
02/20/2020 7:30 pm

Good post man, lotta big decisions coming up with this roster and only 5 draft picks.

Reply to  Anthony Stratton
02/21/2020 5:22 pm


02/20/2020 6:00 pm

We need to upgrade the line but letting two starters and our primary backup go is not probably realistic.

Reply to  4thQtrMagic
02/20/2020 7:59 pm

I would hate to completely overhaul the interior of the OLine though. Letting 1 walk, maybe. Not 2.

Reply to  4thQtrMagic
02/21/2020 5:37 am

I am also glad I am not in his shoes. I think compiling this upcoming roster and the deals he makes will go a long ways to determining if we are going to be heading back to the Super Bowl or not.

02/20/2020 3:13 pm

Nice post. It will certainly be an interesting postseason.

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