Rest In Peace, Lenny

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Y’all know my Chiefs fandom background, how I grew up a Vikings fan who never really knew about him, then unexpectedly became a Chiefs fan. The thing is, thinking today’s tragic turn of events over, it occurred to me that since I adopted this team, it was so obvious that Len Dawson was intrinsic to the team that I never thought about it otherwise. He was the living legend of the Kingdom, and yet a real person and class act.

If one of his bucket-list hopes was that we’d find a player to carry on his legacy, I’d say that he knew it was covered. Rest in peace, Lenny, you stayed cool all the way.

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08/25/2022 10:02 am

We (older Chiefs fans) were lucky enough to have watched and pulled for three of the pivotal characters in AFL history. Lamar Hunt, Hank Stram, and of course Len Dawson. Take any one of them away, and there is no telling what not only Chiefs history would look like, but what the history of the entire NFL would look like.
And that’s why, as good as Andy and Patrick are, as solid an owner as the Hunts remain, Lamar, Hank, and Lenny will always be the best we’ve ever had.

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