Rashee Rice: The Past Catches Up to the Future

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A few days ago the Rashee Rice story began to get more and more interesting, as accounts of some “possible issues” at SMU began to surface, and the picture is now becoming (almost) crystal clear, which is more than can be said of his future with the Chiefs and even the league.

First there was The Crash in Dallas, where Rice and some friends were racing at 115 MPH on a Dallas freeway.  A couple of people were injured (thankfully nothing worse), but Rice and his friends walked away from the incident as if it was nothing.  In his Corvette (that he claimed he was not driving) some weed and his Chiefs playbook were found by local authorities.  Rice himself said he was driving a rented Lamborghini.  Stemming from all that, Rice faces multiple (8) felony charges, a lawsuit or two and some hefty legal fees, not to mention possible jail time.

The Nightclub incident:  and while Rice hasn’t (yet) been charged, it’s still rather telling that he’s out at a nightclub with friends at 2 AM to begin with.

Then it gets even more interesting:  account have surfaced that, prior to the 2023 NFL Draft, at least one team back completely away from Rice, despite his physical talent, with one scout saying that “he’s not a good dude” … and Albert Breer stating unequivocally that “if one team has background info on a player, every team has the same information.”



The Original Tweet:



The Followup:

Rashee Rice warning sent to unnamed NFL team before 2023 Draft described him as ‘not a good dude’ – with Chiefs star now a suspect in assault probe after car crash arrest | Daily Mail


NFL teams were warned about Rashee Rice as an unnamed executive described the Chiefs wide receiver as ‘not a good dude’ amid his recent legal troubles, including an assault probe and his arrest in a multi-car crash.

According to longtime sportswriter Bob McGinn, best known for his 38-year tenure covering the Green Bay Packers for the Green Bay Press-Gazette and the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, an NFL personnel director wasn’t impressed with Rice’s attitude before the 2023 NFL Draft.

‘He’s talented, but not a good dude,’ the executive said.

McGinn even categorized the 24-year-old wideout under his ‘Scouts’ Nightmare’ section in his draft report.



A scout’s nightmare?  That doesn’t sound good, but let’s look at McGinn’s piece:  you have to scroll down a ways to find it …

Part 1, WR/TE: Hallelujah, it’s the Year of the Tight End | Go Long



Rashee Rice, WR, Southern Methodist: Has the size (6-0 ½, 205), speed (4.42), athletic ability (41-inch vertical jump) and production (233 receptions, 25 touchdowns) to be a high draft choice. At least one team, however, has removed him from its draft board because of behavioral issues. “He’s talented, but not a good dude,” one personnel director said.



Albert Breer chimes in:

Chiefs WR Rashee Rice’s ‘Nightmare’ Draft Report Turns Heads | Heavy

Chiefs WR Rashee Rice’s ‘Nightmare’ Draft Report Turns Heads

Fans and analysts strongly reacted to McGinn’s harsh assessment. The Athletic’s Dan Duggan posted, “Sure this was decried as being wrong to report about a draft prospect at the time. It’s definitely a fine line to anonymously quote people making critical comments like this. But the objective is to inform, even if that means reporting negative info.

“And just to be clear, reports like this don’t cause players’ stocks to drop. The players drop because the teams are aware of the character concerns, whether they’re reported or not.”




And now it gets even juicier:  the background story that (most likely) made one (or more) NFL GM decide that Rice wasn’t worth any kind of risk drafting:  when Rice was at SMU, he apparently thought that an SMU basketball player, Kendric Davis, was seeing his girlfriend.

Previously unreported SMU incident could impact NFL discipline of Rashee Rice | PFT


Per multiple sources, multiple teams learned during the pre-draft process about an alleged incident involving Rice while he was at SMU. Rice believed former SMU basketball player Kendric Davis was seeing Rice’s girlfriend. Rice and some of his friends, per the specific information gathered by at least one team, went to an SMU basketball game. Rice (or someone with him), per the specific information gathered by at least one team, fired multiple bullets into the empty car belonging to Kendric Davis.

Multiple sources expressed a belief that every team was aware of the incident before the draft, including the Chiefs. Kansas City drafted Rice in round two. He was the fifty-fifth overall selection.



Go ahead, take a close look at Rice’s mugshot.  Look very closely and you can see a tattoo on his neck:  BADLAND7 or perhaps BADLANDZ … that wasn’t there on his team pictures, and in all likelihood wasn’t there when he visited and worked out the Chiefs.

In fact, a photo of Rice before The Crash showed no tat whatsoever …

Of course, a tattoo in and of itself is nothing.

A history of shooting at (or being with friends who shot at) a guy’s car (even empty) is something, and not a good something.

A not-good-something that the Chiefs had to know about before the draft.  They drafted him anyway.


And, as per the PFT post:

The incident could become relevant to the NFL, if/when it imposes discipline on Rice under the Personal Conduct Policy. The policy states that “[p]layers with a prior history of misconduct, including misconduct occurring prior to their association with the NFL, will be subject to enhanced and/or expedited discipline.”


The NFL will suspend him, perhaps for the season given all the “new” background information.  And the Chiefs will most likely cut him.



Then there’s the same story with a bit of opinion:

Rashee Rice’s SMU Skeletons Surface Amid Recent Arrests, May Impact NFL Discipline | OutKick


The SMU campus and athletic department officials who undoubtedly knew about the alleged incident involving Rice while at SMU may have thought they were helping Rice, if they indeed did cover up his actions to protect the program and help his future.

This is often what schools and sometimes local police departments do when a star athlete gets in trouble.

“We don’t want to hurt his future,” they’ll say.

But they instead do hurt his future by not making him see the error of his ways in the present.

This happened with star running back Derrius Guice while he was at LSU. LSU officials looked the other way from sexual assault accusations against Guice. And Guice’s past came back to ruin his NFL career after being picked – also in the second round by Washington – after a first-round career at LSU. Like Rice before the 2023 draft, there were rumors swirling and mysterious information flowing about Guice before the 2018 draft. Guice went 59th to Washington.

Guice is to blame for his failed NFL career, but so in part is LSU.


I, for one, completely agree:  protecting college students by burying their past isn’t helpful, it’s harmful:  to the students, and at times to the general public.

… and I can almost hear the conversation:

Andy Reid:  “Rashee, I hope you learn from all this.  And when you get out of jail, be assured that the team will be here.  You won’t, but we will.  Good luck, son!”

And that’s as it should be.


NOTE:  The views and opinions expressed in this post are solely that of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views  or opinions of this website.

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05/12/2024 9:28 am

Public opinion rushes to judgement but justice grinds slowly. We at least know some facts about the speeding/accident because there is video, photos and charges filed. But a lot of the rest is just speculation and I’m reserving my judgement.
For example, what do we really know about the assault at the club? Not much – basically something happened but there are wildly differing (anonymously sourced) quotes about what it was.

As for the “Scouts’ Nightmare” it is a report citing a single NFL “personnel director” who characterizes Rice as “…not a good dude”.

The shooting incident was reported by that paragon of fact-based journalism, Mike Florio. Florio cites “…specific information by at least one team” about the incident and that multiple teams knew about that information. But Florio doesn’t say anything about who witnessed the incident or who, even if it did happen, fired a gun. The incident was never reported to police as far as anyone knows. And “An SMU spokesperson had no comment on the situation.” Note, he did not quote the spokesperson as saying, “No comment”. Meaning he could have just not responded or he didn’t know what Florio was talking about.

And what on earth does Rice’s neck tattoo have to do with anything? Why would anyone speculate about its meaning without asking Rice about it. I looked around a little bit and it seems to me he got the tattoo around November 2023. His Instagram page:

1″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener nofollow ugc”>

I certainly can’t tell you what “Badlandz” means to Rice but I fail to see its relevance to the context of this article.

Look, maybe you’re right about everything but for me, if you are going to say that someone fired a gun into a car in a dispute over a girl you’d better bring better receipts than: someone told someone that Rice was at a basketball game and, no one knows specifically, but Rice or someone else fired a gun even though SMU may not have heard of it and the police certainly haven’t heard of it…

Rice needs to face, and atone for, any wrongs that he has done but I find it a bridge to far to imply that institutions, including SMU, the police/legal system and society in general have failed him by going too easy on him.

Reply to  cotton_don
05/12/2024 9:30 am

Sorry about the appearance of the above, I’m not savvy about posting a link to Instagram…

05/11/2024 5:19 pm

You’re full of it.
Ok, that’s out of the way.
Well done. Solid, good read.
Terrible story, but good read

05/11/2024 3:04 pm

Wow. This guy has a history of bad choices. I am beginning to worry and get some Aaron Hernandez vibes.

Reply to  NHChiefsfan
05/11/2024 3:49 pm

What in the actual …. are you talking about?

Reply to  probablyamistake
05/11/2024 4:16 pm

Look it up. The guy is dead now. Former Patriot, couldn’t stay out of trouble. Talented as hell but hung around with a bad crowd and had a checkered history just like Rice.

Reply to  NHChiefsfan
05/11/2024 5:20 pm

Please let it not be that bad

Severely Concussed
05/11/2024 1:39 pm
Team Player
05/11/2024 12:51 pm

I’m not sure I follow the relevance of his tattoo. Is it the tattoo that proves he is a bad person or would it actually be a sign of strong moral fiber if it said “Goodlandz”?

Team Player
Reply to  upamtn
05/11/2024 2:09 pm

You don’t let long haired freaky hippies into your kid’s life.

As long as we are just comparing sartorial choices of the young and have no shame in making assumptions based on stereotypes

Reply to  Team Player
05/11/2024 5:46 pm

I tried to find a meaning for “Badlandz”, with and without the 7, and came up empty.
I don’t have tattoos, and was once called out here for daring to ask the significance of a tattoo, being told I was crossing some unknown line for even asking.
My thought is:
1) That had to hurt, even more than a “regular” tattoo
2) If you are going through that, and will be wearing it for the rest of your life, it probably means something. However, given his choices so far, might just be a total whim.
3) I have no idea of what it might mean, if it’s akin to “Blood” vs “Crip”, nor if tattoos on the neck mean something different than tattoos on the arm. To me, it’s as foreign as handkerchief in rt pocket vs left in the 80s. Never could follow that.
“Badlandz” seems more likely to have meaning than, say, a skull or chain. So while I don’t know the meaning, I’m sure it has some, at least to him. Given what we know, it’s unlikely he’s a big Springsteen fan, but he could be. However, the appearance of it in the past year, when he’s made at least two highly questionable choices, does allow it to be at least asked about.

Tony Sommer
05/11/2024 12:13 pm

Fantastic article Ups! A great summary of what’s going on.

Personally I don’t agree that the Chiefs will cut him. Clearly that draft report was right that he’s not a good person, but plenty of bad people have enjoyed lucrative NFL careers.

He will get a significant suspension, probably most of the regular season, but unless the photographer incident has legs he’ll be back and playing like nothing happened.

05/11/2024 11:03 am

Well it looks like you’ve made up your mind. Personally it sickens me how quickly people turn on others based solely on what someone else said. Innocent until proven guilty is a relic of the past

Reply to  Leaf
05/11/2024 11:58 am

Walks Like a Duck , Talks Like a Duck … It Must Be A Cow ?! … ; )

Reply to  KCChef
05/11/2024 12:08 pm

I could use the same argument to point out all the inconsistencies to the stories to say all of them are completely fabricated, sans the car crash. But that would be just as bad of a snap judgment as saying he has to be a bad egg.

Reply to  upamtn
05/11/2024 1:04 pm

There’s video of the incident. I do wish you would stop comparing Rice to Carter though. Fortunately no one was killed, but you keep trying to make a comparison. And the “bad guy” report? I don’t know Rice and neither does anyone else, either here or the pundits looking for clicks.

Reply to  upamtn
05/11/2024 1:41 pm

“We as a society”? What society? If there is one in this country it’s barely recognizable.

Team Player
Reply to  probablyamistake
05/11/2024 2:10 pm

There’s MY society and yours. Stay over there please.

Reply to  Team Player
05/11/2024 3:48 pm

comment image

Reply to  Leaf
05/11/2024 3:07 pm

Once is a mistake. Twice is a coincidence. Three times is a pattern.

Team Player
Reply to  NHChiefsfan
05/11/2024 6:32 pm

Right now we have once

and two rumors repeated constantly but all back to the original two sources.

May be a lot. May be nothing. But trial by gossip is not for me.

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