With Rashee Rice Unable To Stay Out Of Trouble, What Receiver Options Are Still Available?

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With Rice already being in serious trouble with his car wreck, which the Chiefs apparently believe will lead to him being suspended at least half the season, this new allegation has fans exasperated. It is clear (if it wasn’t already) that the Chiefs need to add a veteran receiver while Rice figures out how to be an adult. Here are some of the options still available:

Michael Thomas: Thomas used to be one of the top receivers in the NFL, but he has only played in 20 games in the past 4 seasons. While he’s not nearly as good as he was back then, when he is on the field he can still give solid production. He averaged 44.8 yards per game in 10 games last season, which is a 760 yard pace for a full 17 game season. His recent injury history would be the biggest concern, but if Rice is expected to return later in the season that would be an acceptable risk to take.

Hunter Renfrow: The Royals signed the baseball Hunter Renfroe, so why not bring the football version to Kansas City? It looked like the Raiders has struck gold in Renfrow after 2021, where he built off a couple 600 yard seasons to have over 1,000 yards receiving and make the Pro Bowl. But since then he has been closer to his 5th round potential, gaining less than 600 receiving yards in the past two seasons combined. This is a signing where Veach would need to take a major hit of hopium before calling up his agent.

Zay Jones: Jones was a bit of a bust as a 2nd round pick. He bounced around the league not doing much until landing in Jacksonville in 2022, where he had a career year with 823 receiving yards. His 2023 season wasn’t as good, but he put up a decent per-game average of 35.7 yards considering he was battling a PCL injury all season. He would be a very solid option.

Marquez Valdez-Scantling: MVS is still a free agent, despite flirting a bit with the Chargers. He has had an up-and-down career, alternating between solid 690 yard seasons and disappointing seasons around 400 yards. With last year being a disappointing season, that would indicate that in 2024 he is due for a good year (this is the high level analytics you can only find on Arrowhead Guys). The other appeal is, of course, that he knows the system and he’s a known quantity. Not to mention that he seemed to finally remember how to play the position in the playoffs.

A Wildcard?: Even sin arroz the Chiefs receiver group really isn’t all that bad. I’d say it is better than last year with the additions of Worthy and Brown. So perhaps the Chiefs use the opportunity to take a little bit of a risk. Friend of AG Garry Hamilton had an interesting idea:

Full text: In light of Rashee Rice’s most recent incident, the Chiefs probably will need to bring in another WR. Something worth considering – Offering a trade to Miami for WR Erik Ezukanma. He was a 4th round pick a couple years ago out of Texas Tech. 6-2 200 lbs. Decent speed. KC had him in for a pre draft visit a couple years ago. He can’t get on the field in Miami. Something to think about.

It’s certainly an interesting idea, and like with Renfrow would require a bit of hopium as Ezukanma has 1 career catch in two seasons. But it is also true the the Dolphins have a great receiver rom where someone like Ezukanma may have never gotten a real opportunity. The Chiefs would certainly be able to acquire him for very little cost, and here he would be given an opportunity to get on the field. This may even be something they do in combination with other moves, as he would be so inexpensive.

What do you want to see the Chiefs do at receiver?

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05/08/2024 5:18 pm

I would also be looking at guys who are cut during training camp. Sure, they would have significantly less time to learn the playbook, but that’s still an option as well.

Team Player
05/08/2024 5:11 pm

Upvote for ‘sin arroz’

Reply to  Team Player
05/08/2024 6:16 pm

I had to google that when I saw it. Upvoted as well.

05/08/2024 1:10 pm

Sammy Watkins
Albert Wilson
Tony Gonzalez

On serious note:
Hunter Renfrow
Mecole Hardman

Reply to  gonzangkc11
05/08/2024 1:36 pm

you forgot Carlos Carson and Stephone Paige and Eddie Kennison

Reply to  gonzangkc11
05/08/2024 2:15 pm

Forgot about Hardman. Wouldn’t bother me to bring him back.

Reply to  gonzangkc11
05/08/2024 2:18 pm

I think Hardman or MVS is the easy, stop-gap answer. If the Chiefs really don’t want those guys, then any veteran could fill in until Rice is back on the menu.

Reply to  MasterChief
05/08/2024 5:25 pm

Think we have some options in house, but fuck Rice….

05/08/2024 11:12 am

I’d Kick The Tires On This Guy First … Since He’s Already in the Building … ; )

05/08/2024 10:52 am

I’d still like to see MVS back … we need all the hyphenated-name guys we can get

for real though: the Playoff MVS was pretty decent AND he already knows Reid’s terminology and playbook, etc

we MIGHT see a trade (but I doubt it with most of the league’s teams conspiring against us cuz we’re just too good)

doesn’t seem like there are too many great options available right now … maybe wait til OTA’s are done, see who does what in practice and hope the Moore and/or Toney get it together … and THEN see about a FA?

we shall see … but it’s clear that Rice is costing himself and the team dearly for his actions

05/08/2024 10:51 am

Trade for a scrub? We have enough scrubs hangin around here. 😎

Reply to  probablyamistake
05/08/2024 10:53 am

need soap?

05/08/2024 10:32 am

Michael Thomas

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