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I can get used to Baker Mayfield  being in Tampa Bay. (Better than the washed up has been that was there…ahem)….but I could NOT get used to him as a Panther or a Ram.  I also can never place who the Brown’s new QB is. I know it’s Deshaun Watson but I was so used to Baker Mayfield that it’s hard for me to place a diff QB with them. I ABSO cannot get on board with Aaron Rodgers being a Jets QB…..I also cannot get on board with Derek Carr being with any other team but the LV Raiders, even tho it was necessary.  Speaking of LV Raiders while we’re here…I STILL CANNOT get on board the Raiders being the Las Vegas Raiders. OAKLAND…but….I will just have to get used to it since their stadium is jinxed by the KC Chiefs flag that is buried underneath. .  I would like to know what everybody thinks about Jared Goff and Josh Allen.  I also believe Russell Wilson and Joe Burrow are both overrated. Neither of them are playing their worth. Back to the Browns, they are on fire this year thus far…(including pre-season, which I know doesn’t matter but just for statistic purposes)…I’m curious to see how Kansas City does. Idk if as fans we’re putting too much pressure  on them to win SB 58 because of Derrick Thomas’s jersey number or what’s going on. But we’re not looking good. I know it’s one game…but (and this is an ONLY ME thing)…I feel like pre-season paves the way and even tho we won 2 out of the 3 games, idk, something didn’t set right with me. Probably because we lost against the Saints and that doesn’t sit well with me because at the end of the day, that’s Derek Carr…..I’m personally not used to losing against him. (But good on you, Carr)… Anywho, these are obviously just my opinions and observations….comment with your thoughts. Please no bashing.

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09/18/2023 9:18 pm

I agree with a lot of this (a week late. Sorry). The Pre-season was very disjointed, even when the #1s were in. Felt off the whole time. And what do you know? So did the first game. And now…the second game. Yeah we won, but that didn’t feel good.
The Raiders belong in Oakland
The Chargers in SD
Rodgers belongs…well, I really don’t care about him. He’s the best bad QB I’ve ever seen. Super stats that don’t matter, year after year. I wouldn’t want him, even if we didn’t have PM (and I shudder to think about that)
Namath looked wrong as a Ram, Unitas as a Charger. Some guys just belong with a team after a while. Watson is just wrong.

09/12/2023 10:59 pm

Interesting thoughts … at least you don’t have to think about Rodgers with the Jets, for this season anyway

Baker Mayfield? Did he sell his house in Cleveland?

Despite one of the worst games ever vs Jets, I still think Josh Allen is one hella good QB and athlete, Joe Burrow isn’t an athlete and we’ll see how Cin does

Niners and Dolphins are legit, Broncos Chargers and Raiders are not … absolutely not concerned about losing to Lions and Chiefs will make it up in Jax … also I think they should have stuck with 4 preseason games and 16 regular season, and starters should play more before regular season begins

and Goff isn’t terrible, esp with a decent team

09/12/2023 6:43 pm

with some editing, it could be a feature article

09/12/2023 8:52 am

Goff seems to be a better QB than he was given credit for, as the Lions are no longer languishing cellar-dwellers. As for Stafford, well, the Rams have tanked recently.

You’re right about Wilson. He’s a shadow (at best) of who he used to be. Agreed that it’s weird to see Carr anywhere but OakVegas (I still can’t get used to their new city either, as when they were at Oakland that lent itself to calling them “Chokeland” for their uncanny ability to, well, choke).

As for the Chiefs, well, I think the ship will be righted soon enough. We went 1-5 one year and wound up winning the division. While I hope things aren’t that drastic, this seems to be an instance of the Chiefs beating themselves rather than the Lions beating the Chiefs. It was a fluky play that allowed Detroit to win that game, otherwise our defense held one of the league’s more resurgent offenses to 14 points.

Great writeup, and hoping for more!

09/11/2023 9:54 pm

I still think of Goff as a Rams’ QB and not a Lions’ QB.
Burrow (Burro?) is overrated. Agreed.
Wherever the Raiders play, I hate them regardless.

I think we will right the ship and get back to the playoffs. Maybe a Super Bowl too. I’m reminded of dynasty Patriots who would lose the 1st few games and then go on the rise only to peak in the playoffs. Meanwhile, other teams began hot and then faded out. I’m hoping it’s all part of the plan.

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