Chiefs’ poem – “Back to Basics” – 2023 NFL wk. 2 – KC at JAX

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“Back to Basics”

(A Chiefs’ poem – 2023 NFL regular season wk. 2 – KC at JAX


“Back to Basics”

Heading on down to the Florida sun.
Hot as blazes when you’re on the run.
Kansas City must climb out of their hole.
Jacksonville is next.  It won’t be dull.

Trevor Lawrence seems to have the right touch.
His team is hungry, they want to win much.
They want to beat Chiefs in this rematch,
Getting revenge, a victory to snatch.

They’re one and oh, and KC’s oh and one.
To pull this win out, Chiefs have to get it done.
‘Cause Jags are not the only hungry team.
KC is too, and we’re gonna play mean.

Kelce is back.  Chris Jones is too.
Limited in practice, but what can you do.
Missing training camp, that’s what you expect.
Not in football shape.  He’ll probably get wrecked.

Kadarius Toney has faced a lot of heat.
You can tell he’s wanting to not repeat
That drop-ball game that happened last time.
But he’s practiced hard.  He’s gonna be prime.

Jawaan Taylor has for all of his years
Lined up with his head in line with center’s rear.
But now the league has a new threatening tale.
The refs are going to put their thumb on the scale.

Cracking down on legal lineups like Taylor’s,
The refs will call foul, just like cursing sailors.
Make no mistake – it’s just the league’s scheme –
They outlaw what benefits this Chiefs’ team.

Mahomes can still pull rabbits from his hat.
He’s got all the tricks that leaves foes flat.
MVS will jet.  Mckinnon will run.
This game can likely by the Chiefs be won.

To get to the ‘dub’, there’s one thing we need.
It’s back to basics from Coach Andy Reid.
Block, catch and run.  Tackle, and cover.
D-backs on their guys like a passionate lover.

Redemption’s the theme.  Hungry is the mood.
Winning is the goal.  Nasty attitude.
Strength is our base. Skill is our flair.
Hearts are courageous.  Minds are prepared.

This is a game to get back some glory.
Beating Peterson and his Jags is the story.
Back to basics proves we cannot be stopped.
Sunday will show that the Chiefs are back on top.


If you want me to make a song parody of a specific song, just request below in the comments section.  And as always, Go Chiefs!

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09/15/2023 9:11 am

These get consistently better, my friend. Five stars.

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