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Good morning Chiefs Kingdom! Grab yourself a cup o’ Joe and get in the Huddle!

Chiefs news for May 28, 2023

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Good morning AG!

Today in Chiefs’ history, Damien Wilson born 1993.

It was a little busier in world history; In 1431 Joan of Arc is accused of relapsing into heresy by donning male clothing again, providing justification for her execution (I guess issues with gender appropriate attire is nothing new.); 1588 King Philip II dispatches the Spanish Armada under the Duke of Medina-Sidonia from Lisbon, Portugal to invade England (nobody expected the outcome); 1830 US President Andrew Jackson signs the Indian Removal Act, a key law leading to the forced removal of the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole tribes out of Georgia and surrounding states, setting the stage for the Cherokee Trail of Tears; 1936 Alan Turing submits “On Computable Numbers” for publication, in which he set out the theoretical basis for modern computers; 1972 White House “plumbers” first break in at the Democratic National Headquarters and install listening devices at Watergate Complex in Washington, D.C.

In music histoy; in 1968 Fantasy Records releases the self-titled debut album “Creedence Clearwater Revival“, on leader John Fogerty’s 23rd birthday; it feature’s their cover of Dale Hawkin’s “Susie Q”

And finally, on this day in 1843 Noah Webster died, I’m at a loss for word.

Let’s see what’s left for news this Holiday weekend.

Might as well get D-Hop out of the way.

Raiders Reporter Has Hilarious Reaction to Chiefs, DeAndre Hopkins Rumors | Heavy

..he joked — but is this statement that far off from the truth for Raider Nation?

NFL analyst: Jets are built to dethrone Chiefs in AFC |

Adding Aaron Rodgers this offseason has made oddsmakers look at the Jets as serious contenders, and fans are expecting big things from their team this year.

Patrick Mahomes has interesting quote on losing Orlando Brown Jr. to Bengals \ Bengalswire

 “ we’re going to be wanting to be able to brag about who wins that football game.”

Travis, Jason Kelce are big fans of NFL flexing ‘Thursday Night Football’ games \ NY Post

“Listen, I am all for games being played on Thursdays because that means we have walkthroughs during the middle of the week and we don’t practice. Then we get three days off after the game.”

Andy Reid Reveals Why Chiefs Won’t Roster 1 Position This Season | Athlonsports

It’s worth noting that Reid has long held this opinion, as evidenced by him echoing similar sentiments earlier in the offseason. 

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes sending two lucky fans to Hawaii for annual Aloha Golf Classic | Chiefswire

Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes and his 15 and the Mahomies Foundation have teamed up with Cauzeo for a fundraiser that will offer a once-in-a-lifetime trip to two lucky fans and their guests.

Actor Henry Winkler says the Chiefs drafted him this offseason | Chiefswire

Winkler continued to break down his strengths as a football player and goals within the Chiefs’ high-powered offense.

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Reply to  pompano
05/28/2023 7:43 am

Thanks pompano, see ya in the funnies…

zulu trader
Reply to  pompano
05/28/2023 11:15 am

zulu trader
05/28/2023 12:02 pm

Well, Pomp, if I may say, we gave them a weekend full of content. AG lives on. Happy Memorial Day!

zulu trader
Reply to  zulu trader
05/28/2023 12:10 pm

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Reply to  zulu trader
05/28/2023 5:05 pm

We also allow dancing.
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zulu trader
05/28/2023 11:42 am
05/28/2023 10:28 am

Noah Webster died, I’m at a loss for words


good stuff as always, tyvm and have a fun day … all y’all

05/28/2023 8:02 am


zulu trader
Reply to  Warpath
05/28/2023 11:31 am

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05/28/2023 5:17 am

Happy Sunday Coffee
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Reply to  ChiefDog
05/28/2023 5:39 am

And, A very good morning to you, Mr. ChiefDog!

Reply to  ChiefDog
05/28/2023 10:45 am

Thanks ! … I now know where I’m grinding my beans this morning ! … ; )

zulu trader
Reply to  KCChef
05/28/2023 12:19 pm


Chef, you “crack” me up!

Reply to  ChiefDog
05/28/2023 4:11 pm


05/28/2023 5:16 am

As with Zulu yesterday, Thanks for working the holiday weekend, Pomp!!

zulu trader
Reply to  63gump
05/28/2023 11:36 am

Pomp worked especially hard, with two productions today, Morning Huddle and the prize-winning post SUNDAY FUNNIES.

Reply to  zulu trader
05/28/2023 12:46 pm

Hey, there’s a bunch just like me (I’m sure), that don’t necessarily get involved in a lot of the day to day…”discourse” that can dominate some of the threads, but want you guys who put in all the work that you do are appreciated. I check in an average of twice a day, every day! I’ve tried to shout out every contributor, but if I’ve missed anybody, please accept it now!

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