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Good morning Chiefs Kingdom! Grab yourself a cup o’ Joe and get in the Huddle!

Chiefs news for March 27, 2023

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Good morning AG!

Today in Chiefs’ history,

Nick Lowery was born in 1956

And other stuff on this date in history; Henry Kissinger was born in 1923, and Vincent Price was born in 1911

In 1977 The British punk band the Sex Pistols released their second single, God Save the Queen, and it was quickly banned by the BBC and other outlets in England.

In World War II the British navy sank the German battleship Bismarck, in 1941

In 1933 Walt Disney released the animated short film The Three Little Pigs, which featured the song Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?; highlighting fortitude in the face of adversity, both the cartoon and the song proved highly popular with Depression-era moviegoers.

In 1889, a long time ago, the American petrochemical corporation South Penn Oil Co., later Pennzoil Company, was founded in Pennsylvania.

Now, how about some Chiefs news!

Former Chiefs Cast Off Takes Step Towards Reunion With KC: Report |

Though Clark has seemingly already hinted at his interest in re-joining the Chiefs, Christian Martinez of UMKC Roo News confirmed his interest on May 26 by reporting that Clark is “looking to get a deal done” with Kansas City.

Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots among 4 teams reportedly linked to DeAndre Hopkins pursuit |

While he is not the player he used to be, there are sure to be many teams that will be kicking the tires on a possible signing in free agency, and the Kansas City Chiefs are one of four contending teams believes to have some level of interest.

Chiefs Player Sends Viral Pitch at DeAndre Hopkins After Release |

. . .a KC pitch from an ex-teammate of Hopkins quickly went viral on social media. New Kansas City Chiefs pass rusher Charles Omenihu — who played together with Hopkins in Houston in 2019 — was the author. . .

AFC West projected starters for 2023 NFL season: Chiefs built to contend; playoffs for Broncos? |

If a different quarterback had these weapons, there would be cries about a lack of talent. With Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid, it looks like a top-three offense

PFF names Chiefs’ Jawaan Taylor one of NFL’s 32 best offensive tackles |

It’s fairly clear that heading into the 2023 NFL season, Taylor has some doubters to prove wrong.

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes, LB Nick Bolton looking forward to trip to White House |

Speaking to reporters following OTA practices on Wednesday, a pair of team leaders expressed their excitement for the opportunity to be the first players to represent the club in this time-honored tradition.

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05/27/2023 3:02 pm

Via Albert Breer of, the Chiefs and Bills were the only teams that had “substantive” discussions with the Cardinals about a trade.”

05/27/2023 2:41 pm

just to say it …

the Chiefs have a pretty loaded WR unit already with Marquez Valdes-Scantling, Kadarius Toney, Skyy Moore, Justin Watson and Rashee Rice … not counting Ross and Ross, Ritchie James or Kelce and Fortson (the TE/WR group) and Noah Gray (the TE/FB group)

that’s 11 more than capable guys for Mahomes to connect with (did we mention McKinnon and Pacheco can catch the ball as well?)

with all those guys (and others on the current roster, most of them an ST’s if they manage to make the team) the Chiefs have ZERO need for for an aged, injury prone diva WR like Hopkins (who’s sure to want more than the Chiefs have in cap space) … and there’s only ONE football for Mahomes to throw around at any given time (although I have no doubt he could throw two ball to two different players on almost any given play, if the league would allow it)

moreover, a guy like Hopkins coming in would limit playing time for SOMEONE in the WR group, someone who needs the reps, someone who needs more time on the field to develop his skills and his connection with Mahomes, and that would do nothing but hurt the team down the road

with #95 needing to be extended, there’s precious little “wiggle room” for BV on the cap, and it’s always a good idea to keep some “in reserve” just in case the team is able to land a part-time “bargain bin” contributor after cut-downs or anytime during the season

as of right now, we ARE all we need (my 2 cents, adjusted for inflation)

All we are
All we are, we are
We are all, all we need, sing
(All we are)
(All we are, we are)
(We are all, all we need)


Last edited 1 year ago by upamtn
Reply to  upamtn
05/27/2023 3:16 pm

I agree, well said.

Reply to  zulu trader
05/27/2023 3:46 pm

I don’t see that as a guarantee. I want to see another SB win as much as the next person, I trust Veach and the coaches to get there so if they sign DHop then okay. We’ll see…

Reply to  zulu trader
05/27/2023 3:54 pm

I agree that you have to look at the upside of signing him as well.

  1. Increase depth. Injuries happen, unfortunately.
  2. Increase talent. He’s clearly a special WR. The more the better!
  3. Not signed by one of our competitors.
05/27/2023 1:35 pm

Will Ferrell to Star as John Madden in Movie Based on Legend’s Life, Video Game | Bleacher Report

A staple on NFL and college football sidelines as a fan, Will Ferrell will now take his football acumen to the big screen as he’s set to star as legendary coach John Madden in a biopic based on the Hall of Famer, according to Matt Grobar of Deadline.

The film, titled Madden, will be produced by Amazon and MGM studios and directed by five-time Academy Award nominee David O’Russell.

Madden will be a Prime Video Sports Original and is the latest addition to the ever-growing genre of sports biopic films. It will try to follow in the steps of recent successes such as Air, King Richard, 42, Moneyball and Rush.

05/27/2023 11:56 am

Great job Zulu, thanks. Maybe we should call it Zulu’s Huddle when you do it. And also, thanks to all of you guys that keep this place up and running. Steve said it perfectly last night.

Reply to  zulu trader
05/27/2023 11:25 am

Chris Jones

Reply to  zulu trader
05/27/2023 12:32 pm


05/27/2023 10:29 am

Dang, Zulu.

05/27/2023 10:07 am

Money may be the tricky part, if the team is trying to land D-Hop, but we have a GM who was able to turn $112 total cap dollars into signings/extensions. If that’s Veach’s guy, I feel like he’d make it work.

05/27/2023 9:36 am

Happy Saturday Coffee
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Reply to  ChiefDog
05/27/2023 10:26 am

YOWSAH !!! … ; )

05/27/2023 8:26 am


Reply to  Warpath
05/27/2023 9:42 am
05/27/2023 7:50 am

GODDAMN! That’s a lot of work for a holiday weekend. THANKS ZULU!!

05/27/2023 7:14 am

Holly shit what a huddle, only half way through the tweets, but needed to comeback up and say ……………

Have a great memorial weekend AG …

Reply to  zulu trader
05/27/2023 7:25 am

I think we are okay with out him, but if he wants a ring on the cheap , come on and get one…

Reply to  rip58
05/27/2023 4:02 pm

Well put rip!

Reply to  zulu trader
05/27/2023 11:52 am

Ya know who else has a great set of hands? Kadarius Toney. We don’t need this guy.

Reply to  zulu trader
05/27/2023 1:39 am

I think you’re wrong

Reply to  zulu trader
05/27/2023 4:04 pm

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