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Good morning Chiefs Kingdom! Grab yourself a cup o’ Joe and get in the Huddle!

Chiefs news for May 26, 2023

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Good morning, AG!

Today in Chiefs’ history, Lamar Hunt renames the team Formerly Known as the Texans to the Chiefs in 1963. And there was much rejoicing.

We are now 104 days from opening the NFL season, which like the AFCCG in KC, will soon become an annual thing

Elsewhere, in 1938, The House Un-American Activities Committee was created, with Martin Dies, Jr., as its chairman; it investigated alleged communist activities, and perhaps its most celebrated case was that of Alger Hiss.

1927: Ford ends production of the Model T

1926: Miles Davis, a trumpeter who was one of the major influences on jazz from the late 1940s, was born in Alton, Illinois.

1907: John Wayne was born

1897: Irish writer Bram Stoker published the Gothic horror classic Dracula

1868: The impeachment trial of U.S. President Andrew Johnson—who had been accused of, among other things, bringing “into disgrace, ridicule, hatred, contempt, and reproach the Congress of the United States”—ended with his acquittal in the Senate.

And way back in 1521, the Edict of Worms banned the writings of Martin Luther—a German cleric whose efforts to change the church led to the Reformation—and declared him an outlaw and a heretic. And still, no one expected the Spanish Inquisition

Now, let’s do the Friday news…

Herm Edwards Wonders How the Chiefs Will Handle the Spotlight Now That They’ve Won a Super Bowl | The Big Lead

Herm Edwards returned to ESPN in November after multiple years away coaching college football at Arizona State. So if he missed a thing or two that happened in the NFL, well at least he has an excuse for not paying attention. (This is so Herm. Might be why our team never looked prepared until the 3rd game of the year with Herm coaching them)

K.J. Wright Says NFL Is ‘Looking at a Dynasty’ With Chiefs | Miami Herald

Following the club’s Super Bowl LVII win over the Philadelphia Eagles, some have been floating around one specific word this offseason.


Chiefs’ 3rd-Year Draft Pick Expected to Play 2 Positions in 2023 | Heavy

It flew a bit under the radar, but the Kansas City Chiefs lost their veteran fullback (Michael Burton) over the offseason and general manager Brett Veach didn’t end up addressing the position in free agency or the draft.

Andy Reid: “I Like What I See” From Chiefs Wide Receivers | LWOS

“I like both of the Ross’, big (Justyn) and little (John),” Reid said. “So, the big one is coming along. He feels good, his foot feels good. The surgery that he had worked out well up to this point. He’s made some nice plays for us out here. I know Pat’s (Mahomes) got trust in him, so that’s good to see. And the smaller Ross is extremely fast and quick…I like what I see there, too.”

Chiefs TE Travis Kelce thinks NFL’s new fair catch kickoff rule is ‘absolutely stupid’| Chiefswire

“I think this is absolutely stupid,” Travis said. “I don’t think this is making the game safer. I think it’s making it more boring and taking a lot of excitement out of the game’s opening play.

Here’s what Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes enjoys most about OTAs | Chiefswire

“It’s just building those relationships,” Mahomes told reporters after practice on Wednesday. “We’ve had a lot of turnover on this team over the last few years and I think you’ve seen that we’re still a close-knit group and I think that just comes with almost everybody being here for OTAs and everybody coming into training camp and we build those relationships and I think that’s what makes us a great football team. I mean, everyone’s talented in this league but I think you’ve got guys that are all on the same page, offense, defense, special teams – that’s what takes you to the next level.”

Chiefs poke fun at criticism of Tommy Townsend’s ability as a holder | Chiefswire

A controversial topic from last season centered around the sporadic kicking problems from Harrison Butker. During the home stretch of the regular season in December, former Chiefs punter Dustin Colquitt provided critical commentary on current team punter Tommy Townsend’s holding and positioning of the football during field goals and PATs.

And to wrap things up…. I can’t really believe the guy is pursuing this…

KC Chiefs, Raiders, Davante Adams hit with lawsuit over shoving incident at Arrowhead | KC Star via Yahoo

“A municipal misdemeanor battery charge is not sufficient,” Zebley, a graduate of Mill Valley High School in the De Soto district, said in a statement to The Star. “I’m looking for justice. You can’t shove someone down and walk off like it didn’t happen. Not in real life.”

“In the days that followed, media and various fans of the Las Vegas Raiders and Adams discovered (Zebley’s) identity, circulated his contact information, and made death threats against him, as well as other generally vile comments,” the complaint states. “(Zebley) felt concerned for his own safety and sought counseling and stayed away from his apartment.”

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05/26/2023 3:53 pm

Only 15 comments, I knew Zulu was missing before I scrolled down …


Wichita Chief
Wichita Chief
05/26/2023 12:13 pm

D Hop has been released per

Reply to  Wichita Chief
05/26/2023 12:21 pm

Do we? 🤔

Wichita Chief
Wichita Chief
Reply to  kcfreak725
05/26/2023 12:29 pm

Who knows. Does this mean the team who gets him negotiates a new contract?

Reply to  Wichita Chief
05/26/2023 12:30 pm

Since he was released, I would assume so

zulu trader
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05/26/2023 9:02 am

BREAKING: FDA Approves Neuralink for Human Clinical Study

The brain-chip by Elon Musk has potential to empower individuals, allowing them to control computers and devices with their minds 🧠
This will further revolutionize communication and entertainment, leveraging (AI).

Reply to  gonzangkc11
05/26/2023 9:02 am
Reply to  gonzangkc11
05/26/2023 10:12 am

What could possibly go wrong?

Reply to  probablyamistake
05/26/2023 12:00 pm

maybe we can “re-program” Elon Musk …

05/26/2023 8:03 am


05/26/2023 5:09 am

Happy Friday Coffee
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Reply to  NovaChiefs
05/26/2023 12:45 am

this is one of those “hidden clues” isn’t it?

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