Into The Afternight: Our 3rd Shift O/T

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If you’re still up and want to talk Chiefs, or just hang with fellow citizens of the Kingdom, this is the place.

Been trying to focus on things that I used to do, but haven’t in a year or so. Mainly it’s to get some time away from AG, since so much of my usual activities have become tied to it.

The problem is that when you make something you enjoy part of your job, it can become a job itself, rather than an enjoyment.

With that, time’s yours.

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Severely Concussed
Severely Concussed
Reply to  BleedingRedAndGold
02/20/2021 7:52 am

You under value your worth. 10k per year doesn’t come close to matching how much your commitment is appreciated by this site.

If I ever hit the powerball, I promise this site would have a payroll.

02/19/2021 11:14 pm

If andyreidstache shows up say hi..see ya later space cowboy
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02/19/2021 11:12 pm

Be careful what you wish for…

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