Chiefs’ song parody – “Won this Way” (to the tune of Aerosmith, “Walk this Way”) – 2023 Super Bowl LVII after-season reflection

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“Won this Way!”

A Chiefs’ song parody by 3rdnlong (to the tune of Aerosmith, “Walk this Way”) – 2023 Super Bowl LVII after-season reflection

Not the original but one of the best renditions of this – a duet between Aerosmith and Run DMC: RUN DMC – Walk This Way (Official HD Video) ft. Aerosmith

“Won this Way!”

Last offseason all the pundits had a reason
To dismiss KC all the way.
They said, the Chiefs are nothing with Tyreek now a Dolphin,
And the AFC’s making hay.
It’s, “Look at those Bills!”  Or, “The Bengals have skills!”
Or, “KC in the West is gonna miss.”
But then, one or another fell to Pat and his brothers,
And it started ‘gainst NFC West,
Like this!

Cardinals checkered, and Butker gets a record
Kicking three on a wounded leg.
Then the Chargers were next, Watson gets the pick 6
Then we fell to the Colts.  What a drag.
On to Brady’s team, grudge victory dream,
Then to Monday night, tensions high.
Beat the Raiders by 1, Davonte Adams stunned
When he ran into his own guy.
So great that we 

Won this way!
Won this way!
C of K!
Won this way!
Won this way!
Made the plays!
Big Red!  Hey!
Won this way!
Those pundits all missed!
See this.

Schooled by Allen dropping to the Bills’ talent,
And Mahomes threw 2 picks as well.
Then a tough competition in the 49ers’ kitchen,
But we pulled that one out and jelled.
With the Titans, we struggled and some incompletes juggled,
But in OT we didn’t miss.
Then the first Jags game and our D, just the same,
Made great plays, and you get the gist.
We won this!

Next at the Chargers.  Travis Kelce loomed larger
Grabbing three touchdowns for the win.
Then we beat the Rams in a snoozefest sham,
And we fell once again to CIN.
The Broncos fell next – Russell Wilson was vexed.
In Houston, won with penalties.
Then beat down Seattle, then Denver in a battle,
Beat the Raiders, got the top high seed!
Then playoff games!

Jags again!
Pat hobblin’!
Got the win!
Game with CIN!
Won the day!
Made the plays!
Super Bowl!
Eagles rolled!

Chiefs won it like this!
Loved this!


If you want me to make a song parody of a specific song, just request below in the comments section.  And as always, Go Chiefs!


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02/24/2023 9:01 am

Great stuff, as per usual!

Reply to  3rdnlong
02/24/2023 1:23 pm


Let your talent shine!

Reply to  3rdnlong
02/24/2023 1:24 pm

Actually, there’s one more coming on Monday if you’d like to wait a bit.

Reply to  3rdnlong
02/25/2023 10:43 am

First draft of it is done. I may let it marinate a bit this weekend and/or change a line or two, but it should go up Monday morning.

zulu trader
02/24/2023 8:37 am

Brilliant as usual!

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