Chiefs’ song parody – “Upstart Team” (to the tune of Billy Joel, “Uptown Girl”) – NFL 2021 Week 13 – KC vs. DEN

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“Upstart Team”

(A Chiefs’ song parody by 3rdnlong to Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl”) – 2021 NFL Week 13, KC vs. DEN

“Upstart Team”

(Original song –

Upstart team.
Denver Broncos think they’re tough and mean.
I know they haven’t beat the Chiefs in years.
I bet Vic Fangio can’t shift his gears.

He’ll shed some tears.  ‘Cause this upstart team,
They’ve been living in a weed-smoked dream –
They think the playoffs are still in their plan.
Just pull an upset, Broncos think they can.
It’s all a sham.

‘Cause when Chiefs play them
They can’t stop Maho-ho-homes
And if they blitz him,
He scores, and they mo-o-oan.

We crash their playoff dreams!
Failing schemes!
Chiefs will cream this upstart team!

You know that Bradley Chubb is getting mad.
He’s getting tired that his team gets thrashed,
For five whole years, the Broncos’ hopes were dashed
As their dreams crashed.

Teddy B.
Alex Smith-clone has consistency
But checkdowns cannot beat the Chiefs. No way.
That dink and dunk game cannot win the day.
We’ll have our say.

And when we’re scoring
And pouring it o-o-on
The Broncs will get mad
And play bad, each wuh-wuh-one

They’ll try to come back hard
Gain some yards.
Sorry, ‘pard,
‘Cause this upstart team

Cannot win and so will have to scream
As long as Kansas City stays the same
The Chiefs will triumph in this coming game
And rise to fame.

Upstart team.
Denver will get so creamed.
You know Chiefs will win
O’er this upstart team
And then those memes!
You know they will mock
Denver’s upstart team!
And Broncs fans scream.

If you want me to make a song parody of a specific song, just request below in the comments section.  And as always, Go Chiefs!

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