Chiefs’ Poem: ‘Twas the Night Before Training

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“ ‘Twas the Night Before Training”

 (A Chiefs’ poem by 3rdnlong, based on the familiar Christmas poem, “A Visit from St. Nicholas” by Clement Clarke Moore)  

“ ‘Twas the Night Before Training”


‘Twas the night before training, and all through the Tribe
Many steps had been taken, while the fans had imbibed.
The playbooks were written, and all handed out
So that players could learn them well, without a doubt.

The coaches were ready, all set in their minds
To run all their drills, their starters to find.
And Mahomes in his helmet, and Ty in his pads,
The fans were all waiting to see, oh so bad.

When out on the field, arises the Chiefs,
Then eyes will behold as they defy beliefs.
Away to St. Joseph!  They’ll fly on the field,
Tear open those playbooks, great prowess to wield.

Our rivals will fall, and it’s clear they won’t know
How to defend our offense, or make the game slow.
And when our defenders step up to the task
And get all pumped up, with pads and facemasks,
The underdog defense will show up to play,
To force pressure and to take live balls away.

And what to fans’ wondering eyes will appear?
And who will be on the O-line, at the clear?
Will a little receiver become wideout two?
Will we know in a moment, that our trust is now due?

More rapid than Eagles our Chiefs’ players are,
All faster than other teams, both near and far.
And our bold fearless leader, a Walrus to boot,
A mustachioed coach who makes defenses moot.

On Patrick!  On Tyreek!  On Kelce, et al!
Now Matthieu!  Now CJ!  Now Sneed, to the ball!
To the top of the West, to the top of the League!
Now dash our foes’ hopes, and make them all fatigued!

As leaves fall in autumn, and winter-time snow,
When our Chiefs’ meet opponents, let everyone know
That at Arrowhead, or games on the road,
The Chiefs’ are too mighty, our rivals implode.

So then, in each contest, we will raise the roof,
A boisterous section of fans who give proof
That Arrowhead Stadium has turned around
From those days when opponents drove us to the ground.

We are dressed all in red, in yellow and white,
And our coach and our players put rivals in fright.
A bundle of rings we can hope to achieve,
‘Cause when they talk “dynasty,” better believe.

Pat’s eyes will deceive them.  Our speed, much too scary.
The Landlord has fully replaced Eric Berry.
Our wideouts are far better than Mr. Bowe,
And he was no slouch.  Now they steal the show.

And Andy Reid’s wits are still second to none.
Defenses are stumped until each play is done.
And with our great players, and coaches to match,
There’s good reason KC is now quite the catch
From pundits and journalists, clamoring loud
That KC will once again conquer, so proud.

We think we can do it, and go take it back!
And soon we’ll be ready to go and attack!
Won’t have to say words, we’ll go straight to the work
Of beating opponents and proving them jerks.

We’ll raise a lone finger, up pointing the sky
That shows we are number one, ranking so high.
It all starts in training.  To camp, with the whistles!
The many drills running to tackle like missiles!
But the sweat will be worth it, the toil, the pain.
‘Cause KC will be Super Bowl champs again! 

If you want me to make a song parody of a specific song, just request below in the comments section.  And as always, Go Chiefs!

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07/24/2021 8:29 am

Well done.

07/23/2021 7:56 am

Excellent..!!!!!!! And thanks…. If no one else makes another request I’ll send in another one…

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