Chiefs’ Poem – “Take It Back”

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“Take it Back”

 (A Chiefs’ poem by 3rdnlong)  


“Take it Back”

A long offseason made longer
The feel of defeat still stings.
Though we thought we were the stronger,
Yet we left without our rings,
And our honor, and many things.

Yet KC still certainly knows well
The rapture of great victory.
We struggled far out of that curse-hell,
The squandered years we would not see
A glimpse of the proud Lombardi.

It hasn’t been long before now,
We basked in the champion’s pride.
So we know what it takes, and how
To get to the Bowl, inside,
And we are all in for the ride.

“Take it back!” is now our proud slogan,
The once-champion theme inscribed
On every Chiefs’ heart!  Loud-spoken
Is that phrase on the lips of the Tribe,
And what this season for us has prescribed.

To get there, the team Kansas City
Will have to work hard and sweat.
It may not always look pretty,
In the snow and the muck and the wet,
When some injuries on them have set.

But don’t rule out the Chiefs’ players.
Their skills are still unsurpassed.
Their training will make bookies payers
Of dividends when games are all past.
KC will their rivals outlast.

The first step is each game, as slated.
A fight as each rival appears.
And win or lose, as we are fated,
Yet Chiefs will still play without fear
And be mighty, by end of the year.

Then postseason with all of its glory.
The best to take on the best.
We’re hoping this part of our story
Shows us to be more than the rest
That we take on that great final test.

The Lombardi!  Was ours, and may still be.
We’re here to fight off and attack.
To have it, you must fight, win many!
But KC is ready, on track,
To win last and so, Take It Back!

If you want me to make a song parody of a specific song, just request below in the comments section.  And as always, Go Chiefs!

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