Chiefs’ poem – “Stoking the Flames” – 2022 NFL Week 1, KC 44 at AZ 21

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“Stoking the Flames”

A Chiefs’ poem by 3rdnlong – 2022 NFL Week 1, KC 44 at AZ 21


“Stoking the Flames”

“Tyreek is gone!”  And “KC is toast!”
Those were the headlines from the offseason news.
Almost all the pundits made doomsday boasts
As they wrote off the Chiefs and sang our blues.

“Denver got Wilson!  Chargers got Khalil!
Raiders got Davante Adams for big bucks!
The other teams improved, but the Chiefs? For real?
By losing Hill and HB, they’re just out of luck.”

Little did they know they were stoking the flames.
A monstrous passion for winning just increased.
The Chiefs’ beat the Cardinals in the best of games,
A blow-out victory where Mahomes was a beast.

5 touchdowns and no interceptions.
The most efficient quarterback of week 1.
Shredding the Cardinals’ defense by conception
As Reid’s play-calling got the Chiefs’ on a run.

The first score to Kelce, the next 2 to Clyde,
Fortson got one and Hardman, Pat’s last.
Pacheko ran it tough for a score for our side,
And Arizona’s chances to win were all past.

Chief’s defense was stout.  Nick Bolton made plays.
Karlaftis brought the pressure and their QB had to run.
Sneed got a sack, and Dunlap got praise
As he got a second, and Turk joined the fun.

Some injuries took a toll on the day.
Number 1 pick McDuffie to the lockers.
Two rolled ankles to Butker and Trey,
Pat hurt his left hand as he threw behind the blockers.

But even with one leg out of commission,
Butker kicked 54 yards for three!
Safety Justin Reid made an extra-point addition,
And kicked off many times in this Chiefs’ victory.

The Cardinals got pounded.  There was nothing they could do.
They got a few garbage time scores to make it seem
That they had stood a chance, but we all got the clue,
There was no holding back this Kansas City team.

The first game is over.  The next game is soon.
A Thursday night match against a West rival.
The Chargers come to KC with their squad of goons
And Chiefs may have to ball out for survival.

But for now, KC’s internal flames are burning.
The pundits who trashed the Chiefs are all surprised.
Our passion is stoked.  There’s no back-turning.
This ‘22 season belongs to Reid’s guys. 

If you want me to make a song parody of a specific song, just request below in the comments section.  And as always, Go Chiefs!


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zulu trader
09/15/2022 4:27 pm

I agree — genius

zulu trader
Reply to  zulu trader
09/15/2022 4:27 pm

comment image

09/15/2022 11:50 am

Well written. And I echo the genius sentiment.

09/13/2022 2:33 am

You, sir, are a lyrical genius.

Severely Concussed
Severely Concussed
09/12/2022 10:32 pm


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