Chiefs’ poem – “Maybe it’s Psy-Ops” – 2022 NFL Week 14, KC 34 at DEN 28

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“Maybe it’s Psy-Ops”

A Chiefs’ poem by 3rdnlong – 2022 NFL Week 14, KC 34 at DEN 28

“Maybe it’s Psy-Ops”

This Broncos game was supposed to be a cinch.
With a few things right, playoffs we clinch.
And Denver had been failing, already losing nine.
This was set to be a glorious time.

A few field goals.  Chiefs were starting slow
Then Mahomes went and put on the show.
Hook-shot the ball to McKinnon like a star
Like he was freaking Kareem Abdul-Jabbar!

McKinnon got the score.  And then got another
A pass from Mahomes to the unsung brother.
Life was shining.  Things were clicking.
Willie Gay touchdown with the ball picking.

Denver at this time was a laughing stock.
There was no hope and there was no shock.
This was what we expected from the Broncos team
Not that Chiefs cared.  We were loving the scene.

And then the tides turned.  Momentum shift.
Patrick Mahomes gave the Broncos a lift
By throwing interceptions and incomplete throws,
The Broncos responded and a beast arose.

Jerry Jeudy scored twice, and it was on.
Another Bronco score to heap upon
Made by Marlon Mack, of old Indy stock,
Chiefs gave up 21 points in shock.

Still in the lead, but Broncos energized.
Meanwhile the Chiefs’ offense stalled on drives.
Three and out here.  Another, and then,
Travis Kelce couldn’t catch the ball again.

Where was our focus?  Why let them back?
Where was the #1 KC attack?
Why cough up the ball in critical times?
Why let Russ act like Elway in his prime?

But little did we know the ulterior plan
Was to give the Broncos hope, and to take it back again.
It must be psy-ops now played on the league,
So they let down their guard, and the Chiefs blitzkrieg.

Juju in the 4th quarter, a score he gets.
Jeudy gets his third score, and hits a ref.
No penalty.  We’re not surprised.
But the Chiefs hold on and outlast Denver’s guys.

What other QB can throw it away
And cough up the ball on three separate plays,
Giving the other team a chance to come back,
But then win said game in a record track?

Mahomes is the guy.  This was # 14.
The 14th time Denver lost at the scene
When playing the Chiefs, a record upheld,
Even if this outing stank and smelled.

In the end, doesn’t matter.  Notch up one more.
The Chiefs have won ten, none can ignore.
Up next is Houston, a game we should win.
If Chiefs play as expected, then playoffs!  We’re in.


If you want me to make a song parody of a specific song, just request below in the comments section.  And as always, Go Chiefs!

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12/12/2022 4:17 pm

Well done again, 3rd. I think you have room to improve, on your rhythm and flow, but keep working hard, and away you will go!

12/12/2022 2:28 pm

Great stuff as usual!

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