“Challenge Accepted” in the theme of the ‘Declaration of Independence.”.

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I just wrote this going along with the theme of the Declaration of independence. It’s not perfect, tell me what you think.

When in the course of a football game, it becomes necessary for Chiefs fans as one, to dissolve all doubt. Doubt in which naysayers really do think that the Chiefs couldn’t possibly be louder than any other team. And to assume among the powers of the Fans, the decibel level in which will no doubt break all records will far and between distract the other team in which we’re at war with. These are the laws of Arrowhead Stadium. Coach Reid entitles them, and gives diligent respect to the opinions of the opposing teams. But will always stand firm in his faith in the many fans far and wide. And that if they want to declare a such statement, that we will not take it lightly. But be aware there will be a competition. We hold these facts, truths, to be self evident, that all teams are created equal, that they are loyal to their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these rights, are love for our team, BBQ, and the pursuit of the LOUDEST STADIUM IN THE UNITED STATES. LET IT BE SET FORTH. WE ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE. AND MAY THE BEST TEAM WIN.

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01/27/2023 11:15 pm

Quite the inspiration you had, well done! Now, what about the Preamble? We the Chiefs Fans, in order to form a more perfect Kingdom…


01/22/2023 1:09 pm

This is fun. Great idea and thanks for sharing!

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