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Let’s take another look at the season gone by, shall we?

I feel like Emperor Palpatine of late, but everything really is unfolding as I foresaw back early in the season. The OL’s kept jelling, the DL’s gotten itself together, and we’re on another winning streak. Add to that the fact that we control our own destiny to the 1 seed, and life is good.

This season reminds me more of the ’19 run than last year’s campaign, and the elements are all there. Things were in disarray early on, and the pundits were so focused on the season-long stats that they didn’t even give our D a chance of slowing SF’s offense down, whereas they (correctly, to an extent) predicted that their D would stifle our offense. We all know how that worked out.

Last year was a different tale, because while we made it there, our OL got shredded along the way, and losing Fisher in the playoffs was the icing on that crap-cake. This year, everything is trending the right direction, with the OL plus Mahomes jelling, and the defense has hit its stride, too.

Those that look at the season-long stats for answers are going to draw the wrong conclusions again, because just as in the ’19 season, the stats from the first 8 games mean precisely squat. I said going in that we had some things that it would take time to work out, and during that period we managed to win enough games to keep us in it.

Now, we’re on a roll. Mahomes has learned to play Smith-like football and within the new OL scheme, and at a high level, too. The high-octane style of the past is, well, past = but make no mistake, the potential’s still there, all it takes is for the opposition to blink.

Which they often do, because they know they need to play their A Game to beat us. This last game demonstrates that effect, and while that would take a post of its own to discuss, it proves that we influence decision-making more than most teams even can. I don’t think that even the Packers carry that level of influence, even with Rodgers being one of the best who’s ever done it.

Now’s your chance to tell me how wrong I am.

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12/30/2021 4:21 pm

Mahomes is playing Smith-like football? Just because quarterbacks throw the same pass does not mean that they are playing similar.

Reply to  EAFOX
12/30/2021 4:59 pm

I interpreted it as simply saying dink and dunk verses long bombs on every play. Not really that they’re similar. Smith just played the dink and dunk and paid his bills that way.

Reply to  ChiefDog
12/30/2021 5:08 pm

Possible – Smith is a low risk low reward quarterback and Mahomes is high risk high reward. Which was easier for Andy? To get Smith to throw deep or to get Mahomes to check down.

Reply to  EAFOX
12/30/2021 5:25 pm

That’s a tough one.

Reply to  EAFOX
12/30/2021 10:40 pm

Smiths last season having Hill was nothing like the first ones. He was dropping bombs to Hill all over the place.

12/30/2021 3:09 pm

Machines is playing Smith-like football …

wow, I remember the Smith “wars” and yeah, it’s different, but sorta the same, and I’m fine with whatever, long as Chiefs win

yeah, a Vermeil offense and a Schottenheimet defense every week … yes, please!

12/30/2021 2:33 pm

I’m happy “hard headed” Spags, Andy & EB read my posts & made changes 🙂

Evolve offense (slants, bootlegs, quick passes), demote from starter to backup Dan & Niemann, start Thornhill & Gay. Limit reps to Bozo Brothers (Hardman 1st round pick 3 years in systems & Robinson 4 years in system).

Chris Jones is not a DE, sign Melvin Ingram. Get more out of Frank Clark (aka Dee Ford). RT  lucas niang is not ready. Gore is mini-priest holmes. Chiefs will be #1 AFC SEED, win AFC Championship, Win Super Bowl.

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain (breaking my arm, pat myself on back hahaha)

12/30/2021 2:23 pm

Everything is proceeding as I have forseen”

Reply to  gonzangkc11
12/30/2021 2:24 pm

Star Wars – The Book of Boba Fett | Disney+
Yesterday episode was OUTSTANDING!!

Reply to  gonzangkc11
12/30/2021 5:02 pm

Agreed, but felt like I might want to wait and binge watch it… because, waiting each week for the next episode is gonna suck.

12/30/2021 2:18 pm

I knew you were right all along regarding the offense. I had my doubts that the defense would ever not be terrible this season.

I can’t ever remember going into the playoffs with such a great defense, at least since the Marty days. Now we have a championship caliber defense, and our championship offense AT THE SAME TIME!

zulu trader
Reply to  MasterChief
12/30/2021 2:38 pm

It’s a delight to watch our defense dominate

Reply to  zulu trader
12/30/2021 5:03 pm

No shit. Earlier in the season I threw beers. Now, I’m chugging beers when the D get’s a chance at the ball!

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