BRaG, Er, Larch Talks Football: Medical Concerns

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Wherein I step up to my lectern, as was recently said to me, and give my opinions about football ad the Chiefs.

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I’ll be straight with y’all, I lifted this from Larch’s comment last night, after he suggested it was OK to do it. However, I want to point out that he’s making his case for his points, he’s not on a crusade that his is the only correct opinion. Healthy conversation’s his goal – what do you expect, he’s Canadian.

For discussion’s sake, I am going to argue the case for Patrick Mahomes to be held out of the Chiefs’ AFCCG. Please understand that I have no doubt about Mahomes’ mental fortitude and determination. He is an incredible, special competitor, and I believe the Chiefs offense is better with him under center. So here goes, and I’m preparing to duck any incoming flying objects once I’ve finished.

  1. Mahomes is under contract with the Chiefs until 2031 and any year he is at QB he gives the Chiefs a chance at an SB because he is that good. So why risk further injury to his ankle which might require surgical repair and a prolonged absence from the field, and which could conceivably affect his ankle over the long haul?
  2. GM Brett Veach and colleagues are doing a good job of balancing the roster with youth to help build sustained success, so why risk Mahomes having permanent difficulty with that ankle?
  3. It is going to be cold in KC for the AFCCG. The Chiefs seem to have a good field surface and a good field crew, nonetheless if there is any chance of slippery conditions then it will be tougher for his taped-up ankle. This adds to the risk of further injury to his ankle.
  4. QB Chad Henne is not Patrick Mahomes, but he is a known quantity with experience who has shown he can do a satisfactory job. (“Hennething is possible.”)
  5. The Chiefs are loaded with talent on offense: Kelce, Pachecco, McKinnon, JJSS, MVS, Toney, Grey, the Belldozer, Skyy Moore and more. Surely HC Reid and OC Bieniemy can script an offense with this talent which would help Henne be successful.
  6. I believe the Chiefs can beat the Bengals with Henne at QB.
  7. I believe the Chiefs defense can hold down Burrow et al. sufficiently to make Henne a winner.
  8. One week of recovery from a high ankle sprain seems insufficient for long-term joint health. Three weeks’ recovery time seems preferable for long term joint health.
  9. Mahomes may also be superhuman when it comes to healing. Rick Burkholdter and colleagues might be one of the best training staffs in the NFL. Nonetheless, Mahomes’ ankle will be nowhere near 100% by game-time next weekend. Given that, there is added risk to further injuring that ankle.

Many of my points emphasize taking the long view over immediate success. I have not even mentioned the long-term insofar as Patrick Mahomes the retired football player is concerned, but this also should be a factor. In today’s MH Gonz commented with a comparison to Michael Jordan who played on a bum ankle in a championship game. I believe Mahomes has already earned his place alongside Jordan amongst superlative athletes, and I believe Mahomes has the grit to play on that bum ankle. I’m just not sure that letting him play next weekend is the wisest choice. I have no doubt that this discussion is taking place at 1 Arrowhead Drive, so why not here also? Okay, I’m ducking out for a bit, but I’ll check back later this evening to read all your comments.

And me being me, this is an edited version of his comment. I wonder how many changes he’ll be able to point out without comparing. I’m still the guy who can make any writer look smarter, after all. 😉

But what do I know? I’m all verklempt, discuss.

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01/25/2023 6:37 pm

sorry, BRaG, but NOBODY can make me look smarter: I’m a lost cause 🙃

tbh, I think Mahomes’ ankle is going to be fine, he was throwing and practicing today … and while Hennething is possible, it’s not necessarily probable (much less certain) and one might think the odds would “ever be in our favor” if even a 90% Mahomes was the starter

then there’s the “why panic til you have to?” aspect …

Geaux Chiefs

01/25/2023 4:54 pm

Off Topic:

01/25/2023 4:46 pm

The last time we played them we didn’t have Hardman, Toney, Jaylen Watson, nor Thuney. We gonna kick the shit out of those kittens!

Reply to  ChiefDog
01/25/2023 5:14 pm

We still have Orlando brown jr though 😥

01/25/2023 12:50 pm

My first (ok, third) thought Saturday was “Don’t mess with a $500M/10year investment. I’d rather scrap this season than the next 8”
And I’m very sure that is what Veach and Donovan were saying.
Not what Patrick was saying, maybe not even what Reid was saying.
As for long term health, anyone who takes that kind of money realizes that their 60s might start to get painful. Or they should.
Thankfully he looks ready to go, but if he was hobbled, limping, unable to protect himself by moving on the field, sit him the entire game, roll with Henne, and devise a game plan for that.
If Mahomes is out, bring up Bruschle or however that is spelled.
If he’s a clear and solid go, Kemp and or Forston.
And screw the Bengals for cheating a guy out of the chance to play in the SB. They better do more than just pay him for two weeks.
Now we HAVE to win it all, so Lemmons can walk into the Cincy locker room with OUR Super Bowl ring on his finger

Reply to  NovaChiefs
01/25/2023 3:12 pm

i may be the only one that thinks this but i believe they took Lammons just to screw with the chief’s heads. i also don’t believe he will be with cincy next year.
just my uneducated opinion

Reply to  vvet818
01/25/2023 3:22 pm

Oh, I agree completely. Problem is the person who gets hurt is Lammons. No concern for the player. BS move.

Reply to  NovaChiefs
01/25/2023 3:34 pm

“Now we HAVE to win it all, so Lemmons can walk into the Cincy locker room with OUR Super Bowl ring on his finger “

i also agree with your sentence, i just hope the ring is as big as a house.

01/25/2023 11:20 am

He brings up interesting points. Official word that I saw yesterday (?) still lists Mahomes as “questionable.” Whether that means he truly is questionable or whether Reid and Co. are playing their cards close to the vest (so as to catch Cincinnati unawares as they scheme for Henne), it presents an intriguing look at what happens this week.

That being said, I wonder if One Arrowhead Drive and their front office are preparing both Mahomes and Henne (likely), and if the recent (albeit perhaps poorly-timed, from his perspective) release of Lammons signals that they’re bringing on a third QB in case the spaghetti hits the fan against Cincinnati on Sunday evening.

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