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He’s back, now ranty-er than ever! But wait, there’s more!

I’m being That Guy, and I freely admit it. I’m somewhat obsessed over the Cheffers assignment, and why? For those who haven’t paid attention, it’s typically me; statistics, principles, and a familiarity with long-term trends. Buckle up!

What’s the deal? It’s fairly simple, the decision and all the crowdsourced statistics made me realize that the performance the NFL grades simply can’t account for personal bias. I get it, in a sense. They must review each call and how appropriate it was, and base the grade primarily on that. Almost all of your calls are justified, you get high marks.

It’s obvious when you consider the alternative, which is looking at calls that could’ve been fouls by the same standard, but weren’t called against the other team. If you never look for potential double standards, you’ll never see them, either, and that would be much more difficult, anyway. Why work harder only to appear worse at your job?

If all that is actually right, the implication is that the way to get the SB gig is to call as many fouls as you can, that you think will get past later review. It’s statistics again, and this is the obvious exploit; if you set goals to gain premier rewards, those in the system will do what they can to get what they want. Furthermore, being a frequent flagger helps mask any bias from sheer volume. ‘Outright blew a couple calls in a game that might’ve thrown it? Screw it, he’s got a high reliability percentage, nothing to see.’

I don’t know any thought processes involved here, but these are logical conclusions of each factual point. Cheffers has both a large quantity and a high reliability on each call reviewed, and we know he was highly graded. We also know that there’s good statistical and historical evidence to believe he has an anti-KC bias, and a reputation for putting his thumb on the scale in general.

Where this leaves us is the impossibility that refs are evaluated for bias in the grading system. It’s hard, expensive, and wouldn’t produce these results. “Protect the Brand” easily translates to not admitting to mistakes, and both sides want to keep the fans in the dark on how officiating actually works. If I were a congresscritter with an agenda, that’s where I’d start, because in the wake of the WWE ruling, there’s established precedent.

And that’s the problem, nobody knows if the refs are evaluated regarding bias. It seems unlikely, to say the least, that the league will take action to protect its product, especially considering their recent enthusiasm about watering down their product even more. Lamar was far smarter than that, he wanted to deliver a better product to the fans as a business plan, Now, it’s milking the product for all it’s worth…Profit!

I don’t feel much better for that rant, but you can share your thoughts about it by using the handy form provided below.

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01/26/2023 10:45 pm

That is an excellent way to look at it from the point of view that the more fouls you call that are legit would give the ref a better grade but I would think there would be a tipping point that too many fouls called would drop the grade of the ref or that crew.

01/26/2023 5:02 pm

01/26/2023 1:38 pm

how about no referees at all … teams go out and play as usual have to figure it out on their own (in bounds catch? was that REALLY a fumble? how many knees = one foot?)

just a thought …

01/26/2023 11:36 am

Let’s Start w/ SCOTUS and work our way back from there …Regardless of where you squat on the Political Spectrum … ; )

01/26/2023 11:09 am

A simple solution would be to have New York review more calls kinda as they handle them in baseball. The manager walks over to the umpire and just says can we take a quick look. Yes, it slows the game down but during the playoffs and Super Bowl games, the NFL would love some more advertising time. Have a quick 10-second evaluation process that says either nope we are not looking at that or ok this one is worth going ahead and looking at. They already do this sorta thing with touchdowns.

Reply to  ArrowFan
01/26/2023 2:16 pm

If I can see a replay within 10 seconds from my couch, they should be able to also quickly make the right call from NY just as easily.

01/26/2023 11:07 am

Sunday (1/29), four of us from Denver will be @ Arrowhead!!!

Also, in Phoenix for Super Bowl weekend (2/10 thru 2/12)

01/26/2023 10:40 am

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