A Patriotic Poem (for Chiefs’ fans)

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“A Patriotic Poem”

 (A poem by 3rdnlong.  Thoughts from a Chiefs’ fan for Independence Day, July 4, 2021) – 


published as a fanpost on Arrowhead Guys, July 5, 2021 – www.arrowheadguys.com


“A Patriotic Poem”


The Kingdom knows the red and white,
The colors proudly worn
When Kansas City takes the field
Their colors bright adorned.

The Kingdom knows the red and white,
Yet blue is also known
But not because we wear that hue
Or wrap up in that tone.

The Kingdom knows the color blue
Along with red and white.
For years ago, the few and brave
Brought courage for a fight.

These were the men, defied a crown
The very men who died.
Their sacred honor given up
Their fortunes, and their lives.

For those who stood for freedom once
Paid out an awful cost.
Their homes were torched, their families feared,
Their lives were thrown and tossed.

The wives and children of these men
Moved often out of fright
That British sympathizers would
Destroy them in the night.

They lost all their possessions, yet
They still, for freedom, stood.
They sacrificed so later men
Could have a nation good.

These courage-men gave up their lives
So Chiefs could play a game.
And families today could see
The Chiefs win just the same.

But do we think of that hard cost
When Air Force jets fly o’er?
Do we ignore their sacrifice,
Their courage we deplore?

Would people rather bitch and blame
When our proud flag is flown?
Would they accuse, like Satan’s spawn,
Of Wrongs our country owns?

Sure, every nation has its warts
And actions they regret.
But our great nation freedom gives,
Our liberties are set!

And if there are some things that must
Be changed, then by all means
Step up, and boldly act for good,
Your virtues widely seen.

But don’t destroy what they once built
Those bold, courageous men.
Don’t let this country slip away
To tyranny again.

The Kingdom knows the red and white,
Yet blue is also flown
On that proud banner, every game,
A patriotic tone.

And for their sacrifices, let
Us stand as one for all.
I’m proud to be American.
Go Chiefs!  Now play some ball!

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zulu trader
zulu trader(@zulu-trader)
07/09/2021 3:44 pm

Best one yet

07/05/2021 3:32 pm

This was great, well done and enjoyable…I’m sure people have read this, why no response is beyond me.. I figured at least I can do is say thank you…
Still looking forward to the Queen song.

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