1st Series Says It All for the Defense

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1st series on D:  3-and-out marred by false start, but all good on the D.  Didn’t like the 5-yard run on 1st and 10.  Clark, Nnadi, Jones and Kpassagnon the starters.  Interesting he’s in that first series, and not Okafor.

Spags calls it fearlessly, with Sneed putting his toe on the line of scrimmage and putting a body on #15 Will Fuller, who’s a known speedster.  No fear.  Facing speed?  Make it physical.  Best way to fight Hill is make him fight off the line.  He’ll get open, but you can make it take longer.  It’s the achilles heel of the under-6-foot WRs.  Harder to put the ball on ’em against live opponents, due to amount of delay or non-delay created by the CB.  CB’s got the reach on ’em, and if he can put his weight behind that outside hand, it gives an extra beat.

The route worked, but it was just a little too hard for Fuller to handle, mainly because Watson threw a beat too soon, so he had to loft it, and it was almost on Fuller before he was ready for it.  I think this was more on Watson for pulling the trigger prematurely, and Fuller for the clumsy footwork on his break.  Sneed got a good jam and Fuller seemed a bit out of sorts from the contact.

I must say I like the aggressive D.  I like seeing Spags establish the no-respect blitz as something to worry about at all times.  Once he’s inside their heads on blitz expectation, he’s kinda got ’em where he wants ’em, because of all the plays that are removed from the offensive playbook, when the OC is trying to protect his QB.

Anyway, there’s a false start, and that makes it 3rd and 10, and KC goes with Clark, Jones, Kpass, and Okafor as their front 4.  So we’re getting NASCAR on the 1st series.  Kpass kind of minding the store, spying on Watson.  Nice to see the 3 DEs on the field (4 if you count Jones as DE). Sucks that Okafor’s got a hammie.

Anyway, this is EXACTLY what I was looking for when I saw what they were selecting for at corner, what they had at S, and the DL rotation they built.  I think they threw a 2nd-rounder at ILB, because they knew they weren’t doing much at the position, otherwise.  Really took care of that D-Line, though.

I said I wanted a pressure-based defense, that they were building what looked like a pressure-based defense, and darned if Spags isn’t calling it like a pressure-based defense.  There’re gonna be some glitches, here and there, but right now I feel pretty good about this defense.

On the offensive side. it looks like they really want to take what’s given, and not force anything.  And they’re better at getting good positive yards on the ground when they spread things out and have defenses back on their heels a little bit.  KC’s good enough on O that they don’t have to put receivers in undue jeopardy.  The pass pro is good.

CEH is what they hoped and expected.  They’re gonna keep chippin’ away at that ground game.  I’m not as displeased with a 3-yd run as some.  I see a little Barry, a little Emmitt, a little MJD in CEH.  And they haven’t even scratched the surface of CEH as a receiver.

Texans held Mahomes to 203 yards passing, but he still got 3 TDs, and the offense still put up 34 points.  Andy’s in that “the better you are, the easier it is” zone, right now, where he doesn’t have to get tricky to balance his attacks.

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10/21/2020 7:18 pm

In hindsight, this fanpost is looking pretty spot-on!

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