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Exodus 3:5 Eternal One “Don’t come any closer. Take off your sandals and stand barefoot on the ground in My presence, for this ground is holy ground.” (The Voice Translation)

Anthony, thanks for restoring my account.  It will be a long time before I let it go that dormant again…

Some of you might be surprised at the screen name and may have wondered if I had gotten ‘Rona’d.  Nothing that dramatic.  I took a long break from AG at the start of last year; made a couple of comments after the Super Bowl about my hiatus during an incredible roller-coaster season and the utter magic alchemy of the playoffs, including the Superbowl… then the ‘Rona hit, work got weird and my account got nuked and things stayed weird.  But football is coming…

I watched every minute of 2019 and purposefully stayed away from AG (except to lurk).  And I had a reason for being absent last year.

In August, I started getting a feeling.  It was like anticipation, but something else…  kind of like what you felt as graduation got closer, or when you hear that the promotion you put in for is happening… a knowledge that things were about to change.  I could feel a shift coming as opening day got closer and I started getting really hungry.

I saw what you all were writing last August.  I knew that this fanbase expected a championship and as the season grew closer, I had a feeling that one was coming in 2019 and that it would be GLORIOUS.

I also knew that it did not belong to me. 

I am not a Mahomes band-wagon fan (and I plan to be completely great with those jumping on what  I expect will be a huge wagon that will only grow), but I got here a lot later than most of you.  My love for the Chiefs started in January 2017 and I saw the home playoff loss to Pittsburgh.  That felt familiar after my 1971 – 2016 fan experience.  The commonality that I have felt with the Chiefs fans is futility (I remember football back to 1971) and some runs of good teams.  The good teams would get you to believe and hope in a Championship (Just One Before I Die!) and then crush your soul in the playoffs.  Any second thoughts if had picked the proper team to follow closely and care about evaporated with the 10th overall pick in the 2017 draft.

I had seen enough Red Raider games on Saturdays to know what Reid COULD do with the savvy and physical tools.  With that knowledge, I waited for the reveal of what I knew Reid would unleash upon the NFL.  I was laughing for three hours as I saw MVPatrick rip a carpetbagging franchise in front of 12,000 Chiefs fans and few dozen dead enders in his REAL debut in Carson.  I was laughing most of the 2018 season as we saw QB play being redefined in the NLF.  As with everyone else, I cursed Dee Ford’s hand and waited for 2019.

As the near certainty grew in me at the end of August that 2019 was THE YEAR, I had another thought.  There are people on this board that have rooted for the Chiefs longer than I rooted for the San Diego franchise.  People younger than me know nothing of Chiefs football except heartbreak, curses, and snakebite.  And then I had the certainty of Reid and Mahomes bringing home a silver football and what that would actually MEAN for:

  • The KANSAS CITY CHIEFS organization,
  • Fans that had known only frustration in their lives,
  • for Andy Reid,
  • The Hunt Family — really, everyone that has tried and cried, and cared and bled and hoped since 1970.

It was going to be more than a championship.  2019 and the emergence of The Champion Chiefs, the next dynasty in the NFL, would be a 5-month long ritual.  An exorcism of 5 decades of demons and bad memories. 2019 was a curse breaker and a heart transplant that culminated in the delivery of Sterling Silver anti-venom to snakebite.  Put simply, the entire season would be Holy Ground and I did not really earn the right to be FULLY there.  I wanted to see and feel every second, but this was not my bag of s—t to set fire to.  My full participation would have been improper.  I clearly saw this, kept my shoes on, and lurked as you all gathered on Holy Ground Sundays, Monday Nights, and even that horrible Thursday, bleeding Red & Gold and believing all these things right along with you.

Let me quickly mention that nobody in the Kingdom ever suggested such a thing to me.  Nobody in the Kingdom, either real life, here, or Another Place has ever given me crap about joining the Kingdom after spending 46 years chasing lightning, only to have it stop my heart.  You have been more than welcoming and that has been a blessing to my enjoyment of football.  I think of what a presence like Mahomes’ and a season like 2019 could mean for any number of franchises; Cleveland, Detroit, Miami, Buffalo, the Jets… even San Angeles.  Thinking about what it meant for all of YOU; I gotta confess, I got misty eyed a couple of times for some of y’all around 7:30 the first Sunday of February when I saw that it was truly gonna happen.

I felt the tension… I felt the waiting for the wheels to come off.  I was doing that too.

At several points in the season, the wheels could have come off…

The un-flagged cheap shot on the Cheetah in week 1 that put him on the shelf.

That Night in Denver when time stopped for an eternity in the 2nd quarter.

The weeks of the offense looking a little ‘off’.

And then, the first 17 putrid minutes of the Divisional round…I have to confess, as I watched the drive that would have made it 28-0, I did think “how could this be happening again?’ And then when the Houston doofus sent his FG team on, somehow…  I KNEW.  I knew this was a day for a fan base to remember with bitterness for years, maybe decades… and it would not be The Kingdom.

After that, I watched the Championship Games and saw the leads surrendered, and did not worry one second.  How could I after the Houston game?  #15 has their a—-es right where he wants ‘em!  And I watched with joy as Reid, Stone Cold, Honey Badger, Cheetah, and of course, the Magic Man #15 laugh and hug and raise up a silver football.

That was their moment and it was a moment I’m certain many of you wondered would ever happen.  Believe me, it WAS a valid question…  Chiefs fans, I got great news for all of us:

5 years from now, other fanbases will be cursing the Mahomes-Reid-Chiefs the same way we started cursing the Brady-Beelzubill-Patriots dynasty 10 years ago.  And I plan on being here for every awesome second of it!  It belongs to me now as much as it belongs to anyone else.  See you around…


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09/07/2020 9:05 pm

Very nice post, SDin. I particularly like BeelzeBill as a nickname, about as good as Darth Hoodie. Or BaalzeBill, if you like the old school. Just one more Ba’al in the pantheon of them. Personally, I can relate to your venue shift. I grew up here in MN as a Vikings fan, but when they bungled and traded for Walker, and I joined the USAF (Then wound up in OK, where on TV football was all about OU and Dallas), I was done, realizing they’d divorced me. Along the way I had to live through the heartbreak of 3 SB losses and futility. Then I got married and more or less by chance we wound up in KC. Our first place of our own was a rental trailer in the Manchester park, where when the conditions were perfect you could hear the roar of the crowd and picture the scene. And Marty’s defense reminded me a great deal of my beloved Purple People Eaters, so I was hooked. Little did I know that I was buying into the same destiny as before. And then the internet and I discovered this community. While I suspect it was more a matter of tolerating me than taking me in, it was the first group I could feel any sense of belonging to, and that has grown stronger and stronger ever since the Exodus. In my turn, I got involved and eventually it became a point of giving back for all the support I’ve gotten here. For the first time in my life, outside of my time at Seagate, and that was business, I started to feel appreciation, which only strengthen my resolve. I may have pissed some off enough to leave, but I won’t compromise my principles just to keep such people around. I’m not wired that way. Bottom line is that in my own way, I get where you’re coming from. I hope this paragraph explains why I believe you deserve to feel more a part of last season’s culmination, I respect your decision to take your own path. Everything after this… Read more »

09/06/2020 3:52 pm

FYI this shows on the dashboard but the front page

09/06/2020 2:02 pm

*wasn’t a “cheap shot” on Hill imo.

09/06/2020 1:58 pm
09/06/2020 12:58 pm

Fukin noob 🙂

Reply to  SDNativeinTX
09/06/2020 5:08 pm

Well enough, cheers and Go Chieeeffss!

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