WichitaChiefs (and others), get me your game pics!

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Guys –

So you know I’m trying to finalize my e-book of Chiefs’ poems.  I’m now looking for photos of yours that can be used free.  The benefit to you is that your pictures will be shown to a greater public and you may get kudos from those who get this e-book.


Wichita, I’m especially wanting yours.  You have a good number of Chiefs’ pics from this year (and others).  I’m looking for game pics, player pics, training camp, Andy Reid pics, etc.  I don’t mind if you’re in them as long as you’re decent and you don’t mind not being credited or your name listed.  Preferably from this year if possible.  From other years if necessary.

I’m wanting a picture of each game if possible.  If not, I’ll make do with what I got.


Thanks guys, and as always – GO CHIEFS!


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