Welcome To GameDay! PrimeTime Chiefs vs. The Bills.

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Andy Reid’s 100th win is in the record books with the Kansas City Chiefs. Now the Kansas City Chiefs are back at Arrowhead for another Primetime war against one of humanity’s biggest villains–BILLS. The Buffalo Bills. Join AG to discuss.

Hello Arrowhead Guys. The Kansas City Chiefs are going to back in primetime action. This time against one of the worst adversaries in the history of America. Not the roaming buffalo against the hunters with arrows, but the corporate bosses vs. the bills ‘WE’ as Americans have to pay. It’s ‘OUR’ literal American past due time: Bills. It’s due time the corporate bosses threw so much numbers on the bills that they’re paid permanently. In other gridiron terms about this Sunday Night Football game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills, the Chiefs need to need to fire the Bills off into the Primetime Sunday Night Football Sunset and the buffalo can roam the fuck home because this is the home of the Chiefs.

It’s Arrowhead Stadium. It’s GameDay! It’s Red! It’s (GOLD?) Red! It’s Red on Red?

It’s Red on Red!

If you slice open a buffalo, you’re probably preparing for the game a little weird. Nevertheless, that sliced open buffalo will bleed red underneath all that layered buffalo blue bill blood bullshit. With the news the Chiefs are going to be playing the Bills with Red on Red uniforms it’s truly going to be sea of red at Arrowhead with the Buffalo Bills trying to slice open the Chiefs defense which has been bleeding all season long like an imaginary sliced open buffalo would bleed after stampeding an Arrowhead head-on. Repeatedly.

Guy On a Buffalo

Juice. Not that Juice.

Are we all out of BBQ?

How does the NFL tweet it?

What about guys named Matt?

How does Bob Saget want you to spend your Sunday?

Did you know the Bills need to be paid because of the Mafia?

And the Hank Aaron award goes to? VOTE

How are Eagles fans feeling?

What about folks named Taylor?

That’s today, Laddie?

What about the old AG Tony?

What’s the Chiefs Focus, Chiefs Focus?

It’s GameDay!

Now that you scrolled all the way down here. We can get to it. It’s time for the Chiefs to get back on track, we’d like to see the defense makes some tackles and be a better team together. Players like the Honey Badger, Sorensen, Thornhill, and all of the linebackers need to stand up and show these teams where they’re playing. It’s Arrowhead! The Kansas City Chiefs went into Philadelphia and put up a ton of points. Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill went crazy, but I’d still like to see the Chiefs stand up and show that they can keep teams out of the end zone. Put some respect on that goal line. But first, review how to watch the game at the mothership: https://www.chiefs.com/news/how-to-watch-and-listen-week-5-chiefs-vs-bills. Second just get on out to Arrowhead with the 12th man and experience the ultimate football tailgate available on planet Earth. Third watch the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Buffalo Bills. Fourth and the game, watch the refs beat the Chiefs. Wait… that was the Chargers game.

Moving on!

I’d like to see Arrowhead go crazy today and watch the Kansas City Chiefs put together a complete game. I’d like to see the Red and Gold put together a strong return game, meaning that they’ll actually have to make the Buffalo Bills punt occasionally. But I think it would be nice to see Hardman or Pringle take one to the house or see a pick 6. Give Arrowhead a show like Patrick Mahomes and company are perfectly capable of achieving. Obviously the Chiefs are a Super Bowl caliber team, but this season has shown us that the team has some flaws and is definitely experiencing some growing pains with the OL, while the defense is either stuck in the mud or being sensational. Tonight, let’s see some consistency with the Chiefs. Not only should we beat the Bills, we should create a budget so the Bills never sneak up on the Chiefs like a phone call from Scam Likely ever again. Let’s roll. It’s GameDay!

Time’s Yours!

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10/10/2021 1:16 pm

Please show up today defense

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10/10/2021 12:07 pm

Let’s go, Chiefs!!!
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10/10/2021 10:06 am

thank you, CBO … gonna be one hella fun RED on RED game tonight … GEAUX CHIEFS!

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