Week 16 NFL Power Rankings

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The official Arrowhead Guys NFL Power Rankings.


Tier 1: The Super Bowl Contenders

1: Kansas City Chiefs (Last Week: 1)
2: Green Bay Packers (Last Week: 2)

This was a fantastic win for the Chiefs, and not just because it was a blowout (a lot of that was the Steelers self destructing). This was a game where Kelce was out and Hill played a minority of the snaps and only had 2 catches for 19 yards, yet the offense chugged along like normal with only one punt and no turnovers until Henne came into the game.

Given how the offense hasn’t been as good as we’re used to for most of the year outside of playing the Raiders, having back-to-back weeks with big offensive outputs, including one without our star players, is huge for eliminating whatever remaining doubts there are.

But it was also another big game for the defense. They continued playing at an extremely high level. They aren’t just the best in the NFL, they’re playing at a level equal to some of the best ever.

Excluding the Chargers game when we were missing our best defensive players, we haven’t allowed a meaningful touchdown since November 14th, when the Raiders scored to make it 17-14 in the 3rd quarter. That’s 4 games in a row without allowing a touchdown that had any sort of chance of impacting the game!

Tier 2: The Playoff Contenders


3: Los Angeles Rams (Last Week: 3)
4: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Last Week: 4)
5: Dallas Cowboys (Last Week: 5) 
6: Buffalo Bills (Last Week: 6)
7: Tennessee Titans (Last Week: 7)
8: Los Angeles Chargers (Last Week: 8)

The Chargers are known to Charger their way to embarrassing losses (like how they were the 1 in the Browns’ 1-31 run), and they added another one to that list as they lost to Davis Mills and the Texans despite having extra time to prepare. In the span of 10 days they went from leading a game late that would put them in control of the division to now sitting on the outside looking in for the wildcard.

9: Cincinnati Bengals (Last Week: 10)
10: New England Patriots (Last Week: 11)
11: Arizona Cardinals (Last Week: 9)
12: Indianapolis Colts (Last Week: 17)
13: Pittsburgh Steelers (Last Week: 12)
14: San Francisco 49ers (Last Week: 13)

15: Baltimore Ravens (Last Week: 14)

The Cardinals look completely lost without Hopkins. After starting the year 10-2 and looking like the best team in the NFL they’ve suddenly lost 3 in a row including embarrassing losses to both the Lions and Carson Wentz. They’re looking more and more like a one-and-done playoff team.

16: Philadelphia Eagles (Last Week: 15)
17: Cleveland Browns (Last Week: 16)

The Browns had a nice loss (if such a thing exists) against the Packers, as they were right in it until the end. They’ll need to actually win against the Steelers and Bengals if they want any hope of making the playoffs.

Tier 3: The Less-Than-Good Teams


18: Miami Dolphins (Last Week: 25)
19: New Orleans Saints (Last Week: 18)
20: Minnesota Vikings (Last Week: 19)
21: Las Vegas Raiders (Last Week: 20)

I wanted to see a bit more from the Dolphins before moving them up, as their win streak was almost entirely on the back of facing crappy teams. While it’s true the Saints were starting Ian Book (who ironically went to Notre Dame, meaning he’s a Catholic playing for the Saints), the Dolphins still showed enough to at least move to the top of this group. But I’d still like to see them do well against the Titans and Patriots before I consider them actually good.

22: Seattle Seahawks (Last Week: 21)
23: Denver Broncos (Last Week: 22)
24: Atlanta Falcons (Last Week: 23)
25: Washington Football Team (Last Week: 24)
26: Carolina Panthers (Last Week: 26)

It stands to reason Drew Lock will remain in Denver in 2022 as his contract is so cheap, but at this point the Broncos have to be looking for a real replacement and not just some other team’s castaway they can get for a 6th round pick like last year.

Apparently this upcoming draft is terrible for quarterbacks, so if the Broncos don’t make a big move for an Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, or DeShaun Watson, they might as well just give up and concede to being nothing more than 2 free wins for the Chiefs every year.

Tier 4: The Terrible Teams


27: Detroit Lions (Last Week: 27)
28: Chicago Bears (Last Week: 28)
29: New York Giants (Last Week: 29)

30: Houston Texans (Last Week: 30)
31: New York Jets (Last Week: 31)
32: Jacksonville Jaguars (Last Week: 32)

Congratulations to the Jaguars for winning the Toilet Bowl by losing to the Jets. This means they’re a mere two losses against the Patriots and Colts (both highly likely) away from having the #1 overall pick again this year. And, yes, they’ll probably squander it like they’ve squandered so many 1st round picks over the years, but it’s still better to have better draft position if you’re not making the playoffs.

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12/28/2021 5:36 pm

damnit, Tony … now you have the Chiefs too LOW. 🙃

12/28/2021 4:09 pm

Reply to  pompano
12/28/2021 4:23 pm

comment image

12/28/2021 3:10 pm

Idk about you but this guy is a wizard from KansasCityChiefs

I hope this works. Screw Lin Elliott. We are a curse now!

12/28/2021 3:08 pm

Just got the booster, so I feel like I rose in the power rankings 👍

Reply to  pompano
12/28/2021 4:17 pm

comment image

Reply to  probablyamistake
12/28/2021 4:27 pm

Well, I am shielded. Not perfectly, but I’ll take it (again if necessary).

12/28/2021 2:29 pm

Eric Bieniemy. I still believe JOHN ELWAY will bring be calling EB

And this is WHY the Jags will remain the JAGS:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich and defensive coordinator Todd Bowles; Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen Moore and defensive coordinator Dan Quinn; and Indianapolis Colts defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus.

Jags also looking at: former Philadelphia Eagles coach Doug Pederson and former Detroit Lions coach Jim Caldwell

12/28/2021 1:50 pm

Wentz is out for the Colts. Who is even their back up? Could be an upgrade, the way he’s been playing

12/28/2021 12:52 pm

Travis Kelce, Lucas Niang & Nick Bolton are expected to return to the Chiefs’ active roster before tomorrow’s practice, per a source.

zulu trader
zulu trader
Reply to  gonzangkc11
12/28/2021 4:09 pm

No more Wiley with Niang coming back?

12/28/2021 12:18 pm

Isn’t it amazing how well the defense plays when you (a) grab the once elite now just very good player that you didn’t bother with in free agency (b) play your best pass rusher in his best position (c) get your mobile and actual tackling linebackers on the field (d) play Dirty Dan within his limitations. Spags drives me freaking crazy. Apart from Ingram (thanks for messing that up Veach) all this was clear on day 1 but it took him 10 weeks to figure it out.

Also – you say “2 free wins for the Chiefs” as though it’s a bad thing. Some of us live in donkey country – have you any idea how satisfying those blowout wins are?

Reply to  Straybrit
12/28/2021 12:57 pm

Yep, I posted that in Training Camp (Chiefs have no REAL pass rusher)… Okafor & Dana are ok, neither are starters

moving Chris Jones back to DT
benching Dan & starting Juan
giving Nick Bolton & Willie Gay – a chance

Spags is HARD headed like Andy…..
but Spags figured it out – Thankfully

NOW, Andy will see GORE & WILLAMS are LEGIT — starting RB’s

I thinking of going to Chiefs @ Broncos game…..tons of RED will be in Mile High stadium. Bronco tix prices keep falling (woohoo).

Reply to  gonzangkc11
12/28/2021 8:13 pm

I loved our rushing attack against PIT too, but I temper it with the fact that the Steelers had like the 31st worst rush defense and the playoff teams will be a lot harder. Still, I think Gore can do it. CEH is one that gets better the more touches he has. I think Darrel Williams is like this too.

Reply to  Straybrit
12/28/2021 1:52 pm

I’m fairly sure Ingram had a little say in who he played for. He chose PIT, so I guess we all do make mistakes

Reply to  Tony Sommer
12/28/2021 8:13 pm

I’d rather get him for cheap when we got him and have him more rested since Pittsburgh didn’t play him all that much.

12/28/2021 11:23 am

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Last edited 4 months ago by MasterChief
12/28/2021 11:00 am


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