Week 10 NFL Power Rankings

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The official Arrowhead Guys NFL Power Rankings.


Tier 1: The Super Bowl Contenders

1: Arizona Cardinals (Last Week: 2)
2: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Last Week: 3)
3: Buffalo Bills (Last Week: 1)

4: Los Angeles Rams (Last Week: 4)
5: Green Bay Packers (Last Week: 5)

Losing to the Jaguars is a really, really bad loss, but is it enough to drop the Bills down a tier? I don’t think so, but if they start making a habit of it, they’ll quickly slide down the rankings.

Tier 2: The Playoff Contenders


6: Tennessee Titans (Last Week: 8)
7: Baltimore Ravens (Last Week: 6)

I’m very tempted to bump the Titans up to the SB contender tier, as they’ve been incredibly impressive recently. But I’m not quite there yet, since their losses (a blowout against Arizona and to the Jets) have been particularly bad.

8: Kansas City Chiefs (Last Week: 9)
9: Pittsburgh Steelers (Last Week: 10)
10: Cleveland Browns (Last Week: 11)
11: Dallas Cowboys (Last Week: 7) 

The Chiefs defense is finally starting to show some signs of life. Yes it’s against the Giants and the Jordan Love Packers, but they look legitimately better. If the offense can start clicking (which I don’t think they’re all that far off from doing) they can go back to being a real contender again.

12: Los Angeles Chargers (Last Week: 13)
13: Philadelphia Eagles (Last Week: 14)
14: Cincinnati Bengals (Last Week: 15)
15: New Orleans Saints (Last Week: 16)
16: San Francisco 49ers (Last Week: 12)

I’m glad I didn’t completely buy into the Bengals. They’re still significantly better than everybody thought they’d be heading into the season, but the Browns showed that they’re still not a real contender.

Tier 3: The Less-Than-Good Teams


17: New England Patriots (Last Week: 17)
18: Las Vegas Raiders (Last Week: 18)
19: Minnesota Vikings (Last Week: 19)
20: Chicago Bears (Last Week: 20)

Like the Bengals, the Raiders proved my skepticism right this week as they lost to the lowly Giants. I think they’ll continue to fall off as the year goes on.

21: Atlanta Falcons (Last Week: 21)
22: Indianapolis Colts (Last Week: 22)
23: Denver Broncos (Last Week: 23)
24: Carolina Panthers (Last Week: 24) 
25: Seattle Seahawks (Last Week: 25)

Nice win from the Broncos over the Cowboys, but it’s not enough for me to really believe in them again like I did earlier in the year. They have a pretty easy schedule the rest of the way, so they do have a realistic shot at the playoffs, even if they aren’t all that good.


Tier 4: The Terrible Teams


26: New York Giants (Last Week: 28)
27: Washington Football Team (Last Week: 26) 
28: Detroit Lions (Last Week: 27)

The Giants have had a fairly tough schedule, so I feel like we might be underrating them a bit. I don’t think they’re a playoff contender or anything, but they may deserve to be up a tier.

Tier 5: The Rookie Quarterbacks

29: New York Jets (Last Week: 29)
30: Miami Dolphins (Last Week: 30)
31: Jacksonville Jaguars (Last Week: 31)
32: Houston Texans (Last Week: 32)

The Texans lost the Toilet Bowl with Miami, but that’s actually a win, since it keeps them alive in the hunt for the top pick in next year’s draft. And shockingly enough, the Texans actually own their first round pick this year, so this draft capital (plus more that they’ll likely get in a Deshaun Watson trade) will go a long way in helping them rebuild quickly.

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11/09/2021 4:38 pm

Creeping back up to the top 5 ..

11/09/2021 11:09 am

Steelers are too high, need to be down a tier …

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