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Down to 256 teams – the best of the best – in the simulation that started with every professional football team in history.  Here is a breakdown of which teams are left in the tournament.

Chiefs – Nine teams plus one more with the Dallas Texans.  Dawson leads four and Mahomes leads three of the teams with Smith, Green, and Grbac making up the rest.  Pulling for Mahomie but cannot resist but hoping that Grbac finds a way to advance.

Raiders – Ten teams (Nine with Oakland and one with Los Angeles) – no Las Vegas AND every Derek Carr team has been eliminated.  HA HA HA.  Madden teams are half the field and Rich Gannon’s two teams are the most recent.  RAIDERS SUCK.

Broncos – Eight teams – Three Elway, Three Manning and Plummer and Morton.  The 2013 team which scored 606 points is a dangerous team.

Chargers – Six teams – Three Rivers, two AFL teams, and Dan Fouts.  I will cheer for their 2006 team led by Marty unless they are matched up against the Chiefs.

Colts – Eleven teams – Four from Indianapolis – all Peyton teams – and seven from Baltimore – with Unitas (4), Morrall (2) and Bert Jones.  The famous 1958 team is the earliest entry here.

Titans – Six teams – Three Houston Oilers and three Tennessee – Moon, Blanda, and McNair.  None of the Earl Campbell teams made it this far – disappointing for me.

Jaguars – Three teams with Garrard, Bortles, and Brunell.  Bortles – HA HA HA.

Texans – NONE.  BOB sucked and so did the Texans.  Not one team was able to sneak in.

Steelers – Thirteen teams – six Steel Curtain versions, six Big Ben versions and Kordell Slash Stewart.  I am sure that many expect a version of the Steel Curtain to make it to the final four.

Ravens – Seven teams – not bad considering how new the franchise is.  Lamar Jackson does have two teams in the tournament but we all know it is about the Ravens defense.

Browns – Thirteen teams – only one – 1987 with Marty and Kosar – was after 1968.  Otto Graham is the quarterback of nine of those teams.  Jim Brown is the running back on only two.

Bengals – Four teams – two Dalton, one Esiason, and one Ken Anderson.  Does anyone really expect these teams to keep advancing?  I do not.  They will bungle the job.

Patriots – Sixteen teams – all led by Tom Brady except one for Eason and one for Bledsoe.  The undefeated Patriots team has spent most of the time on top and are the clear favorite to win it all.

Jets – Two teams – one Namath and one Testaverde, aka Vinnie Green Ball.  The only question in my mind is whether the Jets can last longer than the Bengals.  Jets suck big time.

Dolphins – Eight teams – All Shula – more Griese with four than Marino with two.  The undefeated Dolphins have hung near the top – waiting to defend their honor.

Bills – Five teams – Three with Jim Kelly – one early AFL team and Josh Allen.  Can the Bills finally break thru and win the big one?  I say fuck them as we were a Joe Montana concussion away from beating them in the conference championship.

Niners – Twenty-one teams – Steve Young with eight and Joe Montana with seven make up the bulk of these teams.  Kaepernick – two – joins Alex Smith and Jimmy G – and the 1948 and 1949 teams led by Frankie Albert.  Would love to see a Young vs Montana matchup at some point.

Seahawks – Six teams – Four with Carroll and one with Holmgren and one with Chuck Knox.  Can the Legion of Boom make the final four?

Rams – Twelve teams – one from the Cleveland Rams (1945), nine from the Los Angeles Rams from several different decades, and two from the St. Louis Rams – Vermeil and Martz.  The Vermeil Rams spent a lot of time in the top five.

Cardinals – Two teams – one from Arizona with Carson Palmer and the 1948 – Chicago Cardinals.  This is another inept franchise but I figured that they would have more teams in the field.

Saints – Five teams – four with Drew Brees and one with Mora and Hebert.  Sad representation for a quarterback with such a long and illustrious career.

Buccaneers – Two teams – Gruden and last years fuckers – I cannot wait until they get their ass handed to them in this tournament.

Panthers – Three teams – two with Cam and one with Kerry Collins.  Same numbers as the Jaguars who came into the league at the same time.

Falcons – Four teams – three with Ryan and one with Chris Chandler.  They are not quite the Jets or Bengals but they are not much better here.

Packers – Eighteen teams – Favre with four, Rodgers and Starr with five, Lambeaus early teams without a passing quarterback and Arnie Herber.  I fantasize about the matchups that could occur down the line.

Vikings – Nine teams – A little bit of everything here but no Kirk Cousins.  The Cunningham and Moss team has been ranked high but so have the underappreciated early Super Bowl teams of the Vikings.

Lions – Three teams – 1952, 1954, and 1970.  OUCH.  Bobby Layne is the man on the mission to get them some respect.  Greg Landry is their only other option.

Bears – Ten teams – Halas or Ditka?  Your choice but we do have an appearance by Lovie as well as one by Matt Nagy and Mitch Trubisky.  HA HA HA HA HA HA.  How did that ever happen?

Cowboys – Thirteen teams – Mainly Aikman and Staubach but we do have one appearance by Romo and Prescott.  I figured that they would have more representation.

Eagles – Eight teams – spread out here – a couple from the forties, all the way to Vermeil, then Reid, then Pederson.  As with the Lions, for being such an old team, not much success to brag about.

Giants – Ten teams – only one team – Eli Manning – after the success of Parcells.  Fair amount of early teams pop up here.

Redskins – Two teams – Gibbs and Rypien and Gibbs and Theismann.  This might be the biggest surprise cause I figured that they would have many more teams in the tournament.

Other teams – 1920 Akron Pros, 1920 Buffalo All-Americans, 1922 and 1923 Canton Bulldogs, 1926 Frankford Yellow Jackets, 1925 Pottsville Maroons.


20s – 9

30s – 5

40s – 14

50s – 11

60s – 31

70s – 32

80s – 25

90s – 34

00s – 41

10s – 48

20s – 6



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11/28/2021 12:41 am

Excellent work on this project, Mr FOX, and while it’s not something I’ve followed closely, my planned spot check confirmed what I expected from you. Nicely done, sir.

11/26/2021 9:08 am

Let the games begin, this needs posted elsewhere.. a lot of work and interesting information not to be seen over here.
Thanks Fox,

Reply to  EAFOX
11/26/2021 9:40 am

Cool , looking forward to the top 100
Enjoy your day and leftovers ?

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